Dell P2720DC QHD Monitor Review

Recently, I upgraded my desktop monitor to Dell’s P2720DC QHD USB-C monitor, a versatile 27-inch display that embodies both quality and functionality. Its 2560 x 1440 resolution ensures that everything from text to images appears sharp and clear. Whether we were working with code, streaming a movie, or crunching numbers, this screen held up admirably. The adjustable stand has been a godsend for ergonomic positioning, and we appreciated the convenience of the monitor’s built-in docking capabilities. I liked it so much I even bought a 2nd one for my desktop.

Many users are finding the P2720DC to be a solid investment for a home office setup, especially given its range of connectivity options including HDMI and USB-C. The size and resolution offer a sweet spot for readability without the need for scaling, and the colors seem particularly vibrant. We didn’t find the absence of built-in speakers to be a limitation, as it fits well with a setup that includes a separate audio system. Its utility as a reliable business display has also been affirmed by other users who need a dependable display for regular use.

Bottom Line

The Dell P2720DC monitor delivers a clear and vibrant display ideal for both professional and personal use, with the flexibility of a USB-C connection that doubles as a charging port. Its solid build, combined with a high-definition screen and adjustable stand, suits a variety of needs. Take a closer look at the Dell P2720DC and consider adding it to your workspace.

Overview of the Dell P2720DC Monitor

Having spent some quality time with the Dell P2720DC, we’re quite impressed with its adaptability and clarity. This 27″ monitor is a real workhorse—whether we’re diving into spreadsheets or kicking back with a movie—its resolution makes everything look crisp and detailed. We found the adjustable stand especially handy for finding the perfect viewing angle, adding a lot of comfort to long work sessions.

One of the things we appreciate most is how easily it integrates into our workspace. With HDMI connectivity, there’s no fuss getting it hooked up to various devices. The thoughtful addition of the height adjustment feature means it’s not just our eyes that are getting a break; our posture is benefiting too.

Some of our peers who’ve also used this display mention its versatility, comfortably using it for both professional tasks like coding and for leisure activities like streaming content. The lack of built-in speakers hasn’t been a deal-breaker; many of us prefer dedicated sound systems anyway. USB-C connectivity is another plus, allowing us to charge laptops directly, which cuts down on cable clutter.

It’s not the newest kid on the block, having been around since December 2019, but it holds its own with steady performance. We’ve seen some excellent feedback on its color vibrancy and ease of use for work-from-home setups. Overall, this Dell model feels like a solid choice for anyone who wants reliability and quality without any unnecessary frills.

High-Resolution Clarity

As we’ve had our hands on this Dell monitor, the depth and precision of the image quality immediately stood out. The 2560 x 1440 resolution on the 27-inch screen delivers crisp visuals that enhance productivity and multimedia experiences. Whether we’re managing spreadsheets or indulging in the latest blockbuster, the sharpness is striking.

One point we can’t gloss over is the monitor’s performance for a variety of tasks. Customers have voiced their satisfaction across multiple scenarios, from graphic design to entertainment, and we’ve noticed that the texts are easy to read and colors appear rich and vivid. However, the absence of built-in speakers may be a hindrance for those who prefer an all-in-one solution.

In our use, we particularly appreciated the monitor’s adjustable stand that adds to the comfort of viewing, which, combined with the monitor’s high resolution, adequately caters to long hours of use without straining the eyes. Overall, striking the right balance between size and resolution, the Dell P2720DC offers a clarity that can meet both professional and personal viewing needs quite competently.

Effortless Connectivity

After spending quality time with this Dell monitor, we’ve found its connectivity options to be a high point. The variety of ports, including HDMI, makes it extremely user-friendly, especially for those of us who value flexibility in our workspace. We were able to integrate it smoothly into our existing setup, and it played nicely with both our home office and entertainment systems. Sure, its USB-C capability truly stands out; it not only transmits data but also powers compatible laptops, effectively reducing cable clutter.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. The lack of built-in speakers means you’ll need an external solution for audio. This isn’t a dealbreaker for our team, as we usually opt for dedicated speakers or headphones for higher quality sound. And some might say a USB-C port that can double as a charging station is a fair trade-off.

In essence, the P2720DC strikes a balance between offering ample connectivity and maintaining a sleek, tidy workspace. Our experience suggests it’s a solid choice for professionals seeking a monitor that can keep up with diverse usage demands.

Adjustable Comfort

When it comes to spending long hours at our desk, we can’t overlook the importance of a monitor that adjusts to our personal comfort level. Our experience with Dell’s P2720DC monitor highlighted the convenience of its ergonomic features. With a height-adjustable stand, we’ve found that it’s easy to change the monitor’s elevation to a position that suited us best, reducing neck strain during those lengthy work sessions. But it doesn’t just move up and down.

The monitor also allows for tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustments, which means we can switch from landscape to portrait orientation effortlessly—ideal for various tasks that require a particular viewing setup. While these adjustments are practical, they’re also smooth and intuitive, not requiring us to exert too much force or fiddle around too much to find the right angle or height.

That said, the build quality might seem less robust to some, especially if you’re accustomed to more heavy-duty stands. However, for the average user seeking flexibility and comfort in a sleek design, it delivers just that. We didn’t miss out on maintaining an eye-level screen position, which is crucial for maintaining good posture. So, while it’s not packed with features, the adjustable stand certainly upholds the essential ergonomic benefits we look for in a modern workspace.

Environmental Consciousness

In our use of the P2720DC monitor, we couldn’t help but appreciate Dell’s effort in incorporating environmental considerations into its design. The monitor comes with energy-efficient features, like a power-saving LED backlight and an Energy Star certification, signaling its compliance with energy efficiency standards. We’ve observed how it comfortably auto-adjusts its brightness to the ambient lighting, which not only eases eye strain but also conserves energy.

However, we must address the packaging. While Dell has reduced its use of foam and uses more cardboard – a step in the right direction – there’s still room for improvement regarding the use of recyclable materials. It’s a reflection of a company trying to balance product protection with eco-friendliness, but we believe more can be done.

Overall, it’s clear that Dell is making strides towards sustainability, but as environmentally conscious consumers, we are always looking for ways for brands to further reduce their ecological footprint.

Pros and Cons

After spending quality time with the Dell P2720DC monitor, we’ve gained a well-rounded perspective on what it offers and where it could be better. Whether you’re coding, enjoying a film, or simply getting through a day’s work, our experience highlights several advantages and a few drawbacks worth considering.


  • Visual Clarity: The display is impressively clear. Every pixel stands out, making everything from text to images sharp and easy to read.
  • Versatility: Its compatibility with a wide range of stands, such as the HUANUO Dual Arm, offers a comfortable viewing experience and provides considerable flexibility for your space.
  • Connectivity: With USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI options, it effortlessly connects to various devices and even manages to deliver power to laptops via USB-C – an excellent hub solution.
  • Ergonomics: The adjustable base is a standout feature. It eases the strain of long hours at the desk by allowing customization to our viewing angle and height preference.


  • Sound Options: Lacking built-in speakers or an audio-out jack, you’ll need a separate amp and speaker setup for your sound needs, which could be a con for some users.
  • Price Point: The investment is significant. While the quality justifies the cost, it’s something to ponder if you’re budget-conscious.
  • Market Positioning: It can be argued that for a 27″ monitor, 4K resolution may have been a more future-proof choice, especially for those who prioritize ultra-high-definition.

In summary, the Dell P2720DC is a robust choice for a reliable home office or multimedia setup. It triumphs in display quality and functionality while presenting a mix of minor downsides that may influence your decision depending on your individual requirements and setup.

Customer Reviews

We’ve observed that the overall sentiment from customers for the Dell P2720DC monitor is immensely positive. With a stellar average rating of 4.8 stars from 33 ratings, it’s clear that this monitor has met or even exceeded buyers’ expectations. Users have broadly found it versatile, suitable for a home office to dual monitor setups, and even for entertainment purposes, like watching movies.

The monitor’s clarity is consistently praised, and the adjustable base, doubling as a docking station, is a particularly beloved feature. The convenience of multiple input options, including USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI, is another aspect that resonates well with customers.

Though users don’t mention issues with the lack of built-in speakers, as many prefer to connect to external sound systems, this could be a drawback for some potential buyers looking for an all-in-one solution. The monitor’s size and resolution balance is also appreciated, making it a strong contender for those seeking a large, vivid display without going up to a 4K resolution, which might necessitate a larger screen.

In summary, the Dell P2720DC stands out as a sound choice for professionals as well as general users who seek a reliable and high-quality display experience.


After spending some solid time with the P2720DC, we’ve found it holds up splendidly across various uses. It’s become a reliable fixture in our home office setup, seamlessly integrating into a dual monitor stand. As developers, the clarity of the display stood out, making long coding sessions much less of a strain. Similarly, the movie-watching experience was elevated thanks to its vivid imagery.

We appreciated the adjustable base and the monitor’s ability to function as a makeshift docking station, eliminating extra cable clutter. Although the absence of built-in speakers might be a downside to some, we had no issues connecting an external amp for superb audio quality.

Its 4K resolution is optimal for its size, striking the right balance between a large viewing area and sharp, easy-to-read text. Additionally, we were quite pleased with the USB-C connectivity, adding a convenient charging solution for laptops.

While it’s certainly an investment, our overall assessment leans heavily on the positive. This monitor has proven to be an excellent choice for both business and personal use, delivering on performance and quality without any major drawbacks.





Size 27″
Panel Type IPS-Type LCD
Touchscreen No
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Pixels Per Inch (ppi) 108
Finish Anti-Glare / Matte
Hardness Rating 3H
Maximum Brightness 350 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Bit Depth / Color Support 8-Bit (16.7 Million Colors)
HDR Compatibility None
Response Time 8 ms
5 ms (GtG)
Viewing Angle (H x V) 178 x 178°
Dot Pitch 0.233 x 0.233 mm

Inputs / Outputs

Inputs  / Outputs 1 x HDMI 1.4

1 x DisplayPort 1.2 Input

1 x DisplayPort 1.2 Output

1 x USB Type-C

1 x 3.5 mm Output



Height Adjustment


5.1″ / 129.54 mm


Rotation Adjustment 180°
Swivel Adjustment 90° (-45 to 45°)
Tilt Adjustment -5 to 21°
Mounting-Hole Pattern 100 x 100 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 24.1 x 20.7 x 7.3″ / 612.1 x 525.8 x 185.4 mm (with Stand)

24.1 x 14.3 x 1.7″ / 612.1 x 363.2 x 43.2 mm (without Stand)

Weight 16.03 lb / 7.27 kg
Power Consumption 24.5 W (Typical)

0.3 W (Standby)

In Summary

The Dell P2720DC IPS monitor is great for business and creative professionals who need accurate colors and wide viewing angles. This monitor comes with all the ports you could possibly need, including USB-C and DisplayPort. If you’re looking for a high-quality 27” IPS monitor, the Dell P2720DC should be at the top of your list.

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