Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger Review: Worth It?

Planning an outdoor adventure or simply need a reliable backup power solution? We recently tested the Hiluckey Solar Charger and were impressed with its performance. This power bank is perfect for those who are often on the move and away from traditional power sources.

The built-in 25000mAh battery provides ample power to charge a smartphone multiple times. Its four solar panels are efficient, though remember, solar charging can be a slow process. We found the device particularly useful during our camping trip, keeping our phones and tablets charged throughout.

Solar Charger 25000mAh, Hiluckey Outdoor USB C Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels, 3A Fast Charge External Battery Pack with 3 USB Outputs Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, etc.
  • 25000mAh High Capacity: The solar power bank charges up 6-8 times for a cell phone and 2.5 times for a tablet, great for a week-long trip.
  • Large Solar Panels: This solar charger comes with 4 high-performance solar panels that can reach 6W in direct sunlight to keep your phone up and running even in places without electricity.
  • Fast Charging: With the upgraded 15W output, the portable solar charger can fast charge an iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes. One USB C port and dual USB A ports achieve the simultaneous charging for three devices.

Hiluckey Solar Charger

Durability is decent, though the plastic shell could be more rugged. A minor drawback is the lack of a built-in hook to hang the charger on a backpack, but you can easily add one. The flashlight feature is handy in emergencies, and the fast-charging capability really stands out.

Bottom Line

Considering its impressive battery capacity and useful solar panels, the Hiluckey Solar Charger is a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you’re in need of a portable, reliable power source, check out the Hiluckey Solar Charger.

Overview of Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh

We’ve had the pleasure of using the Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh, and it’s a solid choice for outdoor activities. Its high capacity allows multiple charges for our devices, which is quite handy during long trips. The four solar panels effectively harness sunlight, although the charging speed can vary depending on sunlight intensity.

Fast charging is one of its standout features, efficiently powering up our phones in less time than expected. The power bank is also rugged enough for most outdoor environments, even though it’s encased in plastic. The built-in flashlight is a bonus for night-time activities.

Though it claims to fully charge under sunlight in a day, we’ve found it’s best to use the USB C port for faster, more reliable charging. Despite some minor drawbacks, the Hiluckey Solar Charger offers a reliable and convenient power solution for adventurers.

High Capacity Battery

With a 25,000mAh battery, the Hiluckey Solar Charger ensures we don’t run out of juice on our outdoor excursions. The battery capacity allowed us to charge our smartphones multiple times before needing a recharge. It’s a great feature for long trips where power outlets are scarce.

Charging the power bank using solar panels is practical, although it does take time under direct sunlight. We found that it works best as a backup charging method rather than the primary one. The three USB outputs also mean multiple devices can be charged simultaneously, which is incredibly handy when we have gadgets to keep powered up.

The only downside is the weight. At 1.28 pounds, it’s not the lightest option to carry around. Despite this, the high capacity battery justifies the weight for those of us looking for extensive power backup in the wild.

Efficient Solar Charging

When we tested the Hiluckey Solar Charger, we were impressed with its efficient solar charging capability. The four foldable solar panels significantly speed up the recharging process, especially useful on sunny days. This makes it a reliable companion for outdoor activities where access to power is limited.

The charger performed well in maintaining a steady charge under direct sunlight, quickly providing power to our devices. Despite its efficiency, overcast days did slow down the charging process considerably, which is something to be mindful of.

One feature we appreciated was the inclusion of a built-in flashlight, which came in handy during our camping trip. Although it adds to the overall utility, it’s important to remember that the charger’s efficiency is highly dependent on weather conditions. Overall, the solar charging feature proved to be a valuable asset for outdoor adventures.

Fast Charging Capability

The fast charging feature on the Hiluckey Solar Charger really stands out during everyday use. We noticed that it charges our devices much quicker than other power banks we’ve tried. Whether it’s our smartphones or tablets, the 3A fast charging ports deliver a swift boost of energy when we need it most.

While the speed is impressive, we did find that the charger can get a bit warm during extended use. This hasn’t caused any performance issues, but it’s something to be aware of. Overall, having this fast charging capability is a significant convenience, especially when we’re on the go and can’t wait hours for a full charge.

Outdoor Accessibility

When it comes to taking the Hiluckey Solar Charger outdoors, we found it incredibly handy and versatile. The four foldable solar panels ensure it captures sunlight efficiently, making it perfect for long trips without access to electrical outlets. It’s especially great for camping or hiking.

We were impressed with how easy it is to attach to a backpack. The built-in bright flashlight also adds a nice touch for use at night or in emergencies. However, the charger does feel a bit heavy, which might be a minor inconvenience if you’re trying to pack light. Despite this, the impressive capacity and multiple charging ports make it worth the extra weight. It’s an excellent companion for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable power source.

Pros and Cons


The battery capacity is impressive, handling multiple charges for smartphones and tablets, making it reliable for trips. The four solar panels deliver enough power to get a decent charge even in remote locations without electricity.

Fast charging is another highlight. We managed to get our iPhone to 50% in merely 30 minutes. The USB C and dual USB A ports allowed simultaneous charging of three devices without a hitch.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the built-in flashlight and the compact, hangable design are quite convenient. It’s clear that this power bank is built with the outdoor adventurer in mind.


Unfortunately, solar charging can be slow and inconsistent, requiring substantial patience and ideal conditions. The solar feature seems more of a backup than a primary charging method.

The plastic outer shell feels flimsy. One drop and we fear it might break. Additionally, the misleading marketing about the hook for hanging the charger on a backpack is a letdown. It’s a crucial detail for those who plan to use it during hikes.

Lastly, while the USB recharging is efficient, it doesn’t come with a PD fast charger. This means an additional purchase is necessary to take full advantage of the quick recharge capabilities.

Customer Reviews

Many users praised the Hiluckey Solar Charger for its substantial battery capacity and useful features. The power bank’s ability to charge multiple devices quickly stood out, especially during trips where outlets are sparse.

Some buyers were disappointed with the solar charging speed, noting that it doesn’t charge as quickly under all conditions. Nevertheless, most found the solar panels to be a handy backup feature.

A few customers mentioned the design’s lack of durability, pointing out the plastic casing can be fragile. Despite this, the overall construction received positive remarks, especially the well-sealed panels. One consistent comment was about the misleading description regarding the hook for hanging the device, which was resolved creatively by users adding their own solutions.

Overall, the product seems to meet the needs of most outdoor enthusiasts and travelers, balancing its strengths and limitations well.

Durability and Design

The Hiluckey Solar Charger impresses with its robust build and thoughtful design. The outer shell feels sturdy in our hands, although it is made of plastic. This choice of material makes it lightweight, but it might not withstand a heavy drop. We did notice that the solar panels are well-wired and sealed, which offers some confidence regarding its durability in outdoor environments.

What stands out are the four foldable solar panels. These panels increase the surface area for solar charging, a vital feature for those long hikes or trips without easy access to electricity. On the downside, we’d prefer if the attachment loop had a hook for easy hanging on a backpack. The current setup requires an additional hook to be truly convenient.

In terms of aesthetics and practicality, the bright orange color isn’t just for looks; it also makes the charger easy to spot among our gear. The compact design allows it to fold neatly, making it travel-friendly while still packing a significant battery capacity.


The Hiluckey Solar Charger offers commendable portability and a useful solar charging feature. We’ve found it charges devices fast and holds sufficient power for multiple uses. Yet, the solar charging can be slow, and the build isn’t highly durable. While practical for outdoor use, keep expectations realistic regarding solar efficiency. For those seeking a versatile power bank, it balances functionality with ease of use, albeit with some trade-offs in speed and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger perform in real-world conditions?

In our experience, the Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger works effectively under direct sunlight, providing a steady charge to devices. Weather conditions can impact its solar charging efficiency. On bright days, it charges more quickly, while on overcast days, the process is slower. It’s best used as a supplementary power source rather than the main one.

What are the differences between the Hiluckey Solar Charger models 25000mAh, 26800mAh, and 27000mAh?

The primary difference lies in their battery capacities:

  • 25000mAh: Ideal for a week-long trip, charging phones 6-8 times.
  • 26800mAh: Slightly more capacity, potentially adding an extra charge or two.
  • 27000mAh: Offers the highest capacity for extended trips or multiple devices.

Each model has 4 solar panels but the 27000mAh charger may feature more advanced charging speeds.

Are there any notable advantages or disadvantages of using the Hiluckey Solar Charger for backpacking?


  • High capacity for extended use
  • Built-in flashlight, handy for camping
  • Durable design that folds easily for travel


  • Slower solar charging under cloudy conditions
  • Plastic case may not withstand heavy impacts

How do users rate the durability and reliability of the Hiluckey 6W Solar Charger?

Users generally find it reliable for emergencies and daily use. Durability is a mixed bag; while it’s sturdy enough for regular use, accidental drops can damage the plastic casing. Consistent internal performance and protection against overcharging are widely appreciated.

Can the Hiluckey 6W Solar Charger effectively charge multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, it can charge up to three devices at once with its USB C and dual USB A ports. Charging speeds are reasonable, even with multiple connections. It’s efficient for shared use on group trips, though charging slows slightly when all ports are in use.

What should one look out for in terms of maintenance and care for the Hiluckey 6W Backpacking Solar Charger?

  • Storage: Keep it in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Cleaning: Wipe the solar panels with a soft, damp cloth to prevent dust build-up.
  • Handling: Avoid dropping or exposing it to extreme temperatures.
  • Inspection: Check for any wear or fraying on the cords and connectors regularly.

Proper maintenance ensures optimal performance and longevity for your charger.

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