Experience Seamless Connectivity with the Gryphon Mesh Repeater

The Gryphon Mesh Repeater stands as a cutting-edge solution for establishing a broad and dependable Wi-Fi network in your home. It boasts the AC1200 Dual-Band functionality, enhanced with 2×2 MU-MIMO technology, ensuring a seamless internet experience. Primarily designed as an additional node for the Gryphon Tower router, it also performs exceptionally as a standalone unit in smaller residences. This device is available for purchase individually or in multi-pack options of two or three units.

Setting up the Guardian Mesh Repeater is a breeze, offering a user-friendly experience right out of the box. It includes complimentary parental control features and robust security measures to safeguard your family’s online activities. Moreover, the system is supported by round-the-clock customer service, providing you with continuous assistance whenever needed. Experience the tranquility that comes with a consistently operational home Wi-Fi network, courtesy of the Guardian Mesh Repeater.


Gryphon Guardian Mesh WiFi Router – Parental Control System with Next-Gen Firewall & Content Filters – 500Mbps, up to 1800 sq. ft. Coverage per Mesh Router – Replace or Add-to Existing Network
  • AFFORDABLE CONNECTIVITY & SECURITY – Beef up your mesh network’s coverage, add extra security to your system, and get access to advanced parental controls with the super flexible and inexpensive Gryphon Guardian. Use independently for small spaces or add onto your existing home network
  • COMPREHENSIVE PARENTAL CONTROLS – Schedule screen time, monitor online search and create a safe Internet experience by managing all your family’s smart devices and apps in one central location. Use Gryphon Guardian as an independent mesh router with flexible parental control features or as an add-on to your existing network (4)
  • WIFI WHERE YOU NEED IT – Enjoy reliable connectivity throughout your whole apartment or improve WiFi speeds in rooms far from your modem as simultaneous AC1200 dual-band radios and 2x2 MU-MIMO deliver up to 1,800 sq. ft. of coverage off a single Gryphon Guardian router (1) (2)

What is mesh Wi-Fi?

Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) represent an advanced form of wireless connectivity, distinguished by their use of multiple routers to significantly broaden the coverage area. This contrasts with conventional wireless networks, where typically a single router offers limited reach. In a mesh Wi-Fi setup, strategically placing numerous routers across a home or office space ensures expansive coverage. These routers are interlinked wirelessly, with each one amplifying and transmitting the signal from its counterparts, thus forming an extensive ‘mesh’ of Wi-Fi coverage.

Gaining popularity for their superior range, mesh Wi-Fi systems trump traditional wireless networks in terms of area coverage. A key benefit of these systems is their scalability; you can effortlessly enhance the network’s reach by incorporating more routers. Additionally, mesh systems provide a layer of redundancy. In the event of a router malfunction, the remaining routers in the network seamlessly take over, ensuring uninterrupted service. This dual advantage of expandability and reliability makes mesh Wi-Fi systems an increasingly favored choice for robust wireless networking.


What is dual-band Wi-FI?

Dual-band Wi-Fi represents a sophisticated wireless networking technology, utilizing two distinct frequency bands for internet connectivity. These bands usually comprise 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The majority of modern routers are equipped with dual-band capability, allowing them to operate across both frequencies. This dual-band approach offers a quicker and more dependable internet connection compared to single-band Wi-Fi, owing to its higher bandwidth capacity. Moreover, it minimizes the likelihood of interference from common household electronics such as microwave ovens and cordless phones, ensuring a smoother online experience.

What is MU-MIMO?

MU-MIMO, an acronym for “Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output,” revolutionizes wireless communication by employing several antennas to simultaneously interact with multiple devices. This technology marks a significant advancement from the conventional Wi-Fi routers, which are limited to connecting with one device at a time. In environments where numerous devices concurrently seek internet access, such as in a household with multiple users, MU-MIMO proves particularly advantageous. The Guardian exemplifies this innovation with its 2×2 MU-MIMO capability, enhancing connectivity and streamlining internet usage across various devices.


How to add Guardian mesh repeater to Gryphon network

Incorporating a new Guardian mesh repeater into your Gryphon router setup is a simple process. Begin by opening the Gryphon mobile app and navigating to ‘Settings’, followed by selecting ‘Add Mesh Repeater’. The initial step involves scanning the QR code located on the rear of your Guardian device. Following this, connect a network cable from the Internet port on the Guardian repeater to one of the LAN ports situated at the back of the Gryphon router. Once this is done, simply press the ‘Next’ button to proceed.



The mobile app will present a status screen during the setup process. After the setup is finished, you can disconnect the Guardian repeater and relocate it to an area in your home where Wi-Fi coverage is weak. When you power it up in the new location, simply reopen the mobile app. You’ll then see that it has successfully integrated into your Gryphon network.


By selecting the new repeater within the phone app, you can view the devices linked to it. Tapping on these devices will reveal more specific details about each one.

In Summary

If expansive coverage is what you need in a mesh repeater, the Gryphon Guardian Mesh Repeater stands out as an excellent choice. It is equipped with MU-MIMO technology, ensuring optimal connectivity for all your devices through AC 1200 dual-band Wi-Fi. The Gryphon also includes an integrated firewall, offering robust protection for your data. For those seeking a mesh repeater capable of delivering outstanding coverage in homes or offices, the Guardian Gryphon Mesh Repeater is definitely worth considering. I’ve been using it in my home for several years and have found it to be exceptionally reliable. Thanks for reading!

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