LG 34WP60C-B Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review

Finding a monitor that strikes the right balance between work and play can be a tough ask. However, the LG 34WP60C-B appears to tick quite a few boxes for those in search of such versatility. The expansive 34-inch curved screen aims to offer users a more immersive experience whether they’re knee-deep in spreadsheets or in the midst of an action-packed gaming session.

The color reproduction is a significant aspect of this monitor, with its sRGB 99% Color Gamut and HDR 10 support promising to bring visuals to life. HDR content, in particular, benefits from enhanced brightness and contrast. FreeSync Premium aims to smooth out gameplay, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing stutter for a seamless gaming experience.

LG 34WP60C-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD (3440x1440) VA Display with sRGB 99% Color Gamut and HDR 10, AMD FreeSync Premium and 3-Side Virtually Borderless Screen Curved QHD Tilt,Black
  • Computer monitor with QHD Display features a wide 21:9 aspect ratio to view multiple documents at once, as well as immerse you in your favorite movies and games
  • High-quality image production, color, and brightness with HDR10 and sRGB 99% color gamut
  • High 160-Hertz refresh rate with 1-millisecond Motion Blur Reduction (MBR) is ideal for fast-paced games

LG 34WP60C-B Monitor

The design appears to prioritize a clean, distraction-free look, with slim bezels on three sides. This could be appealing to users looking for a setup that maximizes screen real estate. The ergonomic stand, offering tilting and height adjustments, also seems to take into account user comfort over extended periods of use.

Bottom Line

The LG 34WP60C-B makes a compelling case as a monitor that adeptly handles both productivity and entertainment. Its expansive curved display, vibrant color accuracy, and smooth performance in fast-paced scenarios present it as a strong option for users looking to enhance their computing experience.

Considering its capabilities, those in the market for a new monitor might find it to be a sound choice.

Check out the LG 34WP60C-B monitor here and see if it’s the right fit for your desk setup.

Why Choose the LG 34WP60C-B 34-Inch UltraWide Monitor

When considering a monitor that offers a broad, captivating canvas, the LG UltraWide model stands out for its panoramic views, tailored to enhance productivity. Its 34-inch curved screen, paired with a Quad HD resolution, invites users to immerse themselves in a detailed and expansive visual space. It caters to a variety of needs, from complex spreadsheets to graphic design, with its authentic colors and high contrast.

The 160Hz refresh rate and 1ms Motion Blur Reduction ensure a smooth experience, particularly for gaming, where every millisecond counts. Those seeking a seamless, fluid display will appreciate the AMD FreeSync Premium technology, addressing gamers’ needs for tear-free and consistent play.

This monitor’s design prioritizes a streamlined look, with almost no bezels on three sides, fostering a modern and distraction-free environment. While some users have noted the stand’s limited height adjustment, the tilt feature allows for some ergonomic tailoring.

Overall, the monitor is positioned as a versatile tool—a choice for both recreational activities, like gaming and movies, and professional tasks such as graphic design and data analysis. Despite this broad appeal, it remains important to consider individual needs and workspace arrangements before committing to purchase.

Impressive Screen Real Estate

When it comes to displays, size and quality often dictate the experience. The 34WP60C-B offers a generous 34-inch curved screen that immerses users in their content, be it gaming, designing, or general productivity tasks. The curved form factor promises a more engaging visual encounter, drawing the eyes naturally across its wide 21:9 aspect ratio panorama.

Capturing true-to-life colors, this model boasts an sRGB 99% Color Gamut, making it a solid choice for creative professionals who depend on color accuracy. HDR 10 support enhances the visual depth, allowing for stark contrasts and vibrant imagery.

The virtually borderless design minimizes distractions, allowing the display to blend seamlessly into any workspace. For those seeking fluid motion in fast-paced scenes, AMD FreeSync Premium ensures that choppy gameplay and broken frames are a thing of the past. While the glossy screen may contribute to reflections in brightly lit environments, the overall visual real estate benefits of the 34WP60C-B outweigh this minor setback.

Stellar Image Quality and Color Accuracy

The 34WP60C-B stands out with its remarkable clarity and precise color reproduction. It promises real-life hues and contrasts, offering a visually rich experience for both creative professionals and hobbyists. The monitor’s sRGB 99% color gamut adherence ensures a wide spectrum of colors are represented accurately, vital for tasks requiring color precision such as photo editing or digital art.

However, it’s not merely the color representation that impresses. The model also provides a high level of detail due to its QHD (3440×1440) resolution, encapsulated in a 21:9 curved display that enhances immersion—particularly noticeable when multitasking or during cinematic experiences. Brightness, an essential element of image quality, is sufficiently catered to with 400 nits, which supports the HDR 10 standard to bring out subtle textures and shades.

Despite these strong points, there’s a note of discontent among users regarding the lack of adjustable height, which might limit optimal viewing angles for some. Also, while color accuracy is a strong suit, those requiring professional-grade color precision might need to look elsewhere as it doesn’t cover the Adobe RGB spectrum.

This LG display balances high-definition imagery and color fidelity well, a combination that can significantly elevate the user experience, barring a few ergonomic drawbacks. It seems best suited for users who value an expansive, accurate, and immersive visual space without the absolute highest specifications on the market.

Seamless Gaming Experience

Gamers seeking fluidity and immersion will appreciate what this UltraWide monitor brings to the table. Its elevated refresh rate of 160Hz ensures that fast-paced action looks exceptionally smooth, minimizing motion blur and enhancing overall responsiveness, which is critical for competitive gaming. Complementing this feature is the AMD FreeSync Premium technology, significantly reducing screen tearing and stuttering, which can be distracting during gameplay.

Although the monitor dazzles with its wide color gamut and high dynamic range, some users might find the lack of height adjustability a limitation, as it restricts the setup’s ergonomics. However, many users report the intense satisfaction with the curved display’s ability to envelop and immerse, offering an expansive canvas that enhances the gaming environment. The stand’s limitations are often seen as a minor trade-off for the image quality and the broad vista the screen provides.

Despite these accolades, it’s crucial to note that some have experienced suboptimal corner lighting – a common caveat in certain displays. The consensus suggests that for those prioritizing a smooth, enthralling game experience over minute details, this monitor is up to the task, delivering a robust performance that elevates gaming sessions.

Ergonomic Design and Connectivity

When considering how a monitor fits into workspace ergonomics, the LG 34WP60C-B checks several boxes for comfort and efficiency. Its 34-inch curved screen is designed to match the natural curvature of the human eye, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience with less strain. The ultra-wide aspect ratio contributes to a spacious visual field, reducing the need to toggle between windows.

The monitor sits on a black tilt stand that can be adjusted to find the optimal viewing angle, enhancing the user’s posture during long work sessions. This feature can be particularly beneficial for those who spend extended hours in front of their screen.

In terms of connectivity, users have access to a variety of ports to link their devices. However, the available options may not be as numerous as seen on some other comparable models, which could be a limitation for users with multiple peripherals.

Overall, LG has delivered a thoughtfully designed product with user comfort in mind. While its connectivity offerings are satisfactory for standard use-cases, power users might need to consider additional connectivity solutions to create their ideal setup.

Pros and Cons

In evaluating this LG UltraWide monitor, potential users will find a mix of benefits and limitations that are important to consider.


  • The monitor offers a broad 21:9 aspect ratio and a curved screen, enhancing the immersive experience when viewing content or multitasking with multiple documents.
  • HDR10 support and sRGB 99% color gamut result in vibrant image reproduction, which is critical for activities requiring high color accuracy.
  • Gamers can enjoy a smooth experience thanks to the monitor’s high refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium, reducing screen tearing and stuttering in fast-paced games.
  • LG’s OnScreen Control software simplifies adjustments, allowing quick and convenient modification of display settings with a single click.


  • Some users noted the lack of height adjustment for the stand, which limits ergonomic customization; only tilt adjustment is available.
  • There have been mentions of light leakage in the corners, a common problem with some VA displays, which may affect the viewing experience in dark environments.
  • Although the screen delivers sharp and clear visuals, a few customers have noted dimming issues when working in low-light conditions.
  • Despite the generally positive feedback, the absence of certain features, such as more advanced ergonomic adjustments or built-in speakers, is felt by some users.

Taking into account these aspects gives a balanced view of the monitor’s capabilities and areas where it might fall short for some users needs or preferences.

Customer Reviews Highlight

Customers have broadly praised the LG 34WP60C-B for its immersive visual experience due to its 21:9 curved screen with a high resolution. Users appreciate the monitor for various uses, from gaming—highlighting its fast response and no ghosting—to office work, where the widescreen facilitates multitasking without constant scrolling.

Several users have noted the picture quality positively influences tasks that demand color accuracy, such as graphic art and photo manipulation. The ability to use multiple windows effectively and the monitor’s performance in low-light conditions have been mentioned as significant benefits.

However, there are some criticisms alongside the compliments. A common drawback pointed out is the lack of adjustable height, which limits ergonomic setup options. Other concerns include light leakage at the corners and damage to the package during shipping, suggesting room for improvement in product handling and delivery.

Despite these issues, the consensus among users is that the monitor offers a solid performance-price ratio, especially when found on sale. The LG 34WP60C-B seems to deliver a satisfying experience for users across various needs, from professional applications to leisure activities like gaming.

Adjustability and Setup

When considering a monitor, the ease of customizing your viewing angle can be just as important as screen quality. The LG 34WP60C-B adapts to different user preferences with a simple, sturdy tilt stand. This feature allows for a slight change in the screen angle, providing a more comfortable viewing experience, especially during extended use. The monitor’s setup process is straightforward, avoiding the complex and tedious assembly that some counterparts may present.

However, potential buyers should note that the 34WP60C-B’s adjustability is limited to tilting, and height or swivel adjustments are not supported. This could be a drawback for users who require a more ergonomic setup and may necessitate the purchase of an additional stand or mount.

The included OnScreen Control software is a convenient tool, enhancing the setup experience by giving users the ability to adjust various display settings with just a few mouse clicks. With this software, the customization of screen layouts and the management of multiple windows are both intuitive and efficient, catering well to multitaskers. This ease of setup and adjustability are aspects that resonate well with the monitor’s audience, a noteworthy point for those weighing their options in a crowded market.


The LG 34WP60C-B emerges as a monitor that satisfies a variety of users, from gamers appreciating its fast response times and FreeSync Premium technology, to professionals who benefit from its wide aspect ratio for multitasking. Its 3440×1440 resolution and 99% sRGB coverage offer crisp, accurate color rendering for tasks requiring visual precision. While it delights with its virtually borderless design and immersive curvature, the lack of height adjustability in the stand is noted as a limitation by some users. The VA panel’s performance in dark environments is a plus, with several reports praising its ability to display deep blacks without light leaks. Affordability is another highlight, especially when found on sale, making it an attractive option for those seeking a high-quality display without the premium price tag. However, its arrival condition has been a concern for a few, with damaged packaging upon delivery. Overall, it provides a robust performance, proving to be a worthy investment for both entertainment and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right monitor can enhance both work and play. This section will help address some common inquiries prospective buyers have about the LG 34WP60C-B 34-Inch Monitor.

What are the key features and specifications of the LG 34WP60C-B monitor?

The LG 34WP60C-B comes equipped with a 34-inch curved QHD VA display, boasting a resolution of 3440×1440 and a 21:9 aspect ratio. It covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut along with HDR 10 support, providing vivid colors and deeper blacks. A high 160Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond Motion Blur Reduction ensure smooth visuals. The monitor also features AMD FreeSync Premium for an enhanced gaming experience. The on-screen control software adds convenience, and it’s designed with a 3-side virtually borderless display.

How does the LG 34WP60C-B perform for gaming purposes?

For gaming, this monitor offers a high refresh rate of 160Hz, which is ideal for fast-paced titles requiring quick reflexes. Combined with a 1ms MBR, it significantly reduces motion blur, thereby providing a smoother gaming experience. AMD FreeSync Premium technology is an added advantage, minimizing screen tearing and stuttering when paired with compatible graphics cards.

What are the advantages of a 34-inch ultrawide monitor in a gaming setup?

A 34-inch ultrawide monitor provides an expansive field of view that can immerse players more deeply into their games. The wider screen allows for more game scenery to be visible, enhancing the gaming experience. In strategy and simulation games, it offers more screen real estate to manage resources and environments without needing to scroll or switch between multiple windows.

What is the difference between the LG 34WP60C-B and LG 34WP65C monitors?

The key difference lies in some of the features and specifications. While both may share similar screen sizes and resolutions, variations may exist in areas like color accuracy, connectivity options, ergonomic adjustments, and refresh rates. It’s important to compare the specs to ensure which model better suits individual needs.

Can you compare the color accuracy and contrast ratios of the LG 34WP60C-B monitor?

The LG 34WP60C-B promises a color gamut coverage of 99% sRGB, which indicates high color accuracy suitable for tasks requiring color fidelity, such as photo editing. Contrast ratio details are generally indicative of how well a monitor can display deep blacks and bright whites, but specific contrast ratio figures for this model are not provided. However, the presence of HDR 10 support suggests the monitor manages contrast effectively to display a wide range of brightness levels.

How does the curvature of the LG 34WP60C-B enhance the viewing experience?

Curved monitors aim to provide a more natural viewing experience, mimicking the curvature of the human eye and reducing the need to turn one’s head to view the extremities of the screen. This curvature can contribute to a more comfortable and engaging experience, whether one is working long hours or deeply engaged in a gaming session. The LG 34WP60C-B’s curved design enhances the immersion, makes multitasking more accessible, and may reduce eye strain during extended use.

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