Eufy L60 Robot Vaccum Review

For anyone tired of constantly untangling hair from their vacuum cleaner’s roller, the eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum with Self Empty Station offers a game-changing solution. Equipped with innovative Hair Detangling Technology, it slices through hair wrap effortlessly, a feature that’s especially handy for pet owners or anyone with long hair in the household.

In addition to hair management, the L60 boasts an ultra-strong 5,000 Pa suction power and provides up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning. This is possible due to its Self-Empty Station that compacts dust and debris into a large 2.5L dust bag. The robot vacuum’s precision mapping and efficient navigation, powered by advanced Lidar technology, ensure it doesn’t miss a spot.

eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum with Self Empty Station, Hair Detangling Technology, Up to 60 Days of Hands Free Cleaning, Ultra Strong 5,000 Pa Suction to Remove Hair, Dust, Mop Pad
  • Hair Detangling Technology: End the need for manual hair removal from the roller brush. The Self-Empty Station's Hair Detangling technology slices through hair that gets wrapped around the roller brush with ease.
  • Up to 60 Days* of Hands-Free Cleaning: 17,000 Pa of suction draws dust and debris out of eufy robot vacuum L60's dust bin and transfers it to a 2.5 L dust bag in the Self-Empty Station. Thanks to the large capacity, you can wait up to 60 days before replacing.
  • Ultra-Strong 5,000 Pa Suction: Hair, crumbs, and dust are removed easily in just one pass for cleaner floors.


That’s not all; this smart device also mops floors with a dedicated mop pad, giving customers an all-in-one cleaning solution. Users have praised its easy setup, fast learning of home layouts, and effective cleaning performance on various floors. The app-controlled vacuum can customize cleaning schedules, set no-go zones, and even adjust water flow for mopping, offering the convenience of a personalized cleaning assistant right in your smartphone.

Bottom Line

The eufy L60 Hybrid pairs excellent vacuuming capabilities with convenience and technology, making it stand out in the crowded market of robot vacuums.

From seamlessly switching between vacuuming and mopping to avoiding the hassle of manual hair removal, it’s designed to simplify your cleaning routine.

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Eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum with Self Empty Station Overview

The Eufy L60 Hybrid stands out with its Hair Detangling Technology, a real innovation for those tired of manually cleaning the roller brush. The Robot Vacuum’s self-empty station seamlessly cuts through wrapped hair, simplifying maintenance. The 60-day hands-free cleaning potential is impressive, thanks to the Self Empty Station’s large 2.5 L dust bag.

With mighty 5,000 Pa suction power, the device efficiently picks up various debris, ensuring a thorough cleaning on the first pass. The L60 excels in navigation due to its iPath Laser Navigation incorporating Lidar, which facilitates a methodical cleaning path around one’s home. Moreover, the customizable AI.Map 2.0 within the app is notable for its precision; it allows selecting specific rooms and establishing No-Go Zones, catering to multi-floor homes with ease. Adding a mop pad introduces a gentle wiping function for hard floors, enhancing the vacuum’s versatility. The robot is operated via a user-friendly app and is compatible with smartphones and Amazon Echo.

This Robot Vacuum is a well-rounded product that signifies a step forward in domestic cleaning technology. Its ability to cope with pet hair, all while navigating and mapping the space intelligently, makes for a hands-off experience that brings robot vacuuming into a new era of convenience and effectiveness.

Hair Detangling Technology

Tackling tangled hair on a vacuum’s roller brush is often a hassle that users grapple with. Eufy’s L60 Hybrid model addresses this issue with a Hair Detangling feature that works seamlessly in the background. The Self-Empty Station is a game changer, equipped with a cutting mechanism that effortlessly slices through hair entanglements. This integration means that maintenance is drastically reduced, allowing users more time to enjoy clean floors without the need for manual brush cleaning.

However, it’s not all perfect – while this technology is a significant step forward, instances of particularly long or abundant hair might challenge the system. Users will still find it a largely reliable feature that adds to the convenience of this robot vacuum. Overall, the L60 Hybrid serves as a compelling ally in the quest for maintaining a clean home with minimal user intervention, particularly for those with pets or long hair.

Hands-Free Cleaning for Up to 60 Days

One pressing issue for anyone who has to constantly clean is the repetitive task of emptying the vacuum’s dustbin. Eufy addresses this problem head-on with a feature that promises a breather from this chore for up to two whole months. The Self-Empty Station is built with a large capacity dust bag, housing 2.5 liters of debris. Users have found that the frequency of replacing this bag aligns well with the stated 60-day period, offering a significantly less fraught cleaning experience.

While the robot operates, its efficiency in capturing hair, dust, and other particles is commendable, owing to a notable 5,000 Pa suction power. Even users with pets note the machine’s effectiveness in picking up hair without the need for human intervention, thanks to its Hair Detangling Technology, which slices through hair wrapped around the brush.

Critiques are not often about its cleaning performance, but more about its mapping capabilities, although it still performs better than many of its peers. The concept of setting the device to run and forgetting about vacuuming for two months is appealing, with the device living up to expectations, remarkably simplifying the vacuuming process for users.

Ultra-Strong 5,000 Pa Suction

In the competitive world of robotic vacuums, suction power is a crucial factor for effectiveness, and the eufy L60 Hybrid stands out in this area. Its 5,000 Pa suction capability signifies a robust performance, adept at lifting fine dust as well as larger debris from various surfaces. Users often mention how impressively it tackles hair, which is a common challenge with lesser suction.

While the power is strong, it’s important to note that, like any device, performance can vary depending on the surface type and the amount of clutter. Nonetheless, the feedback generally tilts towards the positive, indicating satisfaction with the vacuum’s ability to maintain a clean environment without frequent human intervention.

The powerful suction does not equate to a noisy operation; it maintains a balance, ensuring the cleaning process is not disruptive. The feature is part of a well-rounded package aimed at providing a hands-off cleaning experience, especially with its self-empty station, enhancing the appeal for those seeking convenience without sacrificing cleanliness.

Precision Mapping for Efficient Navigation

Navigating through a home with precision is a critical aspect of any modern vacuum robot. The L60 Hybrid’s mapping capabilities showcase a clear understanding of this need. It employs iPath Laser Navigation, utilizing advanced Lidar technology to meticulously scan each room. These scans result in the creation of accurate maps, upon which the device plans out efficient cleaning routes. In practical terms, this means the L60 Hybrid moves systematically through spaces, avoiding redundant passes or missing spots.

Users also appreciate the AI.Map 2.0 feature, allowing further customization of the cleaning process through the accompanying app. With this functionality, they can direct the L60 Hybrid to clean specific rooms, establish No-Go Zones to prevent the vacuum from entering certain areas, and enable Multi-Floor Mapping, which is a boon for multi-level homes. Although the mop pad attachment and water flow settings augment the cleaning experience, the primary focus here is the vacuum’s ability to navigate and clean with a methodical efficiency that can be easily tailored to an individual’s home layout and preferences.

Customizable AI.Map 2.0 Technology

The L60 Hybrid stands out with its AI.Map 2.0 technology, allowing users to craft a personalized cleaning experience. Through the app, selecting specific rooms for the robot to clean is almost effortless. It also enables setting No-Go Zones to keep the vacuum away from sensitive areas.

One feature that demonstrates the system’s flexibility is Multi-Floor Mapping. Those with multi-level homes can relax knowing the L60 Hybrid seamlessly adjusts its cleaning strategy for different floors. Additionally, attaching the mop pad enhances the vacuum’s capabilities, letting it gently mop hard floors, further refining the cleanliness with adjustable water flow levels.

While this high-tech mapping contributes to the efficiency of cleaning routines, it’s worth noting that this relies on good app functionality and may require an initial setup to optimize its features. However, for those seeking to customize their device’s operation to fit their home’s unique layout and cleaning needs, this technology proves to be quite an asset.

Additional Features

This eufy L60 Hybrid makes a strong case for itself with innovative capabilities. Its Hair Detangling Technology is a standout, using the Self-Empty Station to slice through wrapped hair on the brush without user intervention. The promise of 60 days without emptying the bin might intrigue those wanting to minimize maintenance. With the iPath Laser Navigation, it scans and maps the environment to plot an efficient vacuuming path, an intelligent feature that optimizes cleaning time.

Despite its many strengths, potential users should weigh against their specific needs. The customizable AI.Map 2.0 is beneficial, allowing room selection for cleaning, creation of No-Go Zones, and even multi-floor mapping, but it is contingent on user comfort with app-based controls. Moreover, while the mop pad addition is convenient for hard floors, it might not replace a dedicated mopping session for more stubborn stains.

Overall, eufy’s L60 Hybrid appears to cater to both convenience and versatility, though each additional feature should be evaluated for personal relevance.

Pros and Cons


The eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum impresses with its Hair Detangling Technology, perfect for those who dread the tedious task of removing hair entangled in the roller brush. This feature shines, as it effortlessly slices through hair, ensuring no manual cleaning is necessary after each vacuum run. Its ample 60-day hands-free cleaning capacity brings unmatched convenience to the user, as one can go about two months without worrying about emptying the dust bin, thanks to the Self-Empty Station’s large 2.5 L dust bag.

Furthermore, with a robust 5,000 Pa suction power, the L60 Hybrid guarantees efficient cleanup on the first pass, collecting hair, crumbs, and dust with ease. Its advanced iPath Laser Navigation sets it apart, as it utilizes cutting-edge Lidar technology for precise mapping and efficient navigation, creating optimal cleaning routes through homes. The vacuum’s customizable AI.Map 2.0 technology lets users personalize their cleaning experience, allowing the selection of specific rooms, setting No-Go Zones, and even accommodating homes with multiple floors. When it’s time to mop, attach the provided mop pad for a gentle yet effective wipe-down of hard floors.


Despite the many strengths, the eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum isn’t free from drawbacks. Some users pointed out that integrating the mop and vacuum functions into one unit means compromises, such as a slightly smaller dust bin due to the addition of the water tank for mopping. While the mapping functionality is quick and efficient, taking only about 15 minutes, there are mentions of the companion app being just satisfactory, with room for improvement in user-friendliness and notification customization.

Additionally, it’s noted that while the vacuum excels at navigating and cleaning homes, some users have yet to try the mopping function and therefore can’t fully assess its performance. In terms of design, while many praise its attention to detail, it remains a significant investment and potential buyers might expect impeccable functionality throughout, including the mopping feature, to justify the price.

Customer Reviews

The L60 Hybrid from eufy has garnered praise for its dual functionality as a vacuum and mop, with users highlighting its impressive suction power, especially in dealing with pet hair. The ease of setup and user-friendly Bluetooth connectivity are frequently mentioned perks. One user expressed relief at not having to empty the dust bin often, thanks to the self-emptying feature that accommodates the combined water tank.

Others have been pleasantly surprised by the vacuum’s ability to quickly adapt to the layout of their homes, noting the expedited mapping process. Although experiences with the dedicated app vary, the general consensus leans towards its effectiveness in house mapping and convenient updates through notifications.

Several days of use have proven the L60 Hybrid’s capability to navigate complex floor plans without hiccups, exceeding initial user expectations. However, not all feedback is unblemished — the mop function hasn’t been tested by every user, reserving judgment on its overall performance.

In summary, the L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum by eufy receives a strong vote of confidence from early adopters for mastering the challenges of a busy household floor. They appreciate the attention to detail in its design and the tangible benefits of its technology in their day-to-day lives.


After several days of thorough testing, it’s evident that the eufy L60 Hybrid stands out for its powerful suction capabilities and hair detangling technology. It mops and vacuums with an efficiency that handles pet hair with ease, saving users time and effort. The device simplifies setup with its intuitive Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for a user-friendly experience. Although the dust bin is compact due to its dual functionality, the self-emptying feature compensates by reducing the frequency of manual emptying.

The L60 Hybrid also impresses with its intelligent mapping system. Upon first use, it quickly learns the layout of the home, navigating around obstacles without issue. Users seeking a reasonably priced gadget that delivers results will likely find satisfaction with this robust robotic vacuum. Its app, while not without room for improvement, provides a decent level of control and convenience. While the mop function remains untested in this review, the vacuuming performance alone has made a notable impact, particularly for those battling pet hair. Overall, the eufy L60 Hybrid robot vacuum makes a compelling case for itself as a smart cleaning solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a robot vacuum, it’s essential to consider how it performs compared to other models. The Eufy L60 Hybrid ensures an upgraded cleaning experience over its predecessors and competitors, thanks to innovative features and design enhancements.

How does the Eufy L60 Hybrid compare to the X8 in terms of cleaning performance?

The L60 Hybrid shows a leap in cleaning performance with its 5,000 Pa suction power. This provides a stronger uptake of debris and hair, making it significantly more potent than the X8. Feedback suggests that the L60 is particularly more efficient in deep-cleaning and handling pet hair, attributing this to the L60’s advanced hair detangling technology.

What improvements does the Eufy L60 Hybrid offer over the 11S MAX?

The E60 Hybrid surpasses the 11S MAX with several advancements. It exhibits superior suction power for one, which is crucial for extracting more stubborn dirt. The self-emptying feature, absent in the 11S MAX, amplifies convenience by reducing manual intervention for up to 60 days. The revamped navigation system in the L60 is another standout, offering more precise mapping and efficient route planning.

Does the Eufy L60 Hybrid robot vacuum support self-emptying into a station?

Yes, the L60 Hybrid is designed with a self-emptying capability that transfers dirt into the station’s large 2.5L dust bag. It extends the interval between bag replacements up to 60 days, significantly simplifying maintenance and addressing a common consumer inconvenience found with non-self-emptying models.

Are there any advanced mapping features available in the Eufy L60 Hybrid vacuum?

The advanced iPath Laser Navigation equipped on the L60 Hybrid uses Lidar technology for high-precision mapping. This results in more intelligent and efficient cleaning paths tailored to the home’s layout. Customizable via the AI.Map 2.0 feature on the app, users experience enhanced control over cleaning preferences and no-go zones.

What are the main differences and benefits between the Eufy clean L50 and L60 models?

Comparatively, the L60 builds upon the robust foundation of the L50. It brings more powerful suction at 5,000 Pa, more than doubling that of the L50. The L60 also introduces a self-emptying function and more sophisticated mapping capabilities with multi-floor support—features that contribute to user convenience and a more thorough clean.

In terms of overall quality and features, how does Eufy’s L60 Hybrid stack up against leading Roomba models?

In the competitive realm of robot vacuums, the L60 Hybrid holds its ground against top Roomba models with features tailored for convenience and efficiency. Its standout 5,000 Pa suction competes tightly on cleaning prowess, while self-empty station and hair detangling technology serve up added user ease. The L60’s mapping proficiencies and hands-free cleaning capability make it a compelling option against the leading Roomba models known for their smart technology and build quality.

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