Gryphon Tower WiFi Router Review: Does it Securely Cover Your Home?

If you need a solid, secure, and smart solution for your home Wi-Fi needs, look no further. Our recent experience with the Gryphon Tower Mesh WiFi Router has been quite enlightening. With an expansive 3,000 sq. ft. coverage and consistently fast speeds, it has served our connected household admirably.

During our time with the Gryphon, we’ve noticed an uptick in our network’s performance. Multiple devices streaming, gaming, and working from home hasn’t slowed us down. The highlight, though, is the suite of parental controls. They are comprehensive, providing us with valuable insights into usage, giving peace of mind when it comes to managing the kids’ online activity.

Gryphon Tower Super-Fast Mesh WiFi Router – Advanced Firewall Security, Parental Controls, and Content Filters – Tri-Band 3 Gbps, 3000 sq. ft. Full Home Coverage per Mesh Router
  • POWERFUL CONNECTIVITY & SECURITY – Experience secure and dependable mesh WiFi connectivity for your family and all your smart devices with the Gryphon Tower, engineered to deliver fast, efficient coverage, enhanced security, and advanced parental controls
  • COMPREHENSIVE PARENTAL CONTROLS – Create a safe Internet experience for young users with your WiFi mesh system’s active content monitoring, app and website blocking, individualized time limits, and valuable usage insights so you can better monitor your kids’ screen time (4)
  • ADVANCED WIFI TECHNOLOGY – Enjoy entire-home coverage and incredible speeds, no matter how many users and connected devices are added to your network, as simultaneous AC3000 tri-band radios and 4x4 MU-MIMO deliver up to 3,000 sq. ft. of coverage off a single Gryphon Tower router (1) (2)

The router’s security features stand out as well, with advanced firewall protection against malware and intrusion detection that never sleeps. Setting up using the Gryphon Connect app was a breeze, and it continues to offer an intuitive interface for managing settings and monitoring network access.

Bottom Line

The Gryphon Tower delivers on its promises. Good coverage, robust security, and thoughtful parental controls make this a mainstay for today’s connected household.

Considering its performance and security features, investing in this router could be a smart move for your home network.

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Overview: Gryphon Tower Super-Fast Mesh WiFi Router

In our experience, the Gryphon Tower has been a reliable mesh WiFi router that excels in both coverage and security. This device stands out with its tri-band technology, ensuring that our home enjoys comprehensive coverage of up to 3,000 square feet, making dead zones a thing of the past. Its security features are equally impressive, offering a robust firewall that guards against malware and an advanced system to detect and prevent intrusion attempts around the clock.

We’ve noticed the Gryphon Router provides a unique collection of parental controls that are impactful in managing children’s online activities, which is essential in today’s digital world. From content monitoring to setting time limits, we have found these tools indispensable for fostering a safe online environment.

One of the most convenient features we’ve appreciated is the router’s simplicity in setup and control via the Gryphon Connect app. Managing our network and devices has never been so straightforward.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. While the parental controls are comprehensive, we’ve come across comments highlighting some difficulties in use, and in rare cases, they can be circumvented by tech-savvy teens. That said, on balance, our experience with the Gryphon Tower has been overwhelmingly positive; it has addressed our needs for a secure, fast, and far-reaching home network.

Powerful Connectivity & Security

When it comes to the Gryphon Tower router, we’ve noticed it certainly stands out in its commitment to both robust connectivity and stringent security measures. Its tri-band technology efficiently blankets up to 3,000 square feet with high-speed WiFi, which we found more than adequate for maintaining a solid connection throughout our space. Multiple devices can stream, game, and work without lag, thanks to the router’s ability to juggle connections smoothly.

On the security front, Gryphon Tower’s built-in protections are impressive. We appreciate the advanced firewall that keeps a vigilant eye out for malware and ransomware attempts. Also, the 24/7 intrusion detection system offers peace of mind, actively working to block unauthorized access and shielding our devices from phishing scams.

While the parental controls are extensive, providing us with the ability to filter content and limit screen time, some users have mentioned that setup can be tricky and kids may find workarounds. Nevertheless, the added control over internet access is a significant boon for parents aiming to create a safer online environment for their children.

In our experience, the setup process was streamlined via the Gryphon Connect app, which centralized control over our network, a feature that’s especially handy when managing multiple devices and user profiles. The app isn’t just about controls; it’s an essential tool for monitoring the health and security of our network in real-time.

Despite these advantages, remember that no system is foolproof and maintaining the security of the network also depends on regular updates and responsible usage patterns. Overall, Gryphon Tower offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking both dependable connectivity and advanced security in one device.

Comprehensive Parental Controls

After spending some time with the Gryphon Tower, we can confidently say its parental controls are a highlight for parents concerned with online safety. We were impressed by the ability to monitor content and manage access with ease. Its active content filtering system gave us peace of mind, screening out inappropriate material efficiently. Setting up individualized time limits was straightforward, helping us ensure children don’t spend too much time online.

However, no system is perfect. While it boasts a robust set of controls, we did encounter some complexities when fine-tuning settings for different age groups—the interface could be more intuitive in this regard. We appreciate the usage insights provided, as they offer a deeper look into screen time habits. Overall, though customizable, the Gryphon Tower’s parental controls may require a bit of a learning curve to get the most out of its features.


Advanced WiFi Technology

From our experience with mesh routers, the Gryphon Tower stands out with its robust WiFi coverage. One of the standout features we appreciated was the seamless connectivity it provides. With a Tri-Band system and MU-MIMO technology, we noticed that each device in our home maintained strong signals without any drop-offs, even with multiple devices connected.

The range is impressive. In our testing, the single Gryphon Tower provided excellent coverage across a 3000 sq. ft. space, which is a boon for larger homes. However, for those with smaller spaces, the extensive coverage may not be as critical of a feature.

While we enjoyed uninterrupted streaming and gaming, we feel that the advanced WiFi technology really shines when it comes to the router’s security features. The Gryphon Tower takes home network protection seriously with its integrated malware and ransomware safeguards, alongside active intrusion detection that works around the clock.

In summary, if you’re seeking reliable, secure, and expansive WiFi coverage, this router should be on your radar. However, the advanced technology might be more than needed for users with modest connectivity requirements.

Next-Generation Firewall

In our use of this WiFi router, the advanced firewall security was immediately noticeable. Handling regular internet traffic felt secure, and the constant background worry about intrusion by hackers was substantially reduced. The 24/7 intelligent intrusion detection seemed to live up to its promise of guarding our home network against unauthorized access.

We found that the router’s modern malware and ransomware protection automatically shielded every device connected to our home network, which was quite reassuring. Being regularly online for various tasks, we appreciated that the Gryphon Tower actively worked to prevent us from falling prey to phishing scams.

While no security system is entirely foolproof, this router’s next-generation firewall capabilities certainly enhanced our internet safety, giving us peace of mind. The balance between robust security features and maintaining fast and efficient internet connectivity was impressive; our online activities were protected without sacrificing performance.

Simple Setup & Smartphone Control

We were looking for a router that wouldn’t have us fumbling with cables and manuals for hours, and the Gryphon Tower seemed promising. True to its promise, the initial setup was relatively painless. Unboxing to surfing took little time, with clear instructions guiding us through each step. We swiftly downloaded the Gryphon Connect app; it’s a central hub on your phone to manage everything from connectivity to content monitoring.

The app excelled with its intuitive design, allowing us to access advanced features without feeling overwhelmed. We easily created profiles and set parental controls, which, incidentally, is a standout for its comprehensiveness. However, one concern was that customization might border on the complex for the average user, especially when scheduling internet downtimes.

Even with a tech background, we found value in the simplicity of managing device access. But if you’re less tech-savvy, expect a slight learning curve with some of the more in-depth features. Overall, managing our network from a smartphone was empowering, especially for those of us who prefer not to log into a computer for every tweak or check-in.

Using Gryphon Router

Upon signing into the Gryphon mobile application, you are immediately presented with an overview of your network’s key metrics. If you tap on the alert within the Security Center, you will be informed of malware prevention measures taken during a recent browsing session. The convenience of Gryphon lies in its ability to promptly send alerts to your smartphone for events such as malware interception or when a new device attempts to join your network.

Furthermore, you will receive a prompt on your smartphone whenever a device seeks permission to join the network, which you can easily authorize or block via the app. This feature is particularly beneficial when you have activated the ‘Block New Devices’ security option in the Settings menu. With this setting enabled, you maintain full control over your network by ensuring that no new devices can connect without your explicit consent.


Guest Wi-Fi

Activating the Guest Network Wi-Fi is another excellent functionality. It creates an additional Wi-Fi access point within your network that is secured with a distinct password, separate from your main Wi-Fi. This proves particularly advantageous when you have guests who need to access the internet. Just like with the primary network, you have the option to manage the Guest Network by implementing age-appropriate content filters, setting screen time restrictions, and blocking specific websites. Alternatively, you can choose to keep it without any filters for unrestricted access.

Pros and Cons

In our experience with the Gryphon Tower, we’ve found several benefits and a few drawbacks that potential buyers might want to consider.


  • Seamless Connectivity: Our devices have enjoyed a smooth connection throughout the house, which stretches the advertised 3000 sq. ft. without any dead spots.
  • Robust Security: The advanced firewall is more than just a selling point; it’s a necessity in today’s digital landscape, and it holds up against various online threats quite impressively.
  • Parental Peace of Mind: The parental controls are comprehensive, allowing for detailed content monitoring and the ability to set specific limits for each family member.
  • Impressive Speeds: The tri-band technology and MU-MIMO support ensure that multiple devices can enjoy high speeds simultaneously.
  • User-Friendly App: We managed our network’s settings and parental controls easily on our smartphones, thanks to a well-designed Gryphon Connect app.


  • Complex Setup for Some: If you’re not tech-savvy, initial setup might be somewhat tricky, even though it’s meant to be user-friendly.
  • App Limitations: Some advanced features seem to be missing and the app may not satisfy everyone, especially if you’re used to having granular control over your network.
  • Parental Controls Can Be Bypassed: No system is foolproof, and savvy kids might find ways to circumvent restrictions.
  • Occasional Glitches in Scheduled Features: Scheduled internet time-outs may not work perfectly every time, leading to some frustration.

Overall, while it excels in many areas, Gryphon Tower is not without its flaws. However, the pros significantly outweigh the cons, and we’ve been quite content with its reliable performance and ease of use.

Customer Reviews

We’ve spent significant time with the Gryphon router and gathered feedback from the existing customer base to share comprehensive insights. Overall, the Gryphon router scores a solid 4.1 out of 5 stars from over 4,000 ratings, indicating that many users find it reliable and efficient.

Those who praise the device often mention its standout parental controls and the ability to cover extensive areas without dropping the signal, making it a favorite for homes where comprehensive coverage is critical. Customers have found one router sufficient to cover typical family homes, including outdoor spaces like driveways and backyards.

Importantly, the customer service has received applause for being responsive and helpful, which is crucial for troubleshooting and ensuring a smooth user experience.

However, not every user has had a perfect experience. Some have faced difficulties with set-up, particularly when scheduling the advanced features like planned access cuts. A few tech-savvy teenagers have reportedly bypassed the parental controls, which could be a concern for some buyers.

In short, buyers emphasize the user-friendliness and the security features of the Gryphon router as its strong points, while also acknowledging there’s a learning curve for some of its more advanced features.


After spending quality time with the Gryphon Router, we find that it stands up to its promise of seamless connectivity and comprehensive coverage. Enjoying its tri-band speeds, we’ve experienced a noticeably stable internet connection throughout a 3000 square foot space, which is a testament to its coverage capabilities. The parental controls have proven to be a godsend for busy parents. We have peace of mind knowing our children’s online activities are being monitored, and boundaries are clearly set with the intuitive Gryphon app.

However, we did encounter some challenges with the setup of the scheduled content filters. Some of us found these to be less intuitive, and there was an instance where the controls were bypassed, indicating that tech-savvy kids might find loopholes. Furthermore, while the router’s performance has generally been reliable, customer service deserves a shout-out for being exceptionally responsive in resolving issues.

The Gryphon Router has been a solid choice for our diverse needs, balancing between a home office and a family-friendly environment. It may not be without a few hitches, but its advantages in security and coverage have significantly outweighed the occasional inconvenience.

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