Verifi P2000 USB Fingerprint Reader Review

Verifi P2000 USB Fingerprint Reader Review: Top Security Pick?

Securing your personal computer just got more convenient. The Verifi P2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Reader provides an advanced level of security with the simplicity of a fingerprint. It uses high-definition imaging based on superior 3D touch capacitance technology for fast and accurate scanning. It’s designed to be compatible with an array of Microsoft services and leading password managers.

Verifi P2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Reader - Windows Hello, Windows Password Free Operation
  • High-Definition Fingerprint Imaging Based on Superior 3D Touch Capacitance Technology
  • True Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Matching to Produce Highest Security Possible
  • Windows Hello Certified offers seamless operation with Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business

Despite its simplicity, it also has its shortcomings. Some users may find the “swipe” style of the reader slightly less intuitive than other models. There have been issues reported with system crashes, but these seem to be infrequent and often attributable to improper setup. The product’s strong customer ratings are a testament to its reliability and ease of use for the majority of users.


Bottom Line

The Verifi fingerprint reader is a solid choice for anyone looking to add biometric security to their desktop setup. While one may encounter a learning curve with the swipe functionality, overall, it provides a high-security level and compatibility with Windows Hello, among other applications.

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Overview of the Verifi P2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Reader

With advancements in biometric security, the Verifi P2000 offers a sophisticated solution for those seeking enhanced computer security. Designed by Zvetco Biometrics and harnessing the power of 3D touch capacitance technology, this device captures high-definition fingerprints. It ensures secure access through true minutiae-based matching—regarded as the pinnacle of fingerprint recognition technology.

Certified for Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business, the P2000 promises a fluid integration with Microsoft’s operating systems and security applications. It offers compatibility beyond Windows Hello, functioning seamlessly with leading password management software, which enhances its value for both individual and business users.

Despite its robust technology, some users might encounter hurdles; certain reviews hint at technical issues causing system instability. However, the majority underline the ease of setup and consistent fingerprint recognition. The P2000’s compact size, combined with its sturdy aluminum build, adds to its practicality without sacrificing durability.

While it excels in security and compatibility, potential buyers should weigh this against reports of occasional crashes to ensure the device aligns with their system stability expectations. Overall, the P2000 is a notable contender in the biometric security field, aimed at those prioritizing sophisticated security measures for their computing environments.

3D Touch Capacitance for High-Definition Fingerprint Imaging

The technology behind fingerprint readers has come a long way, and the Verifi P2000 showcases this with its advanced 3D Touch Capacitance. This feature stands out as it captures high-definition fingerprint images, enhancing the precision and reliability of fingerprint recognition. Unlike traditional methods, the sensor acutely picks up the intricate details or minutiae of a fingerprint pattern, leading to highly accurate matching. This accuracy is crucial for security applications where the smallest differentiation matters.

While the high-definition imaging is a robust security measure, it’s essential to note that consistent performance is equally critical. Customers have summarized that the P2000 recognizes their fingerprints without fail. However, there is feedback about occasional system crashes or Blue Screen errors, indicating that although effective, the technology could be further refined for stability.

Still, for those integrating biometric access into their systems, the P2000’s advanced imaging and compatibility with leading password management software make it a noteworthy option. It evidently strikes a balance, offering a high-security level without compromising user convenience, and is a forward step for desktop-based biometric devices.

True Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Matching

In the realm of security, precision matters. The Verifi P2000 stands out with its minutiae-based fingerprint matching, which capitalizes on detailed fingerprint characteristics to enhance security. Unlike other scanners that might rely on simpler pattern recognition, this feature zeroes in on the intricate details of each fingerprint, offering a higher level of accuracy. It operates by comparing specific points in a fingerprint, including unique ridges and bifurcation features.

The accuracy of this method reduces the likelihood of false rejections that come with less sophisticated systems. However, it should be noted that, for optimal performance, the P2000 requires a proper finger placement and a clean sensor. Users might encounter a learning curve while adjusting to the swipe technique, especially if they are accustomed to press-style fingerprint readers.

Despite its high precision, some users have reported technical issues, such as device crashes and Blue Screen errors when connecting to computers. Proper installation and following the manufacturer’s guidelines are crucial steps to minimize such drawbacks. The P2000 strikes a balance between advanced security technologies and user accessibility, making it a noteworthy choice for those upgrading their system’s biometric capabilities.

Seamless Integration with Windows Hello

This product, the Verifi P2000, boasts compatibility that promises to elevate the user experience through its Windows Hello certification. The convenience for users is apparent, as it does away with the need for traditional passwords and allows for a swift sign-in process using biometric authentication. The integration with Windows Hello and additional Microsoft services, such as Office365, emphasizes the versatility and the scope of security applications supported by the P2000.

With the backing of high-definition fingerprint imaging technology, the reader doesn’t just simplify the login process but also ensures that security isn’t compromised. Its compatibility is broad, extending support to leading password management software, which allows users to maintain their security practices with ease. Users appreciate the straightforward installation and operation, however, some may find the limited utility outside the Windows ecosystem a downside. Yet, for those invested in Microsoft’s environment, the P2000 serves as a reliable and efficient security solution.

Universal Password Management Compatibility

Those seeking a reliable fingerprint reader for enhanced security will appreciate the Verifi P2000. Its compatibility with leading password management software is a significant advantage. Users can integrate it seamlessly with various applications, allowing for password-free logins across multiple platforms. It goes beyond standard compatibility and works with additional Microsoft services, including Office365 and other security applications supported by Windows HELLO.

The P2000’s ability to work with Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business ensures that users can enjoy a secure and efficient experience with a trusted certification. This broad compatibility not only highlights its utility but also positions it as a versatile device for both personal and professional environments, underlining the commitment of Verifi Smart.Safe. to universal password management solutions.

Enhancing Microsoft Services Security

When it comes to security, robust measures are non-negotiable. The Verifi P2000 enhances Microsoft services by integrating high-definition fingerprint imaging technology to ensure that only authorized users gain access to sensitive information. The device’s compatibility with Microsoft services, including Office365 and various Windows Hello security applications, provides an additional layer of protection for users.

A noteworthy aspect of the P2000 is its true minutiae-based fingerprint matching, which confirms user identities with a high degree of accuracy. This method minimizes the likelihood of unauthorized access. Although the scanner’s advanced technology is impressive, it is important to mention that some users have reported issues such as system crashes during operation.

The P2000 is Windows Hello Certified, signifying a seamless user experience with applicable Microsoft services. The device’s functionality extends beyond Windows login, as it works harmoniously with leading password management software. This fingerprint reader serves as a reliable tool for those seeking to fortify the security of their Microsoft applications, but users should be mindful of potential compatibility challenges that may arise during use.

Pros and Cons

When assessing the Verifi P2000 Desktop USB Fingerprint Reader, consumers typically weigh its high-tech features against some of its limitations. The product is recognized for enhancing computer security and providing user-friendly features. Here are some of the key aspects to consider.


  • High-Definition Imaging: Utilizes advanced 3D touch capacitance technology for detailed fingerprint scanning, increasing the accuracy and security of user identification.
  • Reliable Performance: Users experience consistent fingerprint recognition, avoiding the frustration of repeated rejections common with some scanners.
  • Ease of Use: Certified with Windows Hello, the device integrates seamlessly into Windows systems for password-free logins, adding convenience to daily operations.
  • Software Compatibility: Works with leading password management software, making it a versatile tool for those who utilize such platforms for their security needs.
  • Extended Application: Beyond Windows logins, it is also compatible with Office365 and other Microsoft services that use Windows Hello security applications, offering a broad scope of use.


  • Incompatibility Issues: Although the device generally performs well, some users have reported crashes and Blue Screen errors when used with certain computer setups, suggesting possible compatibility concerns.
  • Setup Sensitivity: Proper setup is crucial; otherwise, the fingerprint reader may not function optimally. Some users may find the setup process to be a bit technical and are cautioned to follow instructions carefully.
  • Swipe Design Preference: The swipe-style design, as opposed to a stationary sensor, can be seen as less convenient by those accustomed to the older “press and hold” models of fingerprint readers.

In summary, the Verifi P2000 offers users a secure and convenient way to access their devices, with broad compatibility and superior fingerprint imaging technology. However, potential buyers should be aware of the product’s sensitivity to setup procedures and the possibility of incompatibility with some systems.

Customer Reviews

Exploring the varied opinions of individuals who have purchased the Verifi P2000 Fingerprint Reader reveals an overall positive reception, with a solid average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 439 ratings. Consumers have highlighted the device’s reliability in recognizing fingerprints without rejection. DIY desktop PC builders find it an affordable and accessible solution for incorporating fingerprint login functionality into custom setups.

On the flip side, some users encountered issues, with one reporting consistent crashes and Blue Screens across different computers. These problems underscore the importance of following setup instructions carefully, as improper installation may result in operational issues. However, those who have adhered to the setup process report an ease of use with Windows biometric login features and online authentication.

The consensus suggests that when used correctly, the Verifi P2000 meets expectations for simple and effective fingerprint verification needs, although a minority have experienced notable technical difficulties.


In weighing the merits and downsides of the Verifi P2000, it emerges as a reliable and efficient solution for those seeking to enhance their computer’s security with biometric technology. Users have reported high satisfaction with the device’s fingerprint recognition capabilities, highlighting its ability to consistently accept valid entries without error. For desktop enthusiasts assembling their own systems, its ease of integration stands out, providing a convenient option for fingerprint logins.

However, some caution may be advisable, as a minority of users have experienced difficulties, such as system crashes and compatibility issues, particularly with newly built desktops. Adherence to the setup instructions is crucial, as improper installation appears to be the root of most problems. Potential users should consider the P2000’s features in the context of their technical proficiency and support resources to ensure a seamless experience.

Overall, the product delivers on its promises for the majority, aligning well with the needs of users looking to utilize Windows Hello and other biometric authentication services on their desktops.

Frequently Asked Questions

As consumers look for dependable biometric solutions, questions arise about the capabilities and differences between various fingerprint readers on the market. The following FAQ section addresses some common queries about the Verifi P2000.

How does the Verifi P2000 USB Fingerprint Reader perform in terms of accuracy and reliability?

The P2000 is known for its high-definition fingerprint imaging, which utilizes advanced 3D touch capacitance technology. Users generally report a high level of accuracy, with minimal instances of rejected fingerprints. The device is designed to ensure secure and reliable matching through its minutiae-based matching technique.

What is the difference between the Verifi P2000 and P5100 models?

The primary differences between the P2000 and P5100 models lie in their design and sensor technology. The P5100 is a newer model with an updated sensor that may provide enhanced speed and accuracy. Additionally, design modifications often reflect in the ergonomics and durability of the device.

Can the Verifi P2000 USB Fingerprint Reader be used with Windows 10?

Yes, the P2000 is fully compatible with Windows 10. It’s certified for Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business, offering seamless operation within the Windows ecosystem and with Microsoft services such as Office365.

How does the Verifi P2000 compare to the Kensington VeriMark Fingerprint Reader?

While both the P2000 and Kensington VeriMark are designed for Windows Hello, they differ in form factor and possibly in the biometric technology employed. The VeriMark is often cited for its portability and convenience for laptop users, whereas the P2000 might be preferred for its sturdy design and advanced sensor technology suitable for desktop setups.

What are the best practices for ensuring optimal performance with fingerprint readers?

  • Keep the sensor clean and free of debris.
  • Ensure fingers are clean and dry during scanning.
  • Swipe at a consistent speed and angle.
  • Regularly update software and drivers.
  • Follow the user manual for setup and troubleshooting guidelines.

What security features are available with the Verifi P2000 USB Fingerprint Reader?

The P2000 boasts leading security features, including its high-definition sensor which captures detailed fingerprints. Combined with true minutiae-based matching, the device provides a high security level for user authentication. It’s compatible with leading password management software, strengthening overall system security.

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