SEVEN WARRIOR L Shaped Gaming Desk Review

When seeking a gaming desk that combines functionality with a touch of modern design, it’s essential to find one that not only fits the aesthetic of your gaming setup but also offers practical features to enhance your gaming experience. The SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk could tick a lot of boxes for avid gamers looking to optimize their space.

Equipped with a built-in charging station, this L-shaped desk ensures that your devices are always ready for action, eliminating the hassle of searching for free outlets. The LED lighting incorporated into the desk adds a vibrant touch to your gaming environment, allowing for personalization with various colors and patterns. Its efficient design provides a substantial surface to accommodate multiple monitors while including a monitor stand, which aids in maintaining a clean and organized space. Additionally, the structural integrity of the desk is reinforced by a solid steel frame in an X-shape, minimizing wobble and providing a stable foundation for gaming sessions.

SEVEN WARRIOR L Shaped Gaming Desk with LED Lights & Power Outlets, 50.4” Computer Desk with Monitor Stand & Carbon Fiber Surface, Corner Desk with Cup Holder, Gaming Table with Hooks, Black
  • 【Gaming Desk With Charging Station】The l shaped gaming desk includes a built-in socket with 4-Outlet & 2 USB Ports for smartphone, tablet or gaming gears.
  • 【Cool & Smart LED Lights】The LED lights provide unlimited colors and 20 light patterns. Dim the light and choose your favorite color,Let you totally immerse yourself in the gaming ambience. It features memory function which keep the LED lights staying on last mode when turned on. The smart LED lights are in multiple control modes via 17 keys remote and controller box.
  • 【Space Saving】The gaming desk is equipped with full monitor stand that allows for more space to store your equipment and also allows you to sit with better posture. The cup holder and headphone hook keep your drinks and headphones right at your fingertips.


Although the desk is designed to be space-saving, its dimensions make it suitable for various room types, from dormitories to home offices. Keeping convenience in mind, the desk also includes additional features such as a cup holder and headphone hook, which are small but significant details for gamers. Size and assembly considerations should be noted, as some reviewers have mentioned challenges when relocating the assembled desk.

Bottom Line

The SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk emerges as a considerable option for those in need of an L-shaped desk with integrated power solutions and customizable LED lighting. It offers an expansive workspace for gaming and other computer-related activities.

Considering its thoughtful design aimed at enhancing gaming performance and the admirable stability it promises, this desk is worthy of attention.

For gamers seeking a blend of style, space efficiency, and functional features, click here to look closer at the SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk and consider making it the centerpiece of your gaming haven.

SEVEN WARRIOR L Shaped Gaming Desk Overview

For gamers or anyone requiring a multifunctional desk, the SEVEN WARRIOR desk with its L-shaped design maximizes corner space while maintaining a sleek look. The addition of a charging station, equipped with outlets and USB ports, addresses the need for powering multiple devices, a common scenario in today’s tech-driven environments.

The incorporation of LED lights into the desk’s design allows for a personalized touch with various colors and patterns, catering to mood or aesthetic preferences. Functionality is further emphasized through a full-sized monitor stand, promoting better posture and freeing up valuable desk space. Convenience features like the cup holder and headphone hook contribute to an organized and uncluttered workspace.

With dimensions that accommodate multiple monitors, the desk is versatile enough for extensive gaming sessions or intensive work requirements. Durability is not overlooked—the desk’s X-shaped legs provide stability and can adjust to uneven floors, ensuring a sturdy work area. While the desk’s modern look and carbon fiber surface appeal to current design trends, its focus on sturdiness and functionality make it more than just a visual statement in any room dedicated to gaming or work.

Built-In Charging Station

For those in need of keeping multiple devices charged and ready to go, the built-in charging station is a standout feature. The gaming desk comes equipped with a built-in socket that includes 4 outlets and 2 USB ports. This is extremely convenient for gamers or anyone who uses several devices simultaneously, as it allows for smartphones, tablets, and gaming gear to stay powered without the clutter of extra cords running across the room. However, this convenience also means the desk will need to be placed within reach of a wall outlet to make use of the charging station.

It’s a smart addition for a modern desk where tech integration is essential, but it’s worth noting that the built-in charging feature may limit the desk’s placement options due to the need for power access. Regardless, the charging station is a thoughtful inclusion for tech enthusiasts looking for functionality and efficiency in their workspace setup.

Innovative LED Lighting

LED lighting has become a standard for enhancing the ambiance of gaming environments, and this desk takes it up a notch. The integrated LED lights not only offer a range of colors and patterns to set the mood but also come with customization options controllable through a remote and controller box. This flexibility allows users to select dimness levels and set their desired atmosphere effortlessly. The memory function is a practical addition, remembering the last used setting and saving the hassle of readjusting every time.

Despite these advancements, there is an aspect to consider: the LED lights are bright and engaging but may not cater to everyone’s taste, especially for those preferring a more minimalist or traditional setup. Furthermore, while LED’s add to the overall gaming experience, they are an aesthetic bonus and do not provide functional lighting for tasks. This is a thoughtful touch for gamers aiming to create a personalized gaming zone but maybe less crucial for users looking for a purely work-oriented desk.

Space-Saving Design

Individuals concerned with conserving space without sacrificing functionality will appreciate the thoughtful features of the SEVEN WARRIOR L-Shaped Gaming Desk. With a design that fits snugly into a corner, this desk is an efficient use of space, particularly in smaller rooms. The desk’s full monitor stand raises displays off the surface, which not only improves posture but also clears valuable workspace for additional gaming gear or office supplies.

Furthermore, the desk integrates convenient peripherals such as a cup holder and a headphone hook. These elements help maintain a clear and organized environment by ensuring that essential items are easily accessible without cluttering the desktop. As an L-shaped unit, the desk inherently offers a spacious area that supports multiple monitors and still provides ample room for unhindered gaming or work-related tasks. Its size also allows it to be placed in a variety of room types, from dormitories to home offices, contributing to the desk’s versatility.

SEVEN WARRIOR’s approach includes combining essential functions with space efficiency, proving that modern designs can accommodate the needs of gamers and professionals alike without demanding a significant amount of room.

Desk Dimensions and Room Suitability

When considering the inclusion of a new piece of furniture, the spatial dynamics of a room are crucial. For gaming enthusiasts or professionals in need of a workstation, the SEVEN WARRIOR L-shaped desk’s measurements sit at a comfortable 50.4 inches in width, with a depth of 18.9 inches, and a height of 29.6 inches. Its L-shaped design makes it a smart space-saver, effortlessly fitting into corners, thus optimizing a room’s usable area.

Given its carbon fiber surface and alloy steel base, the desk offers a stylish, modern appearance that complements most gaming or office environments. Its durability is suitable for various activities such as working, writing, or gaming, fitting well in diverse settings including offices, dorms, gaming rooms, or classrooms. The black finish and laminated top add to its sleek aesthetic, while the desk’s special features like LED lights can enhance the ambiance of a gaming setup.

It’s essential to ensure that the room can accommodate the desk’s dimensions and design, as well as allow for comfortable movement around it. A neat bonus is the built-in monitor stand which provides ergonomic viewing and helps in creating an organized workspace. The inclusion of a cup holder and hooks adds to the desk’s functionality, keeping the surface clutter-free. Overall, this desk balances its considerable size with smart features and a design that can optimize most spaces effectively.

Durable and Stable Construction

The sturdiness of a gaming desk is a critical factor for those who prioritize longevity and a robust play area. The SEVEN WARRIOR desk’s X-shaped leg design is a significant stability feature, responding well to the intense demands of gaming and everyday use. This design is not just for looks; it serves a functional purpose by evenly distributing the weight and reducing wobble, which is further fine-tuned with adjustable leg pads. These pads are especially useful in situations where the floor is not perfectly level, allowing for minor adjustments to maintain a stable surface.

Crafted from alloy steel, the frame of this desk provides a solid foundation that does not compromise on durability despite daily wear and tear. The carbon fiber surface is resilient to scratches and easy to clean, ensuring the desk retains its sleek appearance over time. For those concerned about the investment’s longevity, these materials offer reassurance that the desk is built to last, and provide an ideal surface that can withstand the rigors of both gaming and work tasks. However, the durability of materials also means the desk might be on the heavier side, which could be a consideration if frequent repositioning is required.

Pros and Cons

For those eyeing a functional and stylish addition to their gaming space, the SEVEN WARRIOR desk is a strong contender with its built-in charging station featuring multiple outlets and USB ports—a boon for keeping devices powered. The integrations don’t stop there; LED lights add to the immersive gaming experience and are customizable with various colors and patterns.

Space efficiency is a highlight; the monitor stand increases surface area, and the L-shape fits snugly in corners, making it suitable for varying room sizes. The addition of a cup holder and hooks for headphones is a thoughtful touch to keep essentials within reach.

However, the desk’s dimensions may pose a challenge in smaller rooms, particularly during assembly or relocation—planning to assemble it in its final spot is advisable. While the LED feature is a hit, some may find it unnecessary if they prefer a more understated aesthetic or simply don’t need the extra flair it provides.

Customer Reviews

The SEVEN WARRIOR desk garners high praise for its design and functionality, holding a 4.7-star rating from over 6,000 users. Users highlight the practicality of the LED lights and power outlets, enhancing the gaming experience for their children. The desk’s integration into professional spaces has also been lauded, with its versatility proving to be a significant advantage. The carbon fiber surface and monitor stand receive nods for adding to both aesthetic and utility.

Assembly and logistics are mentioned among the critiques; parents advise assembling it in the intended room to avoid the inconvenience of navigating tight spaces. In terms of dimensions, the satisfaction varies with room size, so potential buyers with limited space are recommended to consider the desk size carefully.

Some users have pointed out that while the desk is a hit in terms of design and robustness, international customers must be aware of the compatibility of built-in power outlets with local standards, suggesting the need for adapters.

Overall, the desk is often recommended for creating an organized and engaging gaming or work environment, mirroring the brand’s commitment to functional design.


The SEVEN WARRIOR desk emerges as a well-rounded option for gamers seeking a stylish and functional gaming setup. Its L-shaped design and LED lights have been praised for enhancing both aesthetic appeal and gaming experiences. The presence of power outlets and a monitor stand reflect a thoughtful consideration of gamers’ needs, ensuring devices remain charged and the play area remains organized.

However, users should note that the desk, while sturdy, may pose challenges during assembly or relocation due to its size. The carbon fiber surface offers durability, and the added conveniences of a cup holder and hooks contribute to an organized gaming environment.

With a high rating and ample positive feedback, this product seems to strike a balance between form and utility, although some buyers have suggested checking space constraints prior to assembling it in the intended room. Potential compatibility issues with non-US power outlets can be remedied with adapters, though this is an added step consumers should anticipate.

In weighing the pros and cons, the SEVEN WARRIOR gaming desk stands out for its specialized features that cater to gamers, while maintaining a level of versatility that can appeal to a broader audience looking for a well-equipped work station.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assemble my SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 55 inch model?

Assembling this gaming desk requires following the included manual which outlines each step in detail. In general, the process involves attaching the legs to the desktop, securing the monitor stand, and connecting the LED lighting system if present. Tools required for assembly are typically found in a common household toolkit.

What are the dimensions of the SEVEN WARRIOR L Shaped Gaming Desk?

The dimensions of the desk are specifically designed to fit well into a variety of room layouts, measuring at 50.4 inches in width, 18.9 inches in depth, and 29.6 inches in height, forming an L shape that complements corner setups.

Can the SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 60 INCH support multiple monitors?

The 60-inch model offers ample space, capable of accommodating several monitors which makes it suitable for complex gaming setups or extensive workstations requiring additional screen real estate.

What are the recommended maintenance tips for the SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk?

Maintaining the desk involves regular cleaning with a soft cloth to keep the carbon fiber surface dust-free. Avoid harsh chemicals, and manage cable wires efficiently to prevent clutter. Additionally, inspect the desk’s stability periodically, and tighten any loose screws if necessary.

Is the SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk suitable for professional gamers?

The desk caters to the needs of professional gamers with its spacious top surface, sturdy construction, and added features like a built-in charging station and LED lighting to enhance gaming experience. This combination makes it an appropriate choice for individuals who spend extensive hours playing competitively.

Where can I find the assembly manual for the SEVEN WARRIOR L Shaped Gaming Desk?

The manual should be included in the packaging of the desk. If misplaced, one can usually download a PDF version from the manufacturer’s website or request a copy directly from SEVEN WARRIOR’s customer service.

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