CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 AIO CPU Cooler Review

CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2: Top CPU Cooler?

Crafting a powerful and responsive PC setup requires attention to cooling solutions, and the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 emerges as an intriguing prospect. It offers aesthetic appeal through its customizable RGB lighting and commits to performance with the updated 3rd Gen Dual Chamber Pump, aiming for efficient thermoregulation.

The inclusion of the improved SickleFlow 120 RGB fan promises a quieter operation while maintaining robust airflow and pressure — critical for keeping temperatures in check. Understanding these elements is key for enthusiasts who prioritize both silent operation and peak performance.

CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, Gen3 Dual Chamber Pump, 240mm Radiator, SickleFlow 120 PWM ARGB, AMD Ryzen AM5/AM4, Intel LGA1700/1200 (MLW-D24M-A18PC-R2)
  • 3rd Generation Dual Chamber Pump for overall cooling efficiency and performance
  • New SickleFlow Refreshed exterior design for improved lighting and fan blades for a quiet airflow performance
  • RGB Lighting Signature cooling performance with an RGB design for all of the users wanting lighting effects that are fully customizable


When it comes to long-term stability, the industrial-grade materials used in the ML240L RGB V2’s construction play a significant role in preventing leaks and enhancing the cooler’s lifespan. Compatibility with a wide range of CPUs, including the most recent sockets, also makes it a versatile choice for builders.

Bottom Line

The CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its updated technology and silent performance cater well to those upgrading their cooling system.

Considering its features for efficient cooling and visual customization, it’s an option worth exploring for your next build.

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Unveiling the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2

The ML240L RGB V2 is Cooler Master’s improvement upon their popular MasterLiquid Lite Series. It features a 3rd Generation Dual Chamber Pump that bolsters cooling efficiency, making it a solid choice for users seeking reliable thermal management for their CPUs. The enlarged radiator surface area is a welcome design tweak, aimed at enhancing heat dissipation and optimizing cooling performance.

Noise and airflow are critical factors in any cooling system, and this model aims to strike a balance with the new SickleFlow 120 RGB fan. It’s engineered to be quieter, reducing distractions while maintaining airflow and pressure. User customization is catered to with RGB lighting, allowing for a personalized aesthetic in the rig.

Durability is addressed through the use of high-grade EPDM material, enhancing the seal and providing anti-leak protection. Cooler Master asserts that this model’s longevity and maintenance should be less of a concern for its users.

Although compact, prospective buyers should be aware that fitting issues could arise in smaller cases. The ML240L RGB V2 is positioned to satisfy both aesthetic desires and cooling requirements, with ease of installation noted as a strong point. However, individuals upgrading from previous liquid coolers may note that noise levels tend to increase under heavy loads.

Compatibility is extensive, with support for both AMD and Intel CPU sockets, including the latest offerings. The ML240L RGB V2 shows promise in maintaining optimal CPU temperatures for gaming and other demanding activities, holding its own against competitors in its class.

Innovative 3rd Gen Dual Chamber Pump

The new iteration of the MasterLiquid ML240L introduces an improved Dual Chamber Pump design. This advancement is key to its cooling efficiency and performance. By separating the heated coolant, to maximize the heat dissipation, the third-generation pump ensures a more efficient cooling cycle. Notably, the enhancement has also positively impacted the acoustics of the unit, creating a quieter operation without compromising air flow and pressure. The goal for quieter performance aligns well with the updated SickleFlow 120 RGB fans that accompany the radiator. Customers have noted that the unit maintains lower temperatures even during taxing computing activities. While generally lauded for its performance, some users point out space considerations in smaller cases, suggesting careful assessment of the chassis volume before installation. Overall, this cooling solution with its new pump technology positions itself as a substantial player in the maintaining of CPU temperatures for various computing needs.

New SickleFlow 120 RGB Fan

The revamped SickleFlow 120 RGB fan is a standout feature, boasting a new design aimed at quiet operation without sacrificing airflow and pressure. Users seeking a balance between efficient cooling and aesthetic appeal will appreciate the updated exterior and customizable lighting effects. The fan serves as a core part of the cooler’s appeal, contributing to an overall improvement in thermal performance. While the noise level is relatively low, it is notable that some users report an increase in audible sound under heavy loads, which might not suit someone looking for whisper-quiet operation. The inclusion of industrial-grade materials in its construction hints at longevity and resistance against leaking – a crucial aspect of liquid cooling systems. This fan is part of a larger setup that supports a wide range of CPU sockets, making it versatile for various builds. Overall, the SickleFlow 120 RGB fan is a strategically designed component that enhances this liquid cooling solution’s performance and visual appearance.

RGB Lighting Signature

The MasterLiquid ML240L V2 not only aims to deliver top-notch thermal performance but also caters to those desiring a vibrant aesthetic touch with its RGB lighting. The inclusion of customizable RGB effects allows users to match the cooler’s lighting with their system’s theme or mood. However, it is worth noting that the focus on flashy RGB does not overshadow the unit’s primary function – cooling efficiency. The lighting is integrated seamlessly, ensuring that it complements rather than dominates the cooler’s design.

Despite the allure of RGB customization, some may find it challenging to synchronize the lighting with other components, particularly if they are not familiar with RGB software controls. Moreover, for enthusiasts who prefer a minimalist or non-RGB setup, the omnipresent lighting may be seen as an unnecessary addition. Such users might be paying extra for a feature they do not need. Considering these points, the RGB Lighting Signature is a dual-edged sword, offering visual enhancement for some while potentially being a non-essential for others.

Industrial Grade Seal

With its newly designed 3rd Gen Dual Chamber Pump, the MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 sees a marked improvement in its cooling capabilities. This key component ensures a more efficient thermal exchange by providing a reliable seal that minimizes the risk of leaks, a common concern with liquid cooling systems. The enlarged radiator surface further aids in heat dissipation, offering a broader area through which heat can be expelled.

While the benefits of the updated design are evident, users should be aware that the added size might present some challenges during installation, especially in compact cases. When it comes to noise level, the included SickleFlow 120 RGB fans aim to strike a balance between effective airflow and minimal sound. However, some users have noted an increase in noise under heavy processing loads.

In terms of aesthetics, the MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 is not just a functional piece of hardware but also contributes to the visual appeal of a gaming setup with its RGB lighting. Prospective users looking for a combination of performance and style will appreciate this attention to detail.

Ease of Compatibility

When considering a liquid CPU cooler like the ML240L RGB V2, the compatibility with various chipsets is crucial. This model is designed to work with a range of sockets from AMD and Intel, which includes the newer AM5 and Intel’s LGA1700, among others. A beneficial aspect is the cooler’s inclusive nature, catering to a wide spectrum of processors, which is reassuring for users looking to future-proof their system or migrate between different platforms. Cooler Master appears to have recognized the importance of versatility in design.

However, it’s important to note that some users might find the physical size of the ML240L RGB V2 somewhat bulky, particularly in cases with limited space. While this does not directly relate to chipset compatibility, it could impact the practicality of installation in smaller setups. The provided Air Balance fan blades aim to offer a quieter experience, but sound levels can increase when the system is under heavy load, which could be a consideration for noise-sensitive environments.

In summary, this AIO cooler’s ease of compatibility is an asset, fitting a broad range of current and legacy sockets. Users need to assess their case dimensions and tolerance for noise under load to ensure it aligns with their requirements.

Installation Guide

Installing the MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 can be straightforward with careful attention to the manual. First, ensure compatibility with your CPU socket. This cooler supports a wide range of sockets including the latest AMD and Intel chipsets. The package generally provides all the necessary mounting hardware for different sockets.

The process begins with attaching the backplate to the motherboard as a foundation for the cooling system. Next, apply the thermal paste to the CPU—just a pea-sized amount will suffice. Following this, the pump unit is placed over the CPU, attaching it firmly but carefully to the backplate with the mounting hardware.

For optimal heat dissipation, the 240mm radiator attaches to the case. The newly designed SickleFlow 120 RGB fans then connect to the radiator. Ensure they are oriented to establish proper airflow within the case. All connectors for the pump and fans should be plugged into the relevant motherboard headers or power supply in order to handle the RGB lighting and control the fan speeds.

Lastly, the RGB functionality allows for customization of lighting which can usually be controlled via motherboard software or a separate RGB controller. This is where you can personalize the lighting to your taste. Remember to check for any firmware updates that Cooler Master might provide to keep your system up to date.

Pros and Cons

When considering the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, users may appreciate that it blends aesthetics with functionality. It’s widely recognized for its efficient cooling system and appealing RGB lighting, suitable for users looking to customize their setup’s appearance. Here’s a balanced look:


  • Cooling Performance: The 3rd generation dual-chamber pump is engineered for enhanced cooling efficiency, which can handle the thermal demands of high-performance CPUs.
  • Noise Levels: The updated SickleFlow fans are designed to operate quietly, providing a balance between cooling and acoustic control.
  • RGB Lighting: With the RGB design, users can personalize their computer’s lighting scheme, adding a vibrant touch to their computing experience.
  • Build Quality: The use of high industrial-grade EPDM material increases the cooler’s durability and reduces the risk of leaks, which is crucial for the longevity of the system.
  • Compatibility: It supports a wide range of sockets, including AMD’s AM5/AM4 and Intel’s LGA1700/1200, making it a versatile option for various builds.


  • Size Constraints: Some users remark that the cooler may be too large for smaller cases, which could lead to space limitations and installation challenges.
  • Noise Under Load: While generally quiet, the cooler’s fans may become noticeably louder under heavy load conditions, which could be a minor distraction.
  • Installation Intricacies: A few users have indicated that the installation process can be complex, particularly for first-time builders or those unfamiliar with AIO systems.
  • Performance Under Upgrade: There are comments about the cooler’s performance when upgrading from older versions, suggesting that while improvements are evident, they might not be substantial for all users.
  • Return Cases: In rare instances, users have returned the product for various reasons, which could indicate potential issues or personal preferences not met.

Leveraging Customer Feedback

Customer experiences with the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L have been instrumental in highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. A common point of praise is the AIO cooler’s ability to maintain optimal temperatures even under stress from gaming or overclocking. Several users mentioned that it outperforms older cooling solutions, underscoring its efficient heat management capabilities.

On the flip side, some have noted that while the cooler is generally quiet, noise levels can increase when the system is under heavy load. Space constraints in smaller computer cases have been a concern for a handful of customers, indicating that potential buyers should consider their case size before purchasing.

A few reports of a noisy pump from a previous model have been countered by the improved performance and silence of the ML240L, suggesting Cooler Master has addressed some issues from earlier designs. The aesthetic appeal of the cooler, particularly its RGB lighting and compatibility with various systems, has been well-received, although there have been instances of users returning the product for alternatives, not due to performance but personal preference.

Overall, the bulk of feedback portrays the ML240L RGB V2 as a capable and aesthetically pleasing choice for most PC gaming setups, with the caveat of being mindful of space and noise level under maximum load.


In assessing the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, it’s clear that it stands as a reliable option for cooling high-performance CPUs, with a particular emphasis on systems involving intensive tasks such as gaming. Users transitioning from older cooling units have noticed a significant improvement in temperature management, with the unit keeping the CPU cool even in overclocked states. While the AIO cooler’s aesthetics and lighting control are praised, some have noted that it can be noisier under heavy load—yet it remains within a tolerable range for most. One challenge is the potential for space constraints in smaller cases. Overall, the product’s ease of installation, effective heat dissipation, and compatibility with various motherboards mark it as a solid choice for both novice and veteran builders seeking a balance between function and visual flair. With over ten thousand ratings maintaining a high average, it seems that many users find the value of this Cooler Master cooler aligned with their expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change the Color Settings on the ML240L V2?

To modify the color settings on the ML240L V2, users need to use the included controller. The device allows for customization of the RGB lighting to match system aesthetics or personal preference. It is not necessary to use software for this process, as the physical controller provides direct access to the lighting settings.

Does the ML240L V2 Come Pre-Installed with Fans?

Yes, the ML240L V2 comes with two SickleFlow 120 RGB fans. These are pre-installed, aimed at delivering a balance of airflow and pressure with quieter performance. The fans are part of the unit’s design to enhance the cooling effectiveness while also adding an RGB aesthetic.

Can the ML240L V2 be Mounted on an LGA 1700 Socket?

The ML240L V2 is compatible with multiple sockets, including the LGA1700 — the kit for which can be found on Amazon. Users should ensure they have the correct bracket and mount, which may require an additional purchase depending on the packaging and current inclusion by Cooler Master.

What Are the Key Differences Between the ML240R and ML240L Models?

The main differences between the ML240R and ML240L models lie in their design and performance. The ML240R typically has more elaborate RGB lighting, whereas the ML240L focuses more on a balance between performance and aesthetics. Additionally, the ML240L V2 features a new 3rd generation dual-chamber pump which aims to enhance cooling efficiency.

What Is the Pump Speed for the ML240L V2?

The ML240L V2 features a pump capable of operating at various speeds, maxing out at the rotational speed of up to 1800 RPM. This specification ensures adequate coolant circulation for optimal heat dissipation and cooling performance.

Are Users Satisfied with the Performance of the ML240L V2?

General consensus from user reviews suggests that the ML240L V2 is capable of effectively cooling CPUs, even during demanding tasks such as intense gaming sessions. The noise level is considered acceptable by many, especially given the cooler’s performance. However, users in smaller cases have noted space constraints. The updated pump design and enlarged radiator surface area for heat dissipation contribute to the satisfaction with the product’s cooling efficiency.

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