Yealink UH37 USB Wired Headset Review

In the world of remote work and virtual meetings, clear communication is fundamental. The Yealink UH37 headset is designed with this in mind, promising both comfort and clarity. With its noise-cancelling microphone and volume control, it’s developed to enhance the audio experience during long conference calls and collaborative online sessions.

Testing the UH37 has revealed its proficiency in managing VoIP calls and streaming multimedia. Its USB-A connectivity simplifies the setup process. Users will find the headset’s compatibility with MS Teams and its optimization for stereo sound to be a significant benefit in a market saturated with options.

Yealink UH37 Professional USB Headset with Microphone for PC Laptop Noise Cancelling & Volume Control VoIP Skype MS Teams Online Conference(USB-A)
  • 【Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones】-With dual-microphones noise cancellation and Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, UH37 intelligently shields the noise and only picks up the speaker's voices. Even if in a crowded workplace, it can significantly reduce interference, allowing both sides of the call to enjoy pleasant communications.
  • 【Phenomenal Audio for Call and Music】-The UH37 professional headset features professional-grade 35mm speakers, superb stereo sound, and dynamic EQ (Automatic switch between call mode and music mode), giving clear sound in call mode, high fidelity in music mode. You don't miss any details, focus on the tasks, and burst with fresh ideas whether you're meeting or listening to music during work.
  • 【Skin-friendly and Soft Headband & Ear Cushions】-UH37 weighs about 15% less than the previous USB headsets generation. UH37 wired Headset is well-built with a sturdy-feeling design made of high-grade plastic reinforced by a metal frame. The skin-friendly material, soft memory foam, combined with the ergonomic ear-fitting design, brings you a comfortable all-day experience.


The Yealink UH37 isn’t just a work tool; it’s a seamless integration into daily work life. The 4.3-star rating out of 508 reviews speaks to a solid performance that users value.

Bottom Line

The Yealink UH37 stands as a reliable choice for professionals seeking a headset that delivers. With its solid performance and MS Teams optimization, it’s equipped to handle the necessities of today’s communication demands.

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Overview of Yealink UH37 Professional USB Headset

Crafted for clarity in communication and ease of use, the Yealink UH37 headset stands out in its performance for both calls and music listening. Its dual noise-canceling microphones, equipped with Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, effectively block out background noise, making it ideal for noisy environments while ensuring voices are transmitted crystal clear. The headset is not only functional but also comfortable, designed with a skin-friendly headband, soft memory foam ear cushions, and a structure that feels durable yet lightweight for all-day wear.

Compatibility with various PC systems, including Windows and MacOS, and authorization for Microsoft Teams and Zoom use, underscores its versatility across different platforms. In addition, the dynamic EQ feature impressively balances audio output during calls and transitions smoothly for music playback. Customers appreciate the headset’s noise-canceling capabilities and the high-quality microphone, noting it as a significant upgrade from standard models provided by employers for remote work. However, some users may experience initial setup hiccups. In sum, the UH37 provides a reliable, professional audio experience that meshes well with the demands of a telecommuting workspace.

Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones

Once plunged into a bustling environment, the UH37’s microphones perform exceptionally. The dual-microphone setup incorporates Yealink’s Acoustic Shield technology, which does an impressive job at mitigating external noises. The user’s voice remains crystal clear, a feature particularly beneficial for calls in busy surroundings where concentration is paramount. Despite surrounding chatter, the conversation is likely to remain unhampered.

The headset has the versatility not only for calls but for music as well, switching seamlessly between modes while maintaining audio clarity. Although tailored for communication, the UH37 demonstrates a well-rounded performance. Keep in mind, while noise cancellation is potent, it’s not absolute—some ambient noise may still seep through on occasion.

Yealink’s solution steps up to the plate in delivering a product that strikes a commendable balance. The dual noise-cancelling feature of the UH37 is a testament to their commitment to audible clarity and user satisfaction, albeit with minor room for improvement in the realm of silence.

Phenomenal Audio Quality

Experiencing the UH37’s audio firsthand reveals a significant advancement in call and music handling. The headset employs dual noise-canceling microphones combined with Yealink Acoustic Shield technology. It’s remarkable how effectively unnecessary background noise is filtered out, allowing one to focus on the conversation at hand, even in noisy environments.

When it comes to music, the harmonics are equally impressive. Outfitted with 35mm professional-grade speakers, the headset offers a clear, high-fidelity listening experience. Whether toggling between calls or immersing oneself in music, the transition is seamless, thanks to the dynamic EQ which automatically adjusts the audio profile.

The UH37 isn’t perfect; there’s always room for improvement. However, the comfortable fit and exceptional audio quality are consistently praised among users. The few concerns that have been raised pertain to initial setup challenges or compatibility hiccups with specific platforms. Nonetheless, the overall sound performance stands out, making this headset a reliable choice for both work and leisure audio activities.

Comfort and Design

Upon using the UH37, the first thing noticed is its lightweight, making it suitable for extended use without causing discomfort. The headband and ear cushions feature skin-friendly material and soft memory foam, adhering to an ergonomic design that contours comfortably around the head and ears. The high-grade plastic reinforced with a metal frame provides a sturdy feel, promising durability. Despite its robust build, the headset remains unobtrusive and can be worn for hours during lengthy conference calls or while enjoying music.

However, one might be cautious that the simplistic design may not cater to all preferences, especially for users wanting more flair. The adjustment mechanisms are functional but may lack the precision some users desire for a perfect fit. Overall, the UH37 strikes a balance between professional utility and comfortable wear, suitable for various PC systems and optimized for multiple online voice services, creating an enjoyable user experience.

Compatibility Across Platforms

In a world where seamless connectivity is pivotal, the UH37 by Yealink rises to the occasion with its impressive cross-platform compatibility. This wired headset demonstrates a solid performance across various devices, thanks to its USB-A connectivity option. Users can connect to PCs and laptops effortlessly, making it a flexible choice for office environments that may use a mix of hardware.

Zoom calls and online conferences become more manageable with this device, especially when you’re switching between different operating systems. Whether it’s a Windows machine for your daily tasks or a Mac for those creative endeavors, the UH37 doesn’t miss a beat. The headset’s compatibility with MS Teams is a standout feature, appealing to users who rely on this platform for daily communication.

The commendations from users frequently highlight the plug-and-play aspect, eliminating the need for complex setup processes. While the headset excels in multi-platform use, it’s particularly optimized for MS Teams, which may slightly favor users deeply integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. However, this specialization doesn’t detract from its overall versatility, making it a robust choice for virtual communication across various digital landscapes.

Customer Support and Warranty

When it comes to support, the manufacturer provides a direct line to customer care for any issues or concerns that might arise with this device. They stand by their product with a warranty that includes 30 days money back, 60 days free return, and an extensive lifetime warranty, which speaks volumes about their confidence in the UH37’s durability and performance.

Users have reported that their experiences with customer service are generally positive, describing representatives as responsive and helpful. This kind of support is vital, especially when relying on the headset for important communications in professional settings.

The company’s commitment to quality is evident in the Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, ensuring clear calls even in loud environments. It’s also worth noting that the UH37 is optimized for MS Teams and compatible with a range of PC systems, indicating a level of dedication to compatibility and user experience.

In the unlikely event that a problem does occur, the assurance of a lifetime warranty provides a safety net, allowing users to rely on the UH37 for consistent performance and peace of mind. This comprehensive support system makes it a solid choice for anyone looking for a dependable professional headset.

Pros and Cons

When considering the Yealink UH37 headset, it excels in several key areas that are worth pointing out. From noise cancellation capabilities to comfort, here are the distinct advantages and disadvantages of this headset.


  • Exceptional Noise Cancellation: The UH37’s dual noise-canceling microphones and Acoustic Shield technology provide an impressive reduction of background noise, allowing for clearer communication even in noisy environments.
  • High-Quality Audio: Users experience professional-grade sound quality with its 35mm speakers. Its dynamic EQ optimizes for calls or music, ensuring clarity and high fidelity.
  • Comfort for Long Hours: The headset is lightweight and includes soft, skin-friendly materials for the headband and ear cushions. This ergonomic design makes it suitable for extended use without discomfort.
  • Compatibility: It’s designed to work seamlessly with various PC systems and online voice call services, including being officially authorized by Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Durability and Design: A sturdy plastic build reinforced with a metal frame provides a robust structure. Its sophisticated design is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.


  • Initial Setup Issues: Some users may experience difficulty with setup, requiring time to adjust settings or troubleshoot connections with devices and platforms.
  • Inconsistent Mute Function: Feedback indicates occasional challenges with the mute function, especially during Zoom meetings, which may be inconvenient for users.
  • Notification Annoyances: The “you are muted” notification has been flagged as overly persistent for some, potentially disrupting the user experience.
  • Customer Service Requirement: While the brand offers a solid warranty, any issues encountered necessitate reaching out to customer service, which can be a hassle.

Customer Reviews

The UH37 headset has garnered attention from users who appreciate its noise-cancelling capabilities, especially noting how effectively it mutes background noise, even amidst construction work. It’s portrayed as a value choice for those who work from home, with several customers praising how clear and loud the audio delivery is, rarely needing to push the volume past the halfway mark. The comfort and lightweight design have been emphasized as well, making it suitable for long periods of usage.

Yet, not all experiences have been flawless. A few users encountered initial setup difficulties, with sporadic issues in audio and microphone functionality across different platforms, occasionally leading to confusion and the hassle of returns or replacements. The noise cancellation receives high marks, but some minor quibbles have been made about the headset’s periodic ‘mute’ alerts, considered a tad intrusive by a subset of users.

Generally, sentiments veer towards the positive, suggesting the headset is a dependable tool for professional communication, highly recommended for its price point. Users express trust in its performance during virtual meetings and appreciate the seamless interaction with calling software, contributing to its overall solid rating.


After extensive testing, it’s clear that the Yealink UH37 is a solid choice for remote workers and anyone needing reliable communication tools. Its noise cancellation feature stands out, efficiently blocking out ambient noise, such as office construction, allowing for undisturbed meetings. The microphone quality is also notably good, picking up clear voice audio without capturing background noise, a fact many users appreciate during work calls.

On the flip side, some buyers encountered initial difficulties with device compatibility, particularly with MS Teams, and a few noted issues with the mute function behaving unpredictably. Despite these hiccups, most found the headset to be a significant upgrade from standard issue models, especially commending its comfortable design for long wearing periods and its exceptional sound quality.

Casual users may find the notifications, such as “you are muted” prompts, a bit excessive, though this is a minor inconvenience. Overall, the UH37 headset by Yealink appears to be a cost-effective, high-performance option for anyone looking to improve their audio experience during virtual meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having recently had the chance to try out the Yealink UH37, I’ve gathered some common inquiries potential users might have. Users seek clarity on various aspects of this device, and it’s beneficial to address these questions based on firsthand experience.

How does the UH37 perform in terms of audio quality and comfort for extended use?

The UH37 offers impressive audio clarity, thanks to its dual noise-canceling microphones and acoustic shield technology. It’s suitable for noisy environments, as it manages to filter out background interference well. Users have found that the audio quality for calls is crystal clear and music playback is high fidelity. The headset’s lightweight design, paired with skin-friendly materials and soft ear cushions, makes it comfortable for all-day wear, reducing fatigue.

Where can I find the user manual for setting up my UH37 headset?

The user manual for the UH37 can typically be found within the package. However, if it’s missing or you need a digital copy, Yealink’s official website or customer support are reliable sources for obtaining the manual. Additionally, online forums and product pages often contain links or uploaded copies of manuals for user convenience.

Are there detailed instructions available for troubleshooting common issues with the UH37?

Certainly, Yealink provides a comprehensive troubleshooting section in the UH37 user manual. For more detailed guidance, the Yealink support page is a resourceful place to find step-by-step instructions. Users also share their troubleshooting tips on various online platforms, which can prove handy when encountering common issues.

What are the purchasing options for the UH37 USB wired headset on platforms like Amazon?

On Amazon, the UH37 is available for direct purchase. Various sellers may offer the product at competitive prices, and one can find both new and, at times, refurbished units. The availability on Amazon includes different versions like the UC and MS Teams optimized models, with prices subject to change based on seller and any ongoing discounts or promotions.

How does the UH37 USB-C variant differ from the standard USB model?

The primary difference lies in the connectivity port type. The USB-C model is designed to work with newer devices that support USB-C inputs, providing an effortless plug-and-play experience. On the other hand, the standard model uses a USB-A connection, which is compatible with more traditional USB ports found on older laptops and PCs.

What makes the UH38 different from the UH37 model, and which should I choose?

The UH38 model is an updated version of the UH37. It includes enhancements in design and possibly updated technology depending on Yealink’s revisions. When deciding between the two, consider the latest features, any performance improvements, and price differences. It’s essential to evaluate whether the changes in the UH38 align with your specific needs and preferences over the capabilities of the UH37.

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