Nanoleaf Shapes RGB LED Lights

Transforming the ambiance of a room is effortless with the Nanoleaf Shapes. We recently had the chance to outfit a space with these innovative panels and were captivated by the myriad of colors and light animations they offer. These geometric wonders lend a creative hand to those looking to elevate their interior with a splash of color and ingenuity.

Crafted to form stunning designs on the wall, these black triangular panels are more than just a light source; they’re an artistic statement. They can piece together in various arrangements, inviting the user into a world of custom-made art. With an intuitive setup process that doesn’t require drilling, thanks to the included Mounting Tape, the panels are perfect for renters or those who prefer a non-permanent installation.

Nanoleaf Shapes WiFi and Thread Smart RGBW 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Smarter Kits (Black Triangles Smarter Kit (9 Pack)
  • [Build & Expand Your Designs] Create beautiful symmetry in any room, or get completely abstract - the choice is yours. Modular design allows you to mix and match Shapes (Hexagons, Triangles, Mini Triangles) and expand your setup with various Expansion Packs to create next-level designs that can be as large as 500 panels.
  • [Color-Changing Animations] Customize your lights with colors and motions; transition colors slowly for an ambience that sets the perfect mood or turn up the speed to get the party started.
  • [16M+ RGBW Colors] Virtually limitless color options. Select from or create your own color-changing Scenes for the perfect ambience.


Not only do these panels sync beautifully with music to create a real-time audiovisual spectacle, but the Nanoleaf app also opens the door to over 16 million RGBW colors to tailor the mood to any occasion. As an addition to the gaming room or as a stunning backdrop for social gatherings, these lights shift from soothing hues to energetic bursts of color at the owner’s whim.

Bottom Line

For those looking to jazz up their living space or gaming setup, the Nanoleaf Shapes wall lights are a standout choice.

Their mix-and-match capability, mood-enhancing color options, and dynamic reaction to sound make them a versatile addition to any modern home.

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Overview of the Nanoleaf Shapes WiFi Smart RGBW LED Wall Lights

Exploring the Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit reveals a versatile lighting solution that combines innovation with style. The modular design is a standout, enabling one to mix and match between different shapes and expansion packs. Users enjoy the freedom to design configurations that range from symmetrical patterns to abstract forms that can fill a space with up to 500 panels.

Color customization is a highlight, with over 16 million RGBW colors at one’s fingertips. This allows for a multitude of shades that can be changed at will to either enhance the mood with soft transitions or energize a room with vibrant animations. The visual experience is further enriched by the ability to sync lights with music, creating real-time rhythm scenes that are captivatingly dynamic.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the simple adhesive setup which negates the need for drilling. The smart lights easily attach to any flat surface, a user-friendly feature that should not be underestimated.

However, not everything is glowing. Some users have faced challenges with connectivity and app functionality, experiencing hiccups when using third-party integrations. Also, the cost may raise eyebrows, especially for those considering expansive setups.

Despite these points, the triangular, angular aesthetics are indisputably appealing. They offer a modern, geometric vibe that enhances gaming setups, home offices, or living spaces with a personalized touch. Considering both sides, the Nanoleaf Shapes kit is a compelling choice for tech-savvy decor enthusiasts looking to inject some smart color into their environment.

Modular Design Flexibility

The modular nature of the Nanoleaf Shapes permits unparalleled creative freedom. Users have the flexibility to piece together the black triangular panels in any configuration they envision, from orderly geometric patterns to abstract art. The compatibility with Hexagons and Mini Triangles from other sets further expands the potential for diverse and sprawling wall installations, well-suited for both personal expression and impressive room aesthetics.

A potential drawback of this flexibility is the risk of design complexity as the number of panels increases. Planning and executing larger configurations may be overwhelming for some. Nevertheless, the straightforward adhesive setup mitigates installation concerns, allowing users to mount the panels without the need for drilling, keeping walls damage-free.

While the Shapes foster a rich opportunity for customization, individual tastes in design will play a significant role in the enjoyment and utility of the product. The discerning customer will appreciate the boundless possibilities, though those preferring a more standardized look might find the myriad options daunting.

Color-Changing Ambiance

The ability to control the atmosphere in a room with lighting is an art, and the Nanoleaf Shapes excels in this domain. The product offers a spectrum of over 16 million colors which ensures that users can find the exact hue to fit any mood or decor. Engaging with the lights presents a playful experience; they possess the power to transition smoothly, enveloping the room in a calming glow, or they can be switched to dynamic modes, injecting energy with their vibrant animations.

One cannot overlook the allure of these modifiable LED panels. They not only transform spaces with waves of color but also respond to music—a feature that contributes to a multisensory effect. Watching your favorite tracks being translated into illuminating rhythm scenes is captivating, creating an immersive experience that is perfect for entertaining or simply unwinding after a long day.

Admittedly, while the light panels are magnetic in appearance and functionality, the included adhesive setup may raise concerns about residue or damage on certain surfaces. Users should be aware of their wall type before mounting. On balance, the Nanoleaf Shapes offers a blend of functionality and creativity that can redefine the ambiance of any space.

RGBW Color Range

Exploring the vibrant canvas of colors offered by the Nanoleaf Shapes, one is met with a diverse palette that transforms any space into a dynamic visual experience. The RGBW technology stands for Red, Green, Blue, and White, allowing for over 16 million color possibilities that breathe new life into rooms with their rich, saturated hues.

Users appreciate the added white light channel alongside the RGB spectrum, as it contributes to a broader and more nuanced range of colors. The whites deliver clear and adjustable illumination, with the ability to fine-tune the warmth or coolness for the ideal ambience. Whether it’s a cozy, warm glow for a relaxing evening or a bright, energizing light for work and gaming, the color temperature can be tailored to preference.

The smart control options elevate the user experience, permitting seamless changes from one color to the next. However, color transitions and combinations can sometimes produce unexpected results, and achieving the perfect shade might require a little patience and experimentation.

Interestingly, the geometric design of these panels not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also influences how colors are perceived as they spread across the triangular shapes. This geometric interplay, combined with vast color choices, opens up countless possibilities for creativity and personal expression in one’s living space. The Nanoleaf Shapes prove that lighting can be both functional and a form of art, albeit sticking to a neutral and straightforward description, they aren’t just light sources but an interactive decor piece.

Installation Ease

From unpacking to wall display, the installation process for the Nanoleaf Shapes is generally straightforward. Most users find they can install the smart LED panels without much fuss. Each panel connects easily using the included linkers, creating an opportunity to design unique layouts. The adhesive strips hold the panels securely without damaging walls, making them renter-friendly.

A noteworthy point is to attach the plug before mounting the panels, as some find this aspect a bit tricky. There’s a learning curve when arranging the layout, but once that’s overcome, transforming a room’s ambiance is mere minutes away. Although the kit doesn’t include spare adhesives, the initial setup is largely hassle-free.

However, should you face any issues post-installation with firmware updates, customer support is there to assist, even though some users have experienced difficulties in this area. The panels not only enhance the aesthetic of a gaming room or living space but also offer ease of installation that most find accessible.

Responsive Light Show

When it comes to transforming a space into a dynamic environment, the Nanoleaf Shapes panels certainly impress. The light show is not just vibrant but also interactive. With the ability to customize motions and colors, the ambience can shift from a soothing backdrop to an energetic party vibe in no time. The real-time reaction to music adds another layer of immersion, as it turns any genre into a visual performance with rhythm scenes, making it feel like one’s personal concert lighting.

Despite these flashy features, the kit remains tasteful, avoiding that overbearing ‘gamer’ aesthetic. For those seeking subtlety, the transitions between the 16 million+ RGBW colors can be slowed down, weaving an understated tapestry of hues across one’s wall. While the responsiveness adds a wow factor, some may find the setup via the app a bit involved when customizing specific scenes. However, once configured, the performance is seamless, reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovative user experiences.

Pros and Cons


The Nanoleaf Shapes wall lights offer a modular design that is both innovative and flexible, allowing individuals to unleash their creativity when decorating their space. Users can mix and match shapes to build unique layouts that can be expanded up to 500 panels, offering a high degree of customization. Additionally, they feature over 16 million RGBW colors, providing a wide spectrum of hues for creating the desired ambience.

These lights stand out for their color-changing animations that can transform rooms, setting the mood or adding excitement to parties with various speeds and transitions. The setup is incredibly user-friendly, requiring no drilling and utilizing an adhesive that makes mounting on any flat surface a breeze.

One of the most captivating features is the ability to synchronize the lights with music, creating a dynamic and responsive audiovisual experience. The ability to control the lights’ reactions to different rhythm scenes through the Nanoleaf App adds an interactive component that is particularly appreciated by users.


Despite their appeal, the Nanoleaf Shapes wall lights have issues that users should consider. The price point can be a deterrent for some, as the initial investment for the starter kit and any additional expansion packs can add up, making it a luxury item for room decor.

Several users have reported challenges during the initial setup, especially in ensuring that all components are ready before permanently adhering them to the wall. Additionally, there have been complaints about the reliability of the firmware updates, with some users experiencing technical difficulties that render the lights non-functional, glowing only white without recognizing installed tiles.

Although the adhesive method eliminates the need for drilling, this can also be a double-edged sword. The potential for adhesive failure may require a backup plan or the purchase of additional mounting tape, adding an unforeseen expense and inconvenience.

Lastly, while the app adds functionality, some users have noted that it can feel underdeveloped, with a learning curve and occasional connectivity issues that can impact the overall user experience, particularly when integrating with third-party software such as iCue from Corsair.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Nanoleaf Shapes receive strong positive feedback from purchasers for their ease of installation and the vibrant touch they add to any room. Users express a particular fondness for the array of colors and lighting options available. Installation hints are shared, such as the importance of attaching the plug before mounting the panels.

Parents find these lights a hit with teenagers, describing them as “cool” and “mesmerizing,” while noting the setup can be slightly challenging. There’s admiration for the modern design that appears to elevate the gaming or ambient experience of a space. However, the lights come with a price point that some customers consider steep for what’s provided.

The product has endured criticism regarding a firmware update that led to functionality issues for some users, causing frustration especially given the price. Additionally, while the accompanying app enhances the lights’ capabilities, it’s mentioned that software integration with other systems still has room for improvements.

Despite a few setbacks, the general consensus among customers is one of satisfaction, with these smart lights delivering a visually striking effect and enhancing the aesthetic of the rooms they’re placed in. They especially stand out when used as part of a larger setup or as a focal point for home decor.


After spending time with the Nanoleaf Shapes, it’s clear they’re a striking addition to any room. With their vibrant colors and customizable shapes, they offer a unique way to create an atmosphere that can shift according to mood or activity. Many users have found the installation process to be a breeze, and the end result is a mesmerizing display that captivates not only children but adults alike.

On the downside, there have been mentions of difficulty in setup, particularly when it comes to the sequence of connecting components. A few reports indicate issues with the adhesive and a recent firmware update causing malfunctions, which suggests that while innovative, the Smarter Kit may have some technical kinks to iron out.

Despite the high price point, which may deter some, the general consensus suggests satisfaction, with the lights improving the aesthetic of gaming setups and home spaces. It’s a premium product that seems well-received for those seeking a modern touch to their decor. However, those considering a purchase should weigh the potential for technical issues against the visual benefits the lights provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Nanoleaf Shapes smart lights?

The Nanoleaf Shapes attract attention with their ability to create abstract or symmetrical designs. They offer a diverse color palette with over 16 million RGBW colors, and users can craft dynamic color-changing Scenes. The rhythmic synchronization with music is another stand-out feature, turning audio into visual performances in real-time using the Nanoleaf App.

How does the Thread technology enhance the Nanoleaf Shapes experience?

Thread technology is a recent advancement in smart home connectivity that enhances reliability and speed for devices like Nanoleaf Shapes. It facilitates a more responsive and stable connection, ensuring seamless performance of the light panels. Therefore, users benefit from quicker and more consistent responses to app commands or automatons.

Can Nanoleaf Shapes be integrated with smart home ecosystems?

Yes, Nanoleaf Shapes have compatibility with popular smart home ecosystems. This allows users to control their lighting setup easily via voice commands or through other home automation routines, integrating seamlessly with a holistic smart home experience.

What are the customization options available for Nanoleaf Shapes?

Users enjoy a high level of customization with Nanoleaf Shapes. Beyond selecting individual colors, one can create color-changing Scenes and animations to suit their moods or decor. The modular nature also offers flexibility in design, where one can combine different Shapes to form unique layouts.

How does the installation process work for Nanoleaf Shapes?

Installation is straightforward, involving adhesive mounting onto any flat surface with the included tape. This negates the need for drilling, making it a less invasive process. However, it’s important to attach the power supply before adhering the panels to the wall to ensure proper placement and connectivity.

Are Nanoleaf Shapes energy efficient compared to traditional lighting?

Nanoleaf Shapes are LED lights which are generally more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. While providing ample luminous flux, they consume considerably less power, offering both an aesthetically pleasing and energy-conscious lighting solution.

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