Anker Portable Outlet Extender Review

Anker Portable Outlet Extender Review: Top Travel Pick?

Traveling with electronics often means fighting for outlet space and lugging around various bulky chargers, but on my last trip, the Anker Outlet Extender changed the game. This nifty device is a stroke of simplicity: compact, lightweight, and with a foldable plug to boot, so no more scratched devices or extra bulk in your bag.

What’s more, the 30W USB-C port delivers a rapid power-up, significantly cutting down the wait time for devices to charge. It managed to juice up my iPhone in record time, plus it has a couple of AC outlets and additional USB ports to simultaneously charge various gadgets. Safety isn’t pushed aside either, thanks to its advanced temperature-monitoring technology.

Anker Portable Outlet Extender with Foldable Plug, 5 Multi-Plug Outlet, High-Speed 30W USB C Power Delivery, Compatible with iPhone 15/15 Plus/15 Pro/15 Pro Max,Compact for Travel, Home, TUV Listed
  • Compact. Portable. Scratch-Free: Take advantage of this sleek outlet extender, measuring 1.0 × 2.4 × 3.5 inches and weighing just 4.76 ounces, with a foldable plug that ensures scratch-free portability.
  • 30W USB-C Fast Charging: Enjoy high-speed charging for your essential devices with the 30W USB-C port equipped with Power Delivery technology, capable of charging an iPhone 14 to 50% in 26 minutes.
  • Power for All Devices‬​‍​⁢⁤⁤⁣‬⁡⁢‍⁡⁢⁡⁣‬: Meet the power demands of all your devices simultaneously, featuring 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 USB-C port—all TUV certified for reliable performance and safety.

One might think it’s just another outlet extender, but the little details make it stand out—the ports are arranged to accommodate multiple plugs without interference, and everything feels premium to the touch. Few things aren’t perfect, though; with such power comes the need for careful use to avoid overwhelming the circuitry, especially when maxing out all ports.

Bottom Line

Our experience with the Anker Outlet Extender makes it easy to recommend. It’s the travel-friendly power solution that doesn’t compromise on charging speed or safety.

Compact, capable, and cleverly designed for the modern gadgeteer, it’s an accessory that earns its keep.

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Anker Portable Outlet Extender with Foldable Plug: Enabling On-The-Go Power

Recently, we’ve had the chance to use the Anker Outlet Extender and it’s been a game-changer during travels. One of the most striking features is its compactness, easily slipping into our bag without the worry of scratches thanks to the foldable plug. It’s quite lightweight too, making it a no-brainer to carry around.

The real convenience comes from its ability to charge various devices simultaneously. With two AC outlets, a pair of USB-A ports, and the 30W USB-C port, keeping everything from smartphones to laptops powered is seamless. The USB-C port, with Power Delivery, is particularly impressive – getting an iPhone nearly half-charged in under 30 minutes!

Safety features haven’t been overlooked. The inclusion of ActiveShield 2.0 technology monitors temperature with precision, giving us peace of mind that our devices are protected.

While we love the functionality and design, the lifetime warranty and customer support are reassuring, solidifying our trust in the brand and product. It’s been an essential companion for us, simplifying our powering needs efficiently. Whether we’re heading out for a day trip or a long-haul flight, this outlet extender delivers on its promises.

Compact and Portable Design

When we’re on the go, this Anker outlet extender has proven to be a handy travel companion due to its petite frame and lightweight nature. It’s about the size of a deck of cards—fitting comfortably in the palm of a hand—which is impressive given the number of ports it offers. The 4.76-ounce weight adds minimal heft to our bags, making it nearly unnoticeable.

A foldable plug is a thoughtful inclusion, ensuring that other items in our luggage remain unscathed. For anyone tired of lugging around bulky power strips, the sleekness of this design is a game-changer. While the small size doesn’t hinder its functionality, some may find it a tight fit when plugging in multiple larger adapters or chargers simultaneously. However, considering its purpose to merge portability with utility, it strikes a good balance that caters well to our tech-laden lifestyles.

30W USB-C Fast Charging Technology

Having recently had the chance to test the Anker outlet extender’s fast-charging feature, we’ve found it delivers the power boost needed in today’s fast-paced world. The 30W USB-C port, specifically designed for modern gadgets like the iPhone 15 series, ensures that we can rapidly charge our devices to a significant percentage in just a short amount of time. It’s especially handy when we’re getting ready in a rush or need a quick power top-up before heading out.

The speed of charging provided by this outlet extender genuinely sets it apart from the standard chargers. However, while the fast charging is impressive, it’s important to bear in mind that actual charging speeds might vary depending on the specific device and its battery condition.

Our experience shows that Anker lives up to its reputation for reliable, high-speed charging. That said, users who have devices that do not support USB-C might not benefit as much from this technology. This outlet extender is a go-to for those who appreciate efficiency and speed without compromising on safety, thanks to its TUV certification and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Versatile Power Solutions

Having a reliable source of power for all our gadgets is crucial, and we’ve found that Anker’s portable outlet extender truly fits the bill. It’s an essential companion for those of us on the move, with its design built for portability. We appreciated the foldable plug feature—it’s a small touch but means a lot when we’re trying to avoid scratches on other devices in our bags. While on a conference trip, the ability of this compact device to simultaneously power multiple devices was a lifesaver. We charged a colleague’s iPhone in under half an hour with its 30W USB-C port.

The inclusion of two AC outlets along with the USB-A and USB-C ports makes this more than just a typical charger; it’s an all-rounder that supported all our devices without a hitch. We were also quite impressed by the ActiveShield 2.0 technology. The extensive monitoring for temperature changes gave us peace of mind, especially when we had all ports occupied. Safety and performance are evident priorities for Anker, and it shows. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction didn’t go unnoticed, with their generous warranty options adding an extra layer of trust to our experience.

Advanced Safety Features

In our use of this nifty little gadget, safety stood out as a significant consideration. Thanks to the brand’s ActiveShield 2.0 technology, we felt reassured that our devices were protected. This tech is like a diligent guard, monitoring the temperature multiple times throughout the day to prevent overheating. It’s impressive to have this level of attention to safety in such a compact and portable extender.

With its TUV certification, we were confident that the quality and safety standards are met, which isn’t always a given with other extenders we’ve tried. This assurance is like a safety net for both the extender’s performance and the connected devices.

While using the extender, it became clear that the design is not only about function but also about safe handling. The foldable plug is a smart touch—eliminating the worry of scratching other items when stowed away in a travel bag. It’s details like these that show a thoughtful approach to safety and user experience.

When we’re powering multiple devices, it’s comforting to know that a product has been designed with our safety in mind, especially when it comes to electrical devices that travel with us.

In the Box and Support

Upon unboxing this Anker portable outlet extender, we found it perfectly compact and ready for travel, as promised. The foldable plug is a nice touch, keeping the device sleek and protecting other items from scratches. We were quite impressed with the variety of charging options available—two AC outlets, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. This makes it perfect for simultaneously powering a range of devices.

The 30W USB-C Power Delivery is a standout feature; it’s quite efficient, charging compatible devices rapidly—an iPhone could reach 50% battery in just about 26 minutes. This is particularly helpful when time is of the essence and we need a quick power boost before heading out.

For those concerned about device safety, the extender is armed with ActiveShield 2.0 technology, which diligently protects against power surges and overheating. It’s reassuring to know our gadgets are safeguarded by something monitoring for temperature fluctuations so frequently.

In terms of support, Anker is known for their customer service and they’ve included a welcome guide that’s straightforward and helpful. The 18-month warranty and lifetime connected equipment warranty worth up to $200,000 add an extra layer of security to our purchase. Knowing that Anker stands behind their product with accessible service and substantial warranties gives us a lot of confidence in the quality and reliability of this outlet extender.


After trying out the outlet extender for ourselves, we can confidently say it excels in portability and functionality. It’s incredibly light and compact, which makes it an ideal travel companion. The convenience of the foldable plug design can’t be overstated—it’s a real space saver and eliminates the worry of scratching other items in your bag.

We were genuinely impressed with the 30W USB-C port’s fast charging capability. It’s not every day you find an extender that can charge a modern iPhone to 50% in just 26 minutes. Having a mix of 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 USB-C port means we could charge a variety of devices simultaneously without a hitch.

Safety and quality aren’t overlooked either. The ActiveShield 2.0 technology ensures device protection by actively monitoring temperature. Plus, the extensive warranty demonstrates Anker’s confidence in their product and gives us peace of mind about its longevity and reliability.

  • Compact and easily portable
  • Fast 30W USB-C charging
  • Versatile with multiple ports
  • Advanced saftey features
  • Substantial warranty support


While we found the Anker Outlet Extender to be a handy accessory for charging multiple devices, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. First, though compact, it can still be a bit bulky when plugged in, potentially blocking surrounding outlets, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, despite its overall solid build, the foldable plug feels a bit fragile and could be prone to wear after extended use, particularly for those who frequently travel and need to plug and unplug the device often.

The high-speed USB C Power Delivery is definitely a plus, but if you have devices that require different or more powerful inputs, this extender might not meet all your needs. We also noticed that while the extender is great for travel, the limited number of AC outlets could be restrictive if you’re looking to connect several items at once. Despite boasting a 4.9 rating, these minor considerations could impact its versatility for some users.

Customer Reviews

In our experience, the Anker Portable Outlet Extender has proven to be a reliable travel companion, echoing what many customers have shared in their feedback. The overall consensus is that this extender delivers on its promise of high quality and versatile functionality. With a near-perfect average rating from a significant number of users, it’s clear that the product stands out for its usability and build quality.

Users frequently praise its compactness, which doesn’t sacrifice any utility, as it includes a well-appreciated USB C port for fast charging. It’s been noted that this feature is particularly handy for charging newer iPhone models and reduces the need for carrying additional chargers. Moreover, the design has been lauded for improving the aesthetics of spaces like beside the nightstand, tidying up areas that typically become cluttered with cables.

Furthermore, travelers find the foldable plug and the overall size ideal for on-the-go use. It slots into a charging kit with ease, making it perfect for hotel stays or work trips. The number and variety of ports have satisfied a diverse range of charging needs, from standard AC outlets to USB-A ports.

While customers are generally satisfied, it’s crucial to recognize that not every product is without its limitations. However, in the case of this Anker extender, there’s a distinct lack of negative reviews, which speaks volumes. Our assessment aligns with the crowd: it’s a solid investment for anyone looking to simplify their charging setup at home or abroad.


Having recently used this Anker outlet extender, we can confidently share our experience. The device stands out for its compact design, making it an ideal companion for travel and reducing clutter at home. Its foldable plug enhances its portability and ensures it fits easily into any carry-on or charging kit. The variety of ports, especially the high-speed USB-C, successfully meets the charging demands for newer iPhone models, among other devices.

While the overall build quality aligns with Anker’s reputation for reliable products, the 30W power delivery, although sufficient for most needs, may not cater to those seeking the very highest charging speeds available in the market. However, the practicality and efficiency of the extender cannot be overlooked, especially considering its organized layout and dual AC outlets alongside the USB ports.

Users have lauded its ease of use, the elimination of the need for additional charging bricks, and the aesthetic improvement it brings to spaces like nightstands. Our collective verdict affirms that for anyone looking for a well-designed, versatile charging solution, this Anker outlet extender is a commendable choice, echoing the positive sentiments found in numerous user testimonials.

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