Eufy Security SoloCam S340

Eufy Security SoloCam S340 Review: Top Solar Cam?

Exploring the realm of home security, the eufy Security SoloCam S340 is an intriguing option for homeowners interested in a reliable surveillance system. This solar-powered camera is designed to be a one-time setup solution that continuously operates without the need for frequent maintenance or monthly fees. Its ability to pan and tilt gives it a 360-degree view, promising no blind spots and full coverage of your property.

The camera’s 3K resolution and digital zoom capabilities are key selling points, ensuring that details are not missed and faces are clearly recognizable. The convenience of easy installation is matched by the practicality of local storage, which means homeowners won’t worry about additional costs for cloud services.

eufy Security SoloCam S340, Solar Security Camera, Wireless Outdoor Camera, 360 Degree Pan & Tilt Surveillance, No Blind Spots, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, No Monthly Fee, HomeBase S380 Compatible (Renewed)
  • Enhanced Dual-Camera Clarity at 50 Feet: Capture every event that occurs around your home in ultra-clear 3K resolution. See exactly who is approaching your home with 8× zoom.
  • Solar-Powered, Install Once and it Runs Forever: Experience constant peace of mind with this solar-powered security camera that's easy to set up and always on, thanks to its removable solar panel.
  • 360° Guardian, No Blind Spots: Say goodbye to blind spots with full home coverage. Enjoy 360° Pan & Tilt Surveillance , check your front porch, monitor your backyard, and keep an eye on the driveway with ease.

Customer feedback highlights the camera’s crystal-clear video quality and its effective solar charging system. However, it’s important to note that some customers have found the motion tracking and zoom features to be less impressive than expected. The two-way audio feature also received mixed reviews, with some finding the audio volume during interactions lower than ideal.

Bottom Line

The eufy Security SoloCam S340 offers homeowners a solid choice in the realm of security cameras.

Its key solar-powered feature and comprehensive coverage with no additional running costs are its biggest advantages.

eufy Security SoloCam S340 is available for purchase, for those considering a capable and cost-effective home surveillance system.

Overview of Eufy Security SoloCam S340

In the landscape of solar security cameras, the SoloCam S340 stands out with a unique proposition. A testament to its appeal is its 4.1-star rating from customer feedback. The camera offers a 360° pan and tilt functionality, ensuring that its lens can cover every nook and cranny of the designated surveillance area. The clarity of footage, even at distances of up to 50 feet, is notable thanks to its 3K resolution capability and 8× digital zoom.

The device’s renewable solar energy feature is a significant benefit, allowing for continuous operation without the need for regular manual charging. It also sports a simple installation process, promoting a wire-free setup that can be completed within minutes. Users can store their video footage locally, bypassing the need for recurring subscription fees—a cost-effective solution in the long term.

However, it’s not all sunshine; some users have reported challenges with the motion tracking feature and the initial connectivity setup. The zoom function has also been a point of contention for a few, with expectations not always meeting reality. Despite these concerns, the overwhelming consensus suggests that the SoloCam S340 is a reliable and efficient option for those looking to enhance their home security without incurring ongoing costs.

Enhanced Dual-Camera Clarity at 50 Feet

The performance of the camera at a distance is a crucial factor for potential buyers. The SoloCam S340 is designed with an ability to capture events in high resolution even from 50 feet away. Users note a significant level of detail retention, with the camera rendering clear images that allow for easy identification of individuals and objects. The integrated zoom function enhances this further, offering the option to scrutinize specific aspects of the surveillance area closely.

However, it’s important to consider some of the limitations that have surfaced through user experiences. While the general feedback on video quality is positive, there are mentions of the motion tracking feature not meeting expectations. The result is a recording that begins after the event has already started, which may lead to missing crucial moments. There is also critique concerning the ease of operating the camera, with a few customers finding the zoom feature less intuitive than anticipated.

Balancing the pros and cons, the camera maintains a commendable standing for those seeking reliable and clear outdoor surveillance over considerable distances. Overall, the SoloCam S340 garners appreciation for its visual capabilities, although potential buyers may want to weigh in the concerns regarding motion tracking and user interface ease.

Solar-Powered Longevity

The SoloCam S340 stands out for its autonomous power source, utilizing solar energy to sustain its operation. Its removable solar panel is a significant advantage, ensuring that the camera is perpetually powered without the need for frequent manual recharging, thereby providing users with consistent security surveillance. However, the efficiency of solar charging can vary based on geographical location and weather conditions; it’s important for potential users to consider their local climate when assessing the reliability of solar-powered devices.

Moreover, the camera’s capacity to function indefinitely with solar power eliminates the recurring costs and inconvenience associated with battery replacements. Although the initial setup requires some consideration regarding placement to maximize sunlight exposure, once installed, it offers a hassle-free experience. Users should note that despite the eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits, the camera’s longevity and performance are contingent upon the effectiveness of the solar panel over time, which might be a consideration for longevity.

360° Pan & Tilt Surveillance

A standout feature of the SoloCam S340 is its 360° pan and tilt capability, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your property. This feature tackles the common issue of surveillance blind spots, enabling the camera to monitor every angle. Users can remotely adjust the field of view to keep an eye on various outdoor spaces, from the backyard to the driveway, with ease.

While the pan and tilt functionality enhances surveillance, some users have reported the motion tracking to be less than satisfactory, particularly because it may start recording after the event has begun, missing some activity. This is something to consider if capturing every second of an incident is critical for the user.

On the positive side, the pivot range of the camera is designed to provide peace of mind by tracking movements across a wide area. This is coupled with the camera’s ability to deliver clear 3K resolution footage and digital zoom capabilities.

Overall, the pan and tilt surveillance is a major feature that can elevate a home security system, providing extensive visual coverage. However, potential buyers should balance this advantage with the noted limitations regarding motion tracking.

Versatile Installation and Setup

Setting up the SoloCam S340 is straightforward, designed with a user-friendly approach in mind. The convenience it offers begins with a quick installation process – typically taking about five minutes to complete. This wire-free security camera affords homeowners the flexibility to mount it almost anywhere outdoors without worrying about power access, courtesy of its solar-powered functionality.

With its compact size, the camera doesn’t require extensive tools or professional installation services. The ability to connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi further enhances its adaptability, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with existing home networks. Moreover, compatibility with eufy Security’s HomeBase S380 offers users an added layer of convenience, although it operates effectively as a standalone unit.

Importantly, the camera’s design includes easy-to-follow instructions, enabling a hassle-free setup for the everyday user. Its versatility in placement coupled with its efficient pan and tilt function ensures a comprehensive surveillance coverage with no blind spots, offering a reliable security solution.

Local Storage Advantage

One often overlooked feature in modern security cameras is the facility for local storage, and the SoloCam S340 exemplifies this benefit. Users have the advantage here of not being tethered to cloud services. This means no ongoing costs for storage plans—commonly a relief for those wary of monthly fees.

Local storage means that all recordings stay within the user’s control, providing a sense of security for those concerned about the privacy of their surveillance footage. Moreover, the accessibility of stored videos is straightforward, allowing for quick retrieval directly from the device without the need for an internet connection.

While cloud services offer their own set of conveniences, the SoloCam S340 provides the peace of mind and practicality of locally saved recordings. It stands out as a solid choice for anyone looking to keep their footage private and their expenses down. The combination of privacy, cost savings, and easy access makes the local storage feature a distinguishing aspect of this camera.

Pros and Cons

When considering the SoloCam S340, potential buyers should weigh its advantages and drawbacks carefully to judge if it suits their security needs.


  • Solar-Powered Convenience: This camera is eco-friendly and cost-effective since its solar panel design eliminates the need for routine battery recharging.
  • Complete Coverage: With 360° pan and tilt capabilities, users can monitor every angle of their property, ensuring that there are no unseen areas.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: The SoloCam S340 offers 3K video resolution with an 8x zoom feature, providing detailed visuals of the camera’s surroundings.
  • User-Friendly Installation: A quick five-minute setup process, combined with a wireless design, makes the installation of this security camera straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Local Storage: There are no ongoing costs after purchase, as video storage does not require a monthly fee, effectively keeping the budget in check.


  • Limited Wi-Fi Range: Some users have reported that the camera may only connect successfully to the router or HomeBase if it is within a short range, which could limit placement options.
  • Variable Motion Tracking: The motion tracking performance has been described as mediocre by some users, with incidents of the camera starting to record after an event has already begun.
  • Complex Operation: Despite the easy installation, several customers find the operational interface to be overly complicated.
  • Inconsistent Audio Quality: There are reports that, although video quality is clear, the audio output during two-way communication is relatively low.
  • Renewed Model Reliability: As a renewed product, there have been instances where the unit did not work as expected, questioning the reliability of refurbished models.

Customer Reviews

A common sentiment among users of the eufy Security SoloCam S340 is that it is a solid choice for those seeking a solar-powered security camera without additional subscription fees. Users often highlight the efficiency of the solar charger and commend the camera’s face recognition and movement capturing capabilities.

However, some have noted challenges with the product’s motion tracking, reporting that it occasionally begins recording mid-event. This shortfall has led a few customers to exchange it for alternative models offering fixed surveillance. Moreover, despite its ease of installation, a few individuals found the camera’s operation to be complex and the zoom feature unimpressive.

The clarity of the video output receives frequent praise, with many users satisfied with the camera’s ability to record fine details both near and far. Nonetheless, the two-way audio feature seems not to meet everyone’s expectations, with at least one report of low volume when attempting to communicate through the camera.

Though it’s a renewed product, ease of installation remains a strong point, enriched by overall positive feedback on the device’s functionality. One customer’s experience with connectivity issues is worth noting, highlighting that not all refurbished units may perform optimally. Yet, many remain firm advocates for the product, endorsing it as a smart purchase for home security enthusiasts.


When considering the SoloCam S340, potential buyers are faced with a mixed bag of features. The 360-degree pan and tilt functionality stands out as a noteworthy benefit, offering users comprehensive coverage without blind spots. The integration with HomeBase S380 and the convenience of a solar charger add to the appeal, making it hassle-free in terms of power management. Users can also appreciate the device’s face recognition and clarity in capturing details both near and far.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider the drawbacks mentioned by users, including issues with motion tracking, where the camera sometimes starts recording too late into an event. Additionally, complications in operation and dissatisfaction with the zoom feature suggest that the product may not meet everyone’s needs. The reported inconsistency in connection ranges, particularly noted in a renewed unit, can be problematic.

This camera has also garnered praise for being user-friendly and easy to install, which is a plus for consumers who prefer straightforward setups. Having no monthly fees is an attractive feature for those looking to avoid recurrent costs. However, for potential buyers, weighing these pros and cons is crucial when deciding if the SoloCam S340 aligns with their security needs and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a security camera like the SoloCam S340, potential buyers often have a host of questions regarding its functionality and reliability. Here, we address some of the most common queries.

How does the SoloCam S340’s video quality compare to other security cameras?

The SoloCam S340 offers 3K resolution which provides clear and detailed images, particularly advantageous at distances of up to 50 feet. Its high definition is complemented by an 8x digital zoom, allowing users to see finer details. When compared to other security cameras in the market, it boasts better clarity, especially due to its enhanced dual-camera setup. This effectively places it above many competitors in terms of video quality.

Are there any subscription costs associated with the Eufy SoloCam S340?

One of the standout features of the SoloCam S340 is its local storage capability, which means users do not incur monthly fees for data storage. Unlike some other security cameras, which burden users with recurring subscription costs, this model offers cost-effectiveness through a one-time purchase.

What are the power options for the Eufy SoloCam S340?

The S340 comes with a removable solar panel that ensures continuous operation without the need for manual recharging. The solar-powered feature ensures the camera remains active and ready to record, making it an environmentally friendly choice in addition to being convenient and low-maintenance.

How user-friendly is the setup process for the SoloCam S340?

Installation of the S340 is designed to be straightforward, often taking roughly five minutes to complete. Its wire-free design and ease of mounting facilitate a hassle-free setup. This simplicity in installation is widely appreciated among users, especially those who prefer to avoid complicated technological setups.

What are the weather resistance capabilities of the SoloCam S340?

Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the SoloCam S340 is rated IP65 for weather resistance. This means it’s protected against dust and can handle low-pressure water jets from any direction, making it suitable for various outdoor environments and robust against the elements.

What smart home ecosystems are compatible with the Eufy SoloCam S340?

The S340 seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa, allowing users to control it using voice commands. While it’s primarily optimized for Alexa, being part of a smart home ecosystem means it could potentially be used alongside other systems with some limitations. Compatibility with a range of devices and ecosystems is an aspect users often seek in modern smart home devices.

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