ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger Review: Best for Outdoor Use?

Navigating the unpredictable world of outdoor adventures means having reliable gear, and the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger has proven to be a handy companion. We recently took this solar charger on a camping trip and found it to be a lightweight and efficient solution for keeping our devices powered up.

ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger with 2 USB Ports, 24% High Efficiency, IP54 Waterproof, Foldable & Portable ETFE Solar Panel Charger for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG and Outdoor Camping Backpacking
  • 24% HIGH CONVERSION RATE: Made of 3 well-build monocrystalline silicon panels, using high transmittance ETFE coating and micro-concave-convex design, an important specification of this solar panel is a conversion efficiency of up to 24%, which is one of the highest available. It is a ready-to-go solution for the camping backpacking
  • DUAL USB OUTPUT POTRTS: With 2 USB output ports (5V/3A per port, 5V/4A Max when using both USB 1 and USB 2.), it can charge 2 devices at the same time. Equipped with TIR-C technology and automatic charging, it automatically recognizes connected devices and delivers optimal current. [Please note that this product has no DC output, so it cannot charge your power stations.]
  • DURABLE & IP54 WATERPROOF: The well made ETFE laminate coating on the solar panel is highly waterproof, flame retardant, dustproof and self-cleaning, making this portable solar charger virtually indestructible and extremely durable. The Oxford cloth on the back is waterproof IP54, which protects against occasional rain and wet fog. Please keep the USB port dry when charging

ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger

The dual USB ports worked seamlessly, allowing us to charge two devices simultaneously without a hitch. Its high conversion rate of up to 24% ensured we got the most out of available sunlight, even on a cloudy day. We did notice it’s a bit tricky to keep the USB ports dry in wet conditions, so extra caution is needed there.

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for a portable and efficient solar charger for your outdoor excursions, the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger delivers on its promises.

It’s compact, durable, and performs well in various conditions. Don’t miss out on this must-have tool for your next adventure. Click here to purchase the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger and keep your devices charged up wherever you go!

Overview of the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger

We recently took the compact ELECAENTA Solar Charger on a weekend camping trip, and it proved to be a reliable companion. Its high conversion rate stood out, efficiently converting sunlight into usable energy. Charging two devices simultaneously was a breeze thanks to the dual USB ports.

The charger’s build quality impressed us, with its durable ETFE laminate coating and IP54 waterproof rating endured unexpected rain showers. While it was easy to attach to our backpacks with the included carabiners, we noticed it performs best in full sunlight. This product is essential for outdoor activities, though it lacks DC output, limiting its use with power stations.

High Conversion Rate

It’s easy to see why the ELECAENTA solar charger boasts a high conversion rate. We tested it in various conditions, and the performance remained consistently impressive. Even on cloudy days, the panel tried its best to charge our devices.

The ETFE panels show their efficiency by quickly charging our phones and power banks, especially in full sunlight. We were particularly impressed with how, within just 15 minutes, it managed to boost an iPhone’s battery from 65% to 75%.

There is some variability depending on the angle and weather, but overall it handles these challenges well. The sturdy build and compact design also contribute to its reliability, making it an excellent companion for outdoor adventures.

Dual USB Output Ports

Having tested the dual USB output ports on the ELECAENTA solar charger, we found them incredibly useful. It’s a relief to charge two devices simultaneously, especially when you’re in a remote area. From our experience, the charging speed remains stable even with two devices.


  • Convenient for multiple devices
  • Consistent charging speed

There are some limitations. The charging rate can vary based on sunlight conditions. It would be better if the USB ports were more protected from the elements. While the charger holds up in most weather, it’s wise to keep an eye on it during heavy rain.

Durability and Waterproof Design

We’ve tested this ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger during several outdoor activities, and it holds up impressively. The ETFE laminate coating provides a robust and high-quality finish, ensuring the solar panels resist wear and tear. Additionally, the Oxford cloth on the back adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.

The charger is rated IP54 waterproof, which means it can handle light rain and splashes without issue. This feature comes in handy on unpredictable days. We did notice, however, that the USB ports are not waterproof, so it’s essential to keep them dry to avoid damage.

Its self-cleaning surface is a nice touch, keeping the panels efficient with minimal maintenance. This charger has proven to be a reliable companion, whether hiking, camping, or exploring the outdoors.

Portability for Outdoors

We were impressed with how lightweight and foldable the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger is for outdoor activities. Weighing only 1.8 pounds, it’s easy to carry around, whether it’s hooked to our backpack using the included carabiners or tucked away in our gear. The compact design, folding down to the size of a tablet, makes it highly convenient.

Durability is another strong point. The ETFE coating and IP54 waterproof rating give us confidence to use it in varying weather conditions without worrying about damage. One issue we had is ensuring the USB ports remain dry during rain or wet conditions, but this is manageable with careful handling.

Charging multiple devices simultaneously via its dual USB ports is a game-changer for us. While it performs optimally under full sunlight, usability dips under cloudy skies. Nonetheless, it remains a reliable option to keep our devices powered during our outdoor excursions.

Pros and Cons


The solar charger’s portability stands out. It’s compact, weighing only 1.8 pounds, and can be easily attached to a backpack using the included carabiners. This feature is incredibly useful for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

We appreciate the dual USB ports. The ability to charge two devices simultaneously is a huge plus, especially for those of us who need to keep multiple devices powered up on the go.

High durability and efficiency are other major strengths. The ETFE-coated panels are not only robust but also highly efficient with a conversion rate of up to 24%. We found it reliable even in less-than-ideal weather conditions, thanks to its IP54 waterproof rating.


The lack of DC output is a drawback. Users looking to charge power stations or larger devices will find this limiting.

While the charger is generally resilient, the USB ports should be kept dry. Exposure to moisture could potentially damage them, making it less ideal for extremely wet environments.

Customer Reviews

Many users appreciate the portable and foldable design of the ELECAENTA Solar Charger, especially when camping or enjoying outdoor activities. Customers commend its high efficiency and reliability, noting that it charges devices quickly under direct sunlight.

On the downside, some users have observed reduced performance on cloudy days. The waterproof feature has received mixed feedback, with a few reviewers unsure about its effectiveness in varying conditions.

In terms of durability, the charger’s sturdy build and quality materials seem to withstand regular usage well. Overall, it’s a strong option for anyone needing a dependable solar charger in remote locations.


The ELECAENTA solar charger impressed us with its durable build and efficient charging capabilities. During our use, it quickly powered up our phones and battery banks, even in less-than-ideal conditions. The compact, foldable design makes it easy to carry, and the robust construction gives it a reliable feel for outdoor use. The only drawback we noticed is the performance drop on cloudy days. Overall, it stands out as a handy and dependable addition to our camping gear, making it easier to stay connected. For those seeking a portable solar charging solution, it’s worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger at charging multiple devices simultaneously?

The ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger has been quite effective in charging multiple devices at the same time. We found that both USB ports work efficiently without a noticeable drop in charging speed when two devices are connected. This is particularly useful during outdoor activities where keeping all your devices charged is essential.

What is the average charging time for a smartphone using the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger?

Charging a smartphone with the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger typically takes a few hours, depending on the amount of sunlight. On a sunny day, it took roughly 2-3 hours to charge a smartphone from 0% to 100%. It’s important to ensure the panels are positioned optimally to get the best results.

Can the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger function efficiently under indirect sunlight or overcast conditions?

The charger does a decent job even under less-than-ideal conditions like indirect sunlight or cloudy days. While the charging speed is slower compared to direct sunlight, devices still receive a steady trickle charge. This makes the charger reliable for use in varying weather conditions.

Are there any built-in safety features in the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger to protect devices from damage?

We appreciate the safety features integrated into the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger. It includes over-charge, short circuit, and surge protection, ensuring that our devices remain safe while charging. These built-in protections add a layer of security, especially when charging multiple devices.

How durable is the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger when used in outdoor environments?

The charger is designed with durability in mind. Its IP54 rating means it can withstand occasional rain and wet conditions, which is crucial for outdoor use. We noticed that the materials, including the ETFE coating, resist wear and tear well, making it reliable for our camping and hiking trips.

Does the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger maintain a consistent charge output in varying temperatures?

We’ve observed that while the charge output can vary with temperature changes, the ELECAENTA 22W Solar Charger generally maintains a consistent performance. Extreme temperatures might slightly affect efficiency, but for typical outdoor use, its performance remains stable.

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