Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler Review: Best Cooling Pad Yet?

Keeping your laptop cool might be more important than you think, especially if you do a lot of intensive tasks. We’ve looked into the Havit HV-F2056, a slim and portable cooling pad designed to enhance your laptop’s performance while maintaining a cool temperature. It’s particularly appealing for users with laptops that have a tendency to overheat during extended use.

havit HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad - Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans), Black/Blue
  • [Ultra-portable]: slim, portable, and light weight allowing you to protect your investment wherever you go
  • [Ergonomic comfort]: doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable Height settings
  • [Optimized for laptop carrying]: the high-quality multi-directional metal mesh provides your laptop with a wear-resisting and stable laptop carrying surface.

havit HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

The Havit HV-F2056 doesn’t just cool your laptop; it also serves as an ergonomic stand. The pad includes three ultra-quiet fans, creating a noise-free environment while you work or play. Additionally, it provides extra USB ports, which can be incredibly useful for connecting more devices.

Bottom Line

For those looking to prevent overheating and improve laptop performance, the Havit HV-F2056 is a solid choice.

Its portability, quiet operation, and added USB functionality make it worth considering.

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Overview of the Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler

The Havit HV-F2056 impresses with its portable and lightweight design, making it easy to carry alongside any laptop. It features three ultra-quiet fans that efficiently keep the device cool without adding any distracting noise.

Users benefit from its ergonomic stand, providing added comfort with two adjustable height settings. The cooler also includes an extra USB port, which is convenient for connecting additional USB devices.

Key Points:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quiet operation with three fans
  • Ergonomic stand with adjustable heights
  • Extra USB port for additional devices

Some users have reported that it keeps their laptops significantly cooler, while others mentioned it could make their laps feel cold during extended use. Overall, it competently addresses overheating issues for laptops up to 17 inches.

Portability and Comfort

Lightweight and slim, the HV-F2056 is remarkably easy to carry around. Its design makes it an excellent companion for those constantly on the move. The cooling pad also functions as an ergonomic stand, offering two adjustable height settings to ensure comfortable use for long periods.

Adding to its portability, the cooling pad features a durable metal mesh surface, providing a stable resting place for laptops. It caters well to both casual users and professionals who require mobility.

On the comfort front, the device runs quietly due to its ultra-quiet fans, thus maintaining a noise-free environment. However, users may find it slightly uncomfortable to use on their laps for extended periods, as the cooling effect can make their legs feel cold. Despite this minor issue, the cooling pad proves to be a convenient and comfortable option for most scenarios.

Cooling Efficiency

Three powerful fans make the Slim Portable cooler effective in lowering temperatures. Users note it’s particularly adept at keeping laptops between 15.6 and 17 inches cool, enhancing performance during intensive tasks.

Heat dispersal is consistent across the surface, preventing hotspots. Yet, some users mention that fan noise can be noticeable in quiet environments.

Lightweight and easy to transport, the cooling pad’s design maximizes airflow without adding bulk. Users report substantial improvements in cooling, especially during prolonged use.

Extra Features

The cooling pad comes equipped with several standout features. It includes three ultra-quiet fans, providing a cooling solution without adding noise to your workspace. Its dual-USB hub is particularly useful, allowing users to connect additional devices easily.

Additionally, the ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings offers better comfort during prolonged use. The high-quality metal mesh surface ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for laptop users. This cooling pad is designed to be portable, lightweight, and efficient, addressing both usability and convenience for traveling or home use.

Build and Design

The HV-F2056 stands out with its sleek and slim profile, making it easy to carry around. The choice of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material adds durability.

One thing users might appreciate is the black and blue color scheme, which gives it modern aesthetics. The cooler’s dimensions fit well within the sizes of most laptops, making it versatile for 15.6” to 17” devices.

They also mention that the cooler feels lightweight at 1.54 pounds, meaning it won’t add noticeable bulk to your laptop setup. However, it’s worth noting that some users found the design to be a bit simplistic, lacking adjustable features.


  • Material: ABS for sturdiness
  • Color: Black and blue
  • Dimensions: Compact and portable
  • Weight: Lightweight, 1.54 pounds

Potential Flaws:

  • Lacks adjustable height settings

The build quality paired with the cooling performance makes the HV-F2056 a practical choice for many users seeking a straightforward and effective laptop cooling solution.

Pros and Cons


One of the standout benefits is its ultra-portability. Users appreciate its slim and lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry around. The three ultra-quiet fans are another highlight, ensuring a noise-free environment while keeping the laptop cool.

Additionally, it doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings, enhancing comfort during extended use. The extra USB ports and integrated power switch design add further convenience, allowing for additional USB devices to be connected without hassle.


While many users have positive experiences, there are some drawbacks. A few mention that, although it’s effective, the cooling pad may not be as powerful for very high-performance gaming laptops. Others note that using it on their lap can be uncomfortable as it tends to make their legs cold due to the efficient cooling.

Also, for those using Type C devices, an additional Type C to USB adapter is required, which adds to the overall cost. Despite its portability, its size might still be cumbersome for smaller laptop bags.

Customer Reviews

Many users appreciate the cooling effectiveness of the Havit HV-F2056. Owners of 15.6-inch and 17-inch laptops, including various HP models, have remarked positively on how the pad significantly reduces overheating issues.

Quiet operation is another highlight, with users praising its low noise levels. The pad’s portability and slim design also receive commendations, making it easy for travelers and those who use their laptops on the go.

Negative feedback is minimal but notable. Some users find the pad uncomfortable when used on their laps due to the cooling effect on their legs.


  • Effective cooling
  • Quiet operation
  • Portable and slim design


  • May be uncomfortable on the lap

Overall, the Havit HV-F2056 earns high marks for its core purpose—keeping laptops cool while maintaining a quiet presence.


The havit HV-F2056 cooling pad is a solid choice for keeping laptops cool. Users report improved temperature management, which is essential for performance and longevity. Its three fans provide efficient cooling, and it’s USB powered, making it portable and easy to use.

Some drawbacks include potential discomfort when used on the lap, as it can make legs cold. Despite this, its quiet operation and sleek design make it a popular choice among users.

For those seeking an effective solution for overheating laptops, the HV-F2056 offers reliable cooling at a reasonable price, making it worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the Havit HV-F2056 cooling pad in reducing laptop temperatures?

Users have reported significant reductions in their laptop temperatures. Many noticed that their devices, even those notorious for overheating, ran considerably cooler after using the Havit HV-F2056. This cooling pad’s three fans provide sufficient airflow to help manage heat dissipation effectively.

What are the main features of the Havit HV-F2056 laptop cooler?

The Havit HV-F2056 comes with several notable features:

  • Ultra-portable: Slim and lightweight design.
  • Ergonomic comfort: Functions as an ergonomic stand with adjustable height settings.
  • Durable build: High-quality metal mesh for stable laptop support.
  • Quiet operation: Equipped with three ultra-quiet fans.
  • Extra USB ports: Inclusive of an additional USB port and power switch design.

How do users generally rate the performance of the Havit HV-F2056 cooling pad?

The Havit HV-F2056 holds a highly favorable rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 40,000 reviews. User feedback frequently praises the cooling pad for its quiet operation, effectiveness in lowering temperatures, and overall build quality. Some minor issues regarding personal comfort, such as cold legs when used on a lap, were noted but did not significantly impact its overall positive reception.

What are the pros and cons of using the Havit HV-F2056 for laptop cooling?


  • Effectively reduces laptop temperatures
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quiet fans
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable height
  • Extra USB ports


  • Some users find it uncomfortable on the lap due to the cooling effect
  • The need for a USB to Type C adapter for certain devices

Can the Havit HV-F2056 laptop cooler accommodate different laptop sizes and brands?

Yes, the Havit HV-F2056 is designed to support laptops ranging from 15.6 to 17 inches. It works well with various brands, and users have successfully used it with devices from HP, MSI, and other well-known manufacturers.

How does the Havit HV-F2056 cooling pad compare to other laptop coolers on the market?

Compared to other laptop coolers, the Havit HV-F2056 stands out for its combination of portability, quiet operation, and effective cooling performance. Its ergonomic design and extra USB ports add practical advantages. While there are other cooling pads with higher fan speeds or additional features, the HV-F2056 balances these aspects well, making it a popular choice among users.

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