Corsair K55 CORE RGB Keyboard Review

Finding the right gaming keyboard can be a game-changer, and the Corsair K55 CORE is one such contender out there. It’s designed to enhance your gaming with a customizable ten-zone RGB backlighting that promises to add a splash of color to your competitive or casual gaming sessions. As someone who appreciates both aesthetics and performance, I found the K55 CORE’s immersive lighting setup a great addition to my gaming rig.

Corsair K55 CORE RGB Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard – Quiet, Responsive Switches – Spill Resistance – Ten-Zone RGB – Media Keys – iCUE Compatible – QWERTY NA – PC, Mac – Gray
  • Your Winning Streak Starts Now: Everything you need to start your winning streak is here. Enjoy quiet, responsive keypresses and RGB that makes your gaming sessions shine.
  • Ten-Zone RGB Backlighting: Ten zones of fully customizable RGB illuminate your desktop with mesmerizing lighting effects.
  • Convenient Media Controls: Four dedicated media buttons give you the ability to control volume and playback with ease, and Win lock and brightness buttons put extra commands at your fingertips.

The membrane keys of the K55 CORE are quiet and responsive, a plus for those who don’t like the loud clickity-clack of mechanical switches. Typing and in-game chat are unobtrusive, and won’t disturb those around you. Dedicated media keys are a convenience not to be understated—they allow for seamless volume adjustments and playback control. Moreover, the 300ml spill resistance is a practical feature, protecting the keyboard from accidental drink spills during intense gaming marathons.

Bottom Line

The Corsair K55 CORE RGB gaming keyboard is a solid choice, striking a balance between visual features and functional design.

With its customizable lighting, quiet switches, media keys, and spill resistance, it’s built to ensure that your gaming experience is both comfortable and immersive.

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Corsair K55 CORE RGB Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard Overview

Unleashing your gaming potential requires tools that offer both performance and comfort. The K55 CORE RGB is a steadfast ally in this regard. Its membrane switches provide a typing experience that’s both quiet and responsive, allowing you to communicate with teammates or issue commands without disturbing those around you. Accentuating the sleek black design is the vibrant ten-zone RGB backlighting, customizable via Corsair’s iCUE software, which elevates the aesthetic of any gaming setup.

What stands out are the handy dedicated media keys, which provide immediate control over audio without interrupting the in-game experience. Moreover, the resilience of the keyboard is notable, designed to handle accidental spills up to 300ml, thus safeguarding against the occasional drink mishap during intense gaming sessions.

The 12-key rollover and 1,000Hz polling rate ensure that every keystroke is registered accurately, no matter how frenetic the gameplay. Feedback from users has highlighted the satisfactory balance between functionality and price, making it a sound choice for both casual and more dedicated gamers who need a reliable keyboard without breaking the bank. Though the compact size might be an initial surprise, many find the slimmer profile a comfortable fit once they adjust.

Ten-Zone RGB Backlighting

The ten-zone RGB backlighting on the Corsair K55 CORE is a visual treat for users. It enhances the gaming atmosphere with customizable lighting effects that can illuminate a desktop in a myriad of colors. Each zone can be individually configured, allowing for a personalized look that can match the aesthetic of any gaming setup.

While gaming in the late hours, the vibrant backlighting ensures keystrokes are not missed, adding both practicality and style to late-night sessions. It should be mentioned, though, that unlike some high-end models, the lighting is divided into zones rather than per-key customization.

For those long gaming marathons, the mesmerizing RGB effects can serve as a dynamic backdrop, contributing to an immersive experience. This feature strikes a balance between functionality and flair, giving the keyboard a distinctive edge in its category without being overbearing. However, users looking for subtle lighting might find the ten zones a bit flashy. Overall, the backlighting feature meets the mark for gamers who cherish a keyboard that’s both responsive and radiant.

Quiet, Responsive Switches

The keys on the K55 CORE RGB provide a notably quiet yet responsive typing experience, crucial for both gaming and daily computer tasks. Users find the softness of the keypresses remarkable, allowing for extended use without causing significant noise. Especially for those sharing a space or in noise-sensitive environments, this keyboard strikes the right balance between silent operation and tactile feedback.

One slight drawback noted by users with smaller hands is the size of the keys, which can lead to accidental presses. While this might add a learning curve for some, the overall design is appreciated for its subtlety. The keyboard isn’t entirely about silent operation; the feedback from the keys ensures users have a satisfactory response with each press, which is essential for fast-paced gaming or productive typing sessions.

Overall, the K55 CORE RGB’s switches deliver an excellent typing experience without the distraction of loud clicking sounds, yet doesn’t compromise on the responsiveness expected from a gaming keyboard.

Convenient Media Controls

Among the features that stand out on the K55 CORE, media keys are a subtle but significant addition. They’re located right at your fingertips, ensuring quick and effortless control over your audio without having to exit the game or pause your work. A quick tap on these dedicated buttons can pause a track, skip a song, or adjust the volume—this level of convenience is what gamers and multitaskers alike can appreciate.

What’s particularly beneficial is the inclusion of separate keys for Win lock and brightness adjustments, which enhance the usability of the keyboard during intense gaming sessions or extended work periods. The ease of access to these functions allows for a smoother, more streamlined interaction with your PC or Mac.

While the K55 CORE is geared towards an efficient gaming experience, the integration of these media controls seamlessly bridges the gap between play and productivity, demonstrating the keyboard’s versatility. Users won’t need to swap devices or move their hands off the keyboard, making for a truly integrated experience.

Spill Resistance

It’s crucial for gaming enthusiasts to have equipment that withstands the occasional mishap, such as the accidental spill from a beverage. The Corsair K55 CORE RGB keyboard holds up well in the face of such accidents, thanks to its spill-proof design.

Users appreciate the keyboard’s capability to handle small amounts of liquid contact without malfunctions or damage to the circuitry. This is attributed to the protective layer within the keyboard, which limits the damage caused by spills. It’s reassuring to know that an incidental splash won’t immediately spell disaster for this device.

Nevertheless, while the keyboard offers a level of spill resistance, it’s essential to note that it isn’t waterproof. Large spills can still pose a risk. Prolonged exposure to liquids or submergence should certainly be avoided to ensure the keyboard’s longevity and consistent performance.

Pros and Cons


The Corsair keyboard offers a plethora of features that cater to both gamers and typists alike. Among its strengths, the quiet and responsive switches make for a comfortable and discreet gaming experience, suitable for late-night group sessions or solo plays without disturbing others. The ten-zone RGB backlighting is not only eye-catching but fully customizable, allowing for personalized setups to match one’s aesthetic preferences.

Users will also appreciate the practicality of the dedicated media controls. Adjusting volume or playback doesn’t require a break from the action, thus enhancing the overall usability of the device. For those prone to accidents, the 300ml spill resistance is a significant plus, giving peace of mind in the event of spills during intense gaming moments or busy workdays.

Performance-wise, the 12-key rollover with a 1,000Hz polling rate ensures that every keystroke is registered accurately and promptly, a crucial feature for competitive gamers and typists ensuring commands are executed without delay. Its reliability is a consistent highlight in user feedback.


Despite its advantages, the Corsair keyboard is not without its shortcomings. Some users have reported that its size is smaller than expected, which can result in a learning curve and accidental key presses, particularly during gaming sessions where precision is key. This may be a detriment to users with larger hands or those accustomed to bigger keyboards.

Moreover, while the LED customization is a hit, it is contingent upon installing additional software, which may not appeal to users looking for a more straightforward, plug-and-play experience. The software-based customization can add a layer of complexity that some might prefer to avoid.

It’s also worth noting that the membrane switches, while quiet, may not provide the tactile feedback that some users, especially heavy typists or enthusiasts, prefer when compared to mechanical switches. This can affect the overall typing experience. However, given its budget-conscious positioning, these features align with its intended market segment.

Customer Reviews

The Corsair K55 CORE RGB keyboard has garnered positive feedback from users who appreciate its affordability and quiet performance. It’s touted as an outstanding choice for those not looking to splurge. Its responsive keys and quiet typing experience are frequently highlighted. Customers who primarily work on computers have noted it as a notable upgrade from basic keyboards, especially for those with light gaming needs. Its LED lights are another well-received feature, with users enjoying the customization options provided by the accompanying software.

However, some mention that the keyboard feels small and takes time to adapt to. A few users remarked that accidentally pressing the wrong keys can occur due to its compact size, which may add an unintended challenge to gaming sessions. Overall, with a strong average rating, this keyboard is praised for its balance of functionality and aesthetics, constituting a solid investment for both gaming and everyday typing tasks.


After spending some time with the K55 CORE RGB keyboard, it becomes clear that Corsair has provided an option that balances affordability with functionality. The membrane switches offer a quiet and responsive typing experience, suitable for both work and play. The spill-resistant nature adds a layer of practicality for those accident-prone moments. Users acknowledge the efficiently designed media keys and appreciate the software compatibility that allows for customization of the ten-zone RGB lighting. Its compact size is a double-edged sword; it benefits users with limited space while others may need time to adjust to the smaller form factor. A few users noted the size felt restrictive during gaming, with accidental key presses occurring from time to time. On balance, the keyboard presents a viable solution for budget-conscious consumers seeking a taste of the gaming peripheral world without the hefty investment, though size considerations should be taken into account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of switches does the K55 use?

The K55 is equipped with membrane switches. These switches provide a quiet and responsive typing experience, making them suitable for both gaming and general use. They are not mechanical switches, which some gamers prefer, but they offer a soft touch that many users find comfortable for long gaming sessions or extended typing tasks.

Can the lighting on the K55 be customized?

Yes, the K55 features ten-zone RGB backlighting that is fully customizable. The lighting is programmed through CORSAIR iCUE software, which allows users to personalize their light show. You can set different effects and colors to match your gaming rig or mood, giving you an immersive gaming environment.

How does the K55 membrane keyboard perform for gaming?

The K55 is designed with gaming in mind. The quiet and responsive membrane switches provide a satisfactory gaming experience without the audible click of mechanical keyboards. Its 12-key rollover with 1,000Hz polling rate ensures that even the most complex actions are registered quickly during intense gaming, making it a reliable choice for both casual and competitive gamers.

Is the K55 considered quiet during use?

The K55 is promoted as being quiet during use. The membrane switches dampen the sound of keypresses, making it favorable for environments where noise levels are a concern. Users in shared spaces, such as offices or nighttime gaming in a shared room, will appreciate the lower noise output compared to a mechanical keyboard.

Does the K55 come with software for keyboard customization?

Yes, the K55 is compatible with the CORSAIR iCUE software, which is used for keyboard customization. Through iCUE, users can configure the RGB lighting, set up macros, and program keys according to their preferences. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to tailor the keyboard to the user’s gaming style or work needs.

What is the key count on the K55?

The K55 has 104 keys in total. This full-size keyboard includes all the standard keys along with additional dedicated media control buttons, which offer convenient access to volume adjustment and playback controls. The abundance of keys provides full functionality for gaming, productivity, and multimedia use.

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