Lexar Jumpdrive Fingerprint F35 Review

In a world where data security is increasingly vital, the Lexar 64GB Jumpdrive Fingerprint F35 offers a unique blend of security and convenience. Its standout feature is the fingerprint authentication, which allows users to protect their files swiftly and reliably, with recognition taking place in less than a second.

Lexar 64GB Jumpdrive Fingerprint F35 USB 3.0 Flash Drive for Storage Expansion and Backup, Up to 250MB/s Read, Black/Silver (LJDF35-64GBNL)
  • Up to 10 fingerprint IDs allowed
  • Ultra-fast recognition – Less than 1 second
  • Easy set-up, no software driver needed (fingerprint registration software only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Software required to create/edit accounts and adjust partition size. Regular Flash Drive use Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.)


Lexar’s setup is marvelously straightforward, necessitating no drivers aside from the initial fingerprint registration software, which is compatible with various versions of Windows. With the ability to store up to 10 fingerprint IDs, it caters to both individual privacy and shared access among trusted users. Beyond its ease of use, the encryption provided is robust, utilizing the widely respected 256-bit AES standard to secure files.

Bottom Line

The Lexar Jumpdrive Fingerprint F35 is not only a secure storage solution but also impressively user-friendly.

For those who prioritize data security without sacrificing speed and efficiency, this flash drive is a solid choice.

Concerned about the safety of your files? Make the smart move, secure your data with the Lexar Jumpdrive F35 today.

Overview of Lexar 64GB Jumpdrive Fingerprint F35 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The Lexar F35 stands out for its unique approach to data security, featuring fingerprint authentication that is recognized in less than a second. This flash drive is notably accessible, accommodating up to 10 different fingerprints, enabling a small group to access stored data. The set-up process is refreshingly straightforward and doesn’t require any software driver, facilitating quick usage right out of the box.

Despite the impressive read speed and the convenience it brings, users may experience varying levels of success with the fingerprint reader’s consistency. Additionally, there have been reports of the device heating up with extended use, a potential downside worth considering.

One significant limitation is the compatibility of fingerprint functionality; it’s not viable for Mac users, which may be misleading based on the product description. PC users, however, can enjoy the added security of 256-bit AES encryption, which underscores the drive’s dedication to protecting sensitive information.

From first-hand experience, setting up and using the F35 regularly is a simple and smooth process post-initial setup, with a password or fingerprint needed for subsequent access. Creating partitions for private and public data is also a straightforward endeavor. However, losing the password could lead to complications, as recovered from personal encounters and feedback from other users.

Fingerprint Security

The Lexar Jumpdrive utilises fingerprint technology to offer an additional layer of security to your data. This feature allows up to 10 unique fingerprint IDs to be recognized, ensuring that multiple users can have access if needed. Fingerprint recognition happens in under a second, meaning there’s minimal delay when accessing your files.

Setting up fingerprint access is a simple process with no need for a software driver. However, the accompanying fingerprint registration software is only compatible with certain versions of Windows, limiting its use for Mac or Linux users who will not be able to use the fingerprint functionality.

The drive ensures files are kept safe with 256-bit AES encryption, which is a high standard of data protection. While the fingerprint sensor provides quick access to authorized users, it has received mixed feedback regarding consistency and performance. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the device can heat up with prolonged use, though this doesn’t seem to affect its security features.

Users should be aware of the fingerprint feature’s system compatibility restrictions, especially for Mac users, as it may influence the overall utility and security functions of the flash drive. Overall, the fingerprint security of this Lexar product offers a balance between accessibility and encryption for securing sensitive data.

High-Speed Data Transfer

Experience with the Lexar Jumpdrive F35 reveals that file transfers rarely lag behind expectations. Equipped with USB 3.0 technology, it consistently pushes the envelope, delivering rapid data access and saving time on the go. The expectation of swift data movement is met as files load and transfer without significant wait times.

While the benefits of fast data transfer are undeniable, it’s important to remember that performance may vary depending on the host device and the types of files being transferred. Smaller files zip across effortlessly, but larger files, naturally, take a bit longer. The drive shines during those moments when transferring a mix of photos, documents, and videos, striking a balance between speed and efficiency.

The Lexar Jumpdrive F35 seems reliable, not just for its capacity but also for how quickly it can access and secure your data, albeit actual speeds might differ slightly under varied conditions. Overall, it stands as a commendable option for those who value both speed and security in their data management tasks.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the Lexar Jumpdrive F35 proves to be a straightforward process. Users can register up to 10 fingerprints, allowing for flexible and secure access. The registration of fingerprints is remarkably swift, typically taking under a second to recognize the user’s fingerprint after the initial setup. The drive doesn’t require any software drivers for the basic functions; it’s virtually plug-and-play, which is a relief for those who are not tech-savvy.

For the fingerprint feature, Windows users will find the included registration software user-friendly, although it is necessary to create and edit accounts or adjust the partition size. It’s important to note that while the drive is compatible with Linux and Mac operating systems for general use, the fingerprint functionality is exclusive to Windows environments. Mac users, in particular, have mentioned the setup can be somewhat cumbersome due to the lack of specific instructions for their OS.

Despite these slight limitations for non-Windows users, once the initial fingerprint setup is complete, the drive is as easy to use as any regular flash drive. The added security does not complicate the everyday use, with several users emphasizing the ease of switching between private and public partitions on the drive. The use of 256-bit AES encryption ensures that all stored data remains secure.

Encryption and Data Protection

With today’s need for robust security, the Lexar JumpDrive F35 shines through its encryption capabilities. The device’s 256-bit AES encryption offers high-level protection for your files, ensuring that sensitive data is guarded against unauthorized access. Users have expressed satisfaction with the fast fingerprint recognition feature, which authenticates access in under a second.

Up to 10 fingerprint IDs can be stored, allowing a small group to securely share the drive. Despite the occasional feedback on the fingerprint scanner’s intermittent performance and the drive heating up during prolonged use, the overall sentiment towards its data protection feature is positive.

Some users have highlighted the installation hiccup for Mac users; the fingerprint utility is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Nevertheless, the flash drive’s core function as a storage device remains unaffected across different platforms. Despite these points, the consensus is that the Lexar JumpDrive F35 delivers a reliable solution for securing private data on the go.

Design and Build Quality

The Lexar JumpDrive F35 impresses with its sleek black and silver finish, which exudes a modern and professional vibe. The construction feels solid, compact, and durable, which is reassuring for a device that is often carried around. At 0.8 ounces and dimensions of 2.53 x 0.81 x 0.31 inches, it’s conveniently portable and unobtrusive.

The inclusion of a fingerprint reader for enhanced security is a standout feature. Users report that it provides an additional layer of protection for sensitive data, although it’s worth nothing that the performance of the fingerprint reader can be inconsistent, with some experiencing flawless operation while others find it occasionally temperamental.

Heat generation has been noted during prolonged use, a common trait among many USB flash drives, and the Lexar does not appear to be an exception. Despite this, the unit’s design ensures that it remains operational, securely storing data as intended.

For those concerned with environmentally sustainable production, it’s manufactured in China, adhering to expected standards for a device in its class. It’s clear that Lexar has focused on a balance between form, function, and security with the JumpDrive F35.

Pros and Cons

After thorough use of the Lexar Jumpdrive, some clear advantages and drawbacks have surfaced. This device positions itself as a reliable tool for those who prioritize security and convenience in data storage and transfer.


  • Biometric Security: The inclusion of a fingerprint reader offers a quick and easy way to secure files. It facilitates access to encrypted data for up to 10 users, which is particularly useful in shared work environments.
  • Speedy Performance: Users experience ultra-fast data transfer with speeds reaching up to 250MB/s. This efficiency is noticeable when managing large files, making the wait times minimal.
  • User-friendly Setup: Setting up the flash drive is straightforward for Windows users. The necessary software is already part of the firmware, eliminating the need to install drivers from external sources.
  • Encryption: The Jumpdrive features 256-bit AES encryption to protect sensitive data, ensuring that personal or professional information is kept away from unauthorized access.


  • Inconsistent Fingerprint Reader: Some users have reported that the fingerprint reader can be unreliable at times, with recognition being hit or miss.
  • Heat Generation: There are mentions of the device getting excessively hot during prolonged usage, which raises some concerns about durability and safety.
  • Limited Compatibility: Mac users face a significant limitation since the fingerprint feature is incompatible with macOS. This restricts a section of potential users from utilizing the drive’s full capabilities.
  • Setup Instructions: Some feedback highlights difficulties with setup, especially for non-Windows users. Lack of straightforward instructions can lead to confusion and time wasted on customer service calls for clarification.

In summary, the Lexar Jumpdrive F35 shines with its excellent security features and speed, but it does stumble a bit when it comes to fingerprint reader consistency and cross-platform compatibility. This device is mostly recommended for Windows-based users looking for a secure method of transporting data with the convenience of quick fingerprint access.

Customer Reviews

Across the web, consumers have shared their experiences with the Lexar F35 Jumpdrive. Many praise its functionality and ease of setup, with particular commendations on the fingerprint feature that’s been called a “breeze” to use. Customers appreciate the inclusion of the software in the firmware, ensuring availability at all times.

However, some users have reported difficulties, particularly Mac users who struggle with compatibility for the fingerprint function and lack of clear instructions for installation. A few have also mentioned that the drive can heat up considerably with prolonged use and that the fingerprint reader might be inconsistent.

The flash drive has been noted for its practicality and functional security, marking it as a suitable choice for personal data protection. Satisfaction among users who prioritize privacy is evident, with reports of it being an excellent tool to secure sensitive information seamlessly. Despite the mixed feedback, the majority of purchasers enjoy its performance and data security features. Overall, it has earned a solid average rating, reflecting a generally positive user reception.


With its cutting-edge fingerprint technology, the Jumpdrive F35 from Lexar stands out for users seeking secure storage. Its 64GB capacity provides ample space, and the added fingerprint security feature offers peace of mind, ensuring only authorized users have access. While the setup requires a small learning curve, the effort pays off with easy and fast access thereafter.

Some users noted the device’s tendency to heat up during prolonged use, and Mac users should be aware that the fingerprint functionality is not supported on their platform. Despite these considerations, the F35 maintains a consistently high performance, with a fast data transfer speed that makes backing up and transferring files a breeze.

The Jumpdrive F35 has gathered a respectable average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from over 660 ratings, reflecting its reliability and quality. Those minor caveats aside, this device is a solid choice for anyone in need of secure and portable storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring the perfect blend of security and performance, the JumpDrive F35 brings a lot to the table, but naturally, potential buyers have questions. This section covers common inquiries about the product’s capabilities, compatibility, security, options, and durability.

What are the read and write speeds of the JumpDrive F35?

The JumpDrive F35 offers a read speed of up to 150MB/s. While specific write speeds aren’t provided, users find the performance sufficient for everyday tasks, balancing swift data transfers with secure storage options.

Can the JumpDrive F35 be used with both Windows and Mac operating systems?

Compatibility is key for any USB drive, and the JumpDrive F35 functions with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS for regular flash drive use. However, it’s important to note that the fingerprint registration software is only compatible with Windows versions from XP to 10.

What security features are included with the JumpDrive F35?

Security is a standout feature of this device. It allows up to 10 fingerprint IDs for ultra-fast recognition in less than a second, ensuring only authorized users have access. All files are guarded by 256-bit AES encryption, providing peace of mind that data remains confidential.

How does the JumpDrive F35 compare with other Lexar models, like the P30?

While the P30 model is known for its speed and durability, the F35 primarily distinguishes itself with its fingerprint security feature. Although it might not match every performance metric of the P30, its focus on security attracts users prioritizing data protection.

What capacities are available for the JumpDrive F35?

The JumpDrive F35 reviewed here has a storage capacity of 64GB, which suits many users’ needs for personal and professional file storage. Lexar offers different capacity options, so users can choose the amount of storage that best fits their requirements.

How durable is the JumpDrive F35 against physical damage?

Durability is an important consideration, and the JumpDrive F35 encases its technology in a black/silver exterior that withstands daily use. There are user reports of the device heating up with prolonged use, so it’s advisable to manage usage time to preserve longevity. Overall, users find the device to be sturdy, yet recommend care when handling to maintain optimal performance.

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