Alienware AW3423DW Curved Gaming Monitor Review

It’s hard to ignore the rise in popularity of high-performance gaming monitors, and the Alienware AW3423DW is a model that seems to have captured the attention of enthusiasts. With its curved Quantum Dot-OLED display, this monitor aims to deliver a more immersive gaming experience.

The curvature of the AW3423DW, at 1800R, promises to encompass the player’s peripheral vision, potentially offering a more engaging experience. The quick 0.1ms response time is a notable attribute, as it helps to reduce motion blur, allowing for sharper and more precise visuals during fast-action scenes.

Alienware AW3423DW Curved Gaming Monitor 34.18 inch Quantom Dot-OLED 1800R Display, 3440x1440 Pixels at 175Hz, True 0.1ms Gray-to-Gray, 1M:1 Contrast Ratio, 1.07 Billions Colors - Lunar Light
  • IMPECCABLE DESIGN: The Legend 2.0 ID boasts a sleek QD-OLED curved 1800R panel, customizable stadium loop OLED AlienFX lighting, 360° ventilation, improved cable management, and a centralized OSD joystick for easy settings adjustment..Environmental Parameters - Min Operating Temperature : 0 °C, Max Operating Temperature : 40 °C, Humidity Range Operating : 10 - 90% (non-condensing)..ixel Pitch : 0.23 mm. Maximum Operating Temperature : 104 °F
  • STUTTER-FREE SPEED: Experience ultra-low latency gameplay, HDR, cinematic color, and smooth gaming with NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE certification, industry-fast 0.1 ms GtG response time, and 175 Hz high refresh rate.
  • IMMERSE IN INGINITE COLOR: Quantum Dot Display Technology enables a slim panel design and delivers a superior color performance with a higher peak luminance and greater color gamut range vs WOLED (White OLED).

Alienware AW3423DW Monitor

The brilliant contrast ratio of 1Million:1 provides depth to the visuals, making darks and lights pop. Enhanced by the capability to display 1.07 billion colors, the AW3423DW not only aims for accuracy in color reproduction but also for an engaging visual richness.

Bottom Line

The Alienware AW3423DW presents a compelling option for serious gamers looking to amplify their gaming experiences.

The combination of its fast refresh rate, ultra-responsive time, and color depth makes for a high-quality display.

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Alienware AW3423DW Curved Gaming Monitor Overview

Viewers seeking an enveloping gaming experience might appreciate the 34-inch AW3423DW’s curved design. It brings to the table a high-resolution Quantum Dot-OLED display that serves up a smooth visual experience, thanks to its high refresh rate of 175Hz.

The monitor’s deep blacks and bright, vibrant colors are credited to its 1M:1 contrast ratio, with a considerable color range supported by 1.07 billion colors. Yet, despite these rich specs, a slight apprehension exists around the longevity of OLED screens in regards to burn-in concerns, a factor potential buyers must weigh.

Adjustability options are ample, including height, swivel, and tilt, allowing users to find an ergonomic comfort zone easily. An anti-glare screen also mitigates distractions from ambient light. However, the 250 cd/m² typical brightness might be a drawback in overly lit environments.

NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE enhances gameplay, reducing stutter for a fluid gaming experience. While its Creator Mode is a nod to content creators, it also underscores the versatility beyond gaming.

On the design front, the AlienFX lighting adds an aesthetic flair while the 360° ventilation suggests a thoughtful architecture, aiming for longevity through better heat dispersion. But with style comes substance, and the energy efficiency of this monitor, boasting a maximum power consumption of 200 watts, is not to be overlooked.

To conclude, the AW3423DW is a blend of performance and design finesse, suited for serious gamers and creatives alike. However, cautious buyers will consider the balance between cutting-edge features and practical longevity when investing in this piece of technology.

Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum Dot (QD) technology in monitors marks a significant advancement in display innovation, offering a heightened level of visual performance. At the heart of the Alienware monitor’s ability to produce superior color accuracy and a wider color gamut is this very QD technology. It sets itself apart from conventional White OLED displays by allowing for a slimmer panel design that emits light in a more efficient way, achieving higher peak luminance. This translates to more vibrant, true-to-life colors that cover a larger part of the spectrum, which is especially noticeable when it comes to displaying deep blacks and lush colors.

The benefits of QD are not only visual but also functional. The Alienware monitor’s 34-inch screen, driven by QD-OLED, efficiently accommodates power usage while offering seamless and smooth images that can make long gaming sessions less draining on both the eyes and the electricity bill. However, it is essential to note that technologies like QD-OLED can carry a premium in terms of cost, and, as with any cutting-edge tech, early adopters may face a scarcity of content that fully utilizes its capabilities.

In essence, the implementation of QD technology in this Alienware monitor captures a leap forward in color and lighting precision, contributing to a more immersive gaming experience. Yet, the discerning consumer should weigh the advantages against the investment, considering both the immediate impact on their visual experience and the potential for future content to further leverage the monitor’s capabilities.

Stutter-Free Speed

The Alienware AW3423DW ensures a swift and fluid gaming experience, a crucial factor gamers often prioritize. This monitor stands out with its exceptionally low latency and NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE certification, attributes that together provide a seamless visual flow, significantly minimizing distracting stutter or screen tearing. With its industry-leading 0.1 ms gray-to-gray response time, actions on screen are virtually instantaneous, offering gamers real-time reactions to in-game events.

Moreover, the high refresh rate of 175Hz is a game-changer for those who engage in fast-paced games, as it allows for smoother transitions and can provide the edge in competitive gaming scenarios. Despite these impressive features designed for speed, it’s equally important to note that high-speed performance does not compromise display quality, with the monitor still delivering HDR and vibrant colors for an immersive gaming experience.

In summary, while it excels in speed, it’s important to weigh the stutter-less performance against other considerations such as price and the importance of speed in one’s gaming setup. The balance struck here offers smooth gameplay, but one must decide if the blend of speed and visual quality aligns with their gaming needs and budget.

Comfort Viewing Features

With a thoughtful design focused on comfort, this Alienware monitor provides a plethora of adjustments to cater to the ergonomics of its users. Its height can be altered to match the viewer’s eye level, and the swivel plus tilt functions allow for fine-tuning of the viewing angle, reducing the likelihood of neck strain during prolonged use. The monitor’s anti-glare screen is a welcome feature, ensuring that external light sources do not detract from the visibility, allowing for a consistently clear picture without distracting reflections.

Moreover, the curved nature of the display engages the user’s peripheral vision, creating a more immersive experience. By wrapping the visuals around the viewer, the curved screen effectively brings the action closer, potentially reducing eye strain by keeping all points of the screen at a more uniform distance from the eyes. The combined effect of these comfort-driven features is likely to enhance the overall viewing experience, striking a balance between technical prowess and user-centric design.

Impeccable Design & Customization

The Alienware AW3423DW is designed with attention to detail, featuring a curved QD-OLED panel that conforms to the viewer’s natural field of view. It is well suited for users who appreciate visual aesthetics and fluid gameplay, boasting a Legend 2.0 ID design that takes the visual experience to a new level. Its curved form factor isn’t merely for show; it envelops the gamer, creating an immersive gaming environment.

One aspect where this monitor stands out involves its customizable elements. The 1800R curvature enhances the feeling of immersion by wrapping the screen around the user’s line of sight. The addition of AlienFX lighting offers personalization options, enhancing the ambiance with its customizable lighting system built into the monitor’s stand. This feature allows it to sync with the gameplay, further deepening the immersion.

In terms of utility, the monitor sports 360° ventilation, which serves a dual purpose: keeping the design sleek and maintaining device temperature. Effective cable management is facilitated by the design features, ensuring that setups remain uncluttered. Moreover, an intuitive OSD joystick simplifies the navigation of settings, making adjustments a breeze for the user.

For users who demand high performance and sleek aesthetics, it balances practical utility with elegant form, achieving a compelling user-focused design that stands out in a crowded market. It’s a visual centerpiece that doesn’t overlook functionality, making it a popular choice among those who value both performance and style.

Pros and Cons


When considering the high-end AW3423DW from Alienware, the monitor’s design and performance stand out significantly. It features a sleek, curved 1800R Quantum Dot-OLED panel that not only enhances the visual engagement but also provides a field of view that encompasses the user for a more immersive gaming experience. Adopting a QD-OLED approach, it boasts brighter and more vivid color reproduction when compared to traditional WOLED displays.

The ultra-fast 175Hz refresh rate combined with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC ULTIMATE certification translates into exceptionally smooth gameplay, which is further complemented by an industry-leading 0.1ms gray-to-gray response time. This feature practically eliminates motion blur and ghosting, ensuring gamers have the up-to-the millisecond accuracy during intense sessions.

With an intention to cater to both gamers and content creators, the monitor includes a Creator Mode that allows for color-critical work by enabling a switch between native DCI-P3 and sRGB color spaces. The various ergonomic adjustments for height, swivel, and tilt cater to long hours of comfortable usage with an anti-glare screen to minimize distraction from reflections. Furthermore, the power consumption of the device is reasonable given its range of advanced features.


However, the AW3423DW is not without its drawbacks. There are reports indicating concerns about the consistency of the manufacturing quality, with some users receiving units that appear mishandled or possibly refurbished. This inconsistency could raise questions about the monitor’s durability and the company’s quality control measures.

A notable point of contention among users is the monitor stand. In some cases, it has been received crooked, which not only affects the monitor’s aesthetic but could also pose a functional issue affecting the stability of the display. Additionally, some users have noted a minor annoyance with the noise produced by the monitor’s fan, which while not universally problematic, could be distracting in quieter environments.

Despite these concerns, the overall rating and positive feedback suggest that the pros considerably outweigh the cons, positioning the AW3423DW as a strong contender in the high-end gaming monitor category. Nonetheless, potential buyers may want to weigh these factors carefully, particularly the potential for quality control issues.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the AW3423DW has garnered a favorable reception, with users typically praising its picture quality. Many find the color reproduction and deep black levels particularly striking, especially when displaying HDR content in video games, which is said to be outstanding. The design and built-in safety features to prevent screen damage also receive positive mentions.

Performance aside, the packaging and assembly process is highlighted as a strong point. Users have indicated that the monitor is well-protected during shipping and easy to set up.

On the downside, some users have encountered issues. In a few cases, customers received units that seemed to have had previous use or suffered shipping damage, manifesting in problems like a stuck pixel or cosmetic flaws. There are also reports of an inoperative monitor arm stand, and one user remarked on the lack of audible fan noise, contrasting with others who find it bothersome.

The responsive customer service is often a relief to those who encounter issues, offering refunds or replacements for the mishaps. Despite a few negatives, the general consensus leans toward a high-quality gaming experience with this monitor.


When weighing the balance of performance and quality, the AW3423DW stands out in the curved gaming monitor market. Users have praised this model for its exceptional picture and color quality, with its Quantum Dot-OLED technology providing an immersive viewing experience for gamers. The high contrast ratio and color depth add to its allure, ensuring that HDR content is vibrantly displayed.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Some consumers have experienced quality control issues, such as damaged or seemingly refurbished units upon delivery. Additionally, while most find the fan noise negligible, a few have noted it as a distraction. Assembly is typically straightforward, and customer support is responsive, which is reassuring for potential issues.

Overall, this Alienware monitor garners appreciation for its design and functionality, but shoppers should be mindful of the possibility of isolated incidents affecting their experience. Balancing the potential hiccups with the praised performance, it offers a compelling choice for those looking for an ultra-wide gaming monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right gaming monitor can often come with a long list of questions. Below, find some of the most commonly asked inquiries about gaming monitors, catering to both avid gamers and newcomers in the gaming community.

What refresh rate should I look for in a gaming monitor?

For gaming, a high refresh rate is a key feature. Monitors with a refresh rate of 144Hz or higher are preferred for fluid and responsive gameplay. The specific monitor being discussed offers a 175Hz refresh rate, which is excellent for fast-paced games and can provide a smoother gaming experience.

How do I determine the PPI of a specific monitor model?

The pixels per inch (PPI) is calculated by dividing the monitor’s diagonal size in pixels by its diagonal size in inches. You can often find the PPI information listed in the specifications, or you can calculate it using the resolution and screen size.

What features are most important when choosing a gaming monitor?

When selecting a gaming monitor, consider:

  • Refresh Rate: A higher refresh rate for smoother motion.
  • Response Time: Low response times reduce motion blur.
  • Color accuracy and gamut: A range that covers more of the sRGB or DCI-P3 spectrum offers richer and more accurate colors.
  • Adaptive Sync: Technologies like G-SYNC or FreeSync prevent screen tearing.
  • Ergonomics: Adjustability for height, tilt, and swivel to fit different setups.

How does monitor refresh rate impact gaming performance?

The refresh rate, measured in hertz (Hz), impacts how many times the monitor updates with new images each second. Higher refresh rates can result in more fluid and less choppy gameplay. For competitive gaming, where every millisecond counts, a high refresh rate is advantageous.

Can the PPI of a monitor affect gaming visuals?

Yes, the PPI can influence the sharpness and detail of the game’s visuals. A higher PPI means more pixels per inch, resulting in finer details and a clearer image, particularly noticeable when gaming on larger monitors.

What are the benefits of a higher refresh rate in monitors?

The benefits of a higher refresh rate include:

  • Reduced Motion Blur: Sharp images in fast-moving scenes.
  • Improved Responsiveness: Better sync between input actions and visual feedback.
  • Enhanced Visual Fluidity: Makes gaming and scrolling conent appear smoother.
  • Decreased Input Lag: A notable plus for competitive gaming where reaction time is crucial.

These attributes make high refresh rate monitors such as the one being reviewed a strong candidate for gamers looking to enhance their visual experience.

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