Anker Nano Charging Station Review: Worth Your Money?

In an age where technology rules, the hunt for a versatile and efficient charging solution for our plethora of devices is never-ending. The Anker Nano Charging Station is a recent discovery that caters to such needs with its ability to power various gadgets efficiently. It’s more than just a power strip; it cleverly packs six ports into a compact design that seamlessly fits into any home or office setup.

The unobtrusive style consists of a flat plug and a slim extension cord that easily tucks away, solving the hassle of bulky wires. With six ports, the station can simultaneously charge a range of devices, from iPhones to MacBooks, without skipping a beat. They’ve also integrated eco-friendly materials into the build, making a small but meaningful step towards sustainability.

Anker Nano Charging Station(67W Max), 6-in-1 USB C Power Strip for iPhone 15/14 and MacBook, with Flat Plug and 5ft Thin Undetachable Extension Cord,2 AC,2 USB A,2 USB C, for Home&Office(Black Stone)
  • Full-Speed 67W Charging: Fully charge your MacBook Pro 13" in just 1 hour and 54 minutes with an impressive 67W power output, thanks to advanced Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and Power Delivery (PD) technology.
  • Streamlined and Sleek: With its ultra-slim design, this power strip incorporates a 0.35-inch flat plug and a 5 ft thin extension cord to make the most of your space.(Note: The AC power cord is built into the product and cannot be removed.)
  • 6-in-1 Power Solution: Power up multiple devices simultaneously with 6 ports, including 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A, and 2 AC ports, delivering high-speed charging of up to 67W for phones, tablets, and laptops.

Anker Nano Charging Station

Though compact, the charging capabilities of the station stand large, especially noteworthy for those requiring a quick power boost. Users have pointed out the convenience of having a mix of USB-A and USB-C ports, along with traditional AC outputs, ensuring a wide range of devices can be accommodated. The sleek aesthetics are an added bonus, with the ‘Black Stone’ color blending nicely into most environments.

Bottom Line

The Anker Nano Charging Station stands out as a highly functional and visually discreet power solution. With its fast-charging technology and multi-port versatility, it’s positioned to be a trusted companion for anyone’s charging needs.

Consider upgrading your charging setup and make a positive environmental choice with this innovative device.

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Unboxing the Anker Nano Charging Station

Upon opening the box, one is immediately struck by the sleek, black exterior of the Anker Nano Charging Station. The company’s focus on a minimalistic design is evident with its ultra-slim profile, making it an unobtrusive addition to any workspace. The flat plug and built-in 5-foot extension cord emphasize practicality without compromising on style.

The package contains the 6-in-1 charging station, a welcome guide for easy setup, and the assurance of a 24-month warranty plus a lifetime connected equipment warranty for peace of mind. It’s clear that this product is designed for those who value efficiency, with its capacity to charge multiple devices—ranging from the latest iPhones to MacBooks—with its blend of 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-A, and 2 USB-C ports.

The environmentally conscious will appreciate that the station uses 75% recycled plastics, reflecting Anker’s commitment to sustainability. Even at first glance, it’s apparent that the Nano Charging Station is a compact power solution for the modern consumer, offering both form and function without overwhelming the user with clutter or complexity.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to crafting power solutions that blend with modern living spaces, Anker seems to have hit a sweet spot with their Nano Charging Station. The ‘Black Stone’ color scheme gives it a subtle yet sophisticated appearance that probably won’t clash with your home or office decor. Its ultra-slim design, highlighted by the 0.35-inch flat plug, makes it an easy fit in tight spaces, and the 5-foot extension cord is just long enough without creating clutter.

In terms of durability, the power strip feels solid. Anker’s use of 75% post-consumer recycled plastics not only lends the product a sturdy build but also aligns with environmentally conscious practices. While there is heft to it, indicative of robust construction, the unit remains portable enough to be tucked into a bag for travel.

The integration of multiple ports—2 USB-C, 2 USB-A, and 2 AC outlets—enables simultaneous charging of various devices, a testament to Anker’s consideration for the power-hungry tech arsenal of modern users. The non-detachable power cord may deter some who prefer modular cables, but it contributes to the unit’s overall compactness and reduces the likelihood of misplacing important components.

In essence, this Anker charging station is built to last, performs reliably, and respects the environment—practicality and sustainability in one package.

67W Fast Charging Capabilities

When it comes to powering up devices speedily, the Anker Nano Charging Station delivers commendably. One of its standout features is the ability to pump out up to 67 watts of power. For users with a time-crunch, this means significantly reduced waiting periods for their iPhones and MacBooks to reach full charge. The mix of two USB-C ports allows for simultaneous high-speed charging, which is a practical solution for modern gadget-heavy environments.

However, it’s not all about speed. The integrated charging indicator provides a visual cue that reassures users their devices are receiving power. While the charging station excels at quick power-ups, it is worth noting that with multiple devices plugged in, the power is shared, which can affect the overall charging speed.

The build quality feels robust, fitting the Anker brand reputation, and the “Black Stone” color offers a sleek look that blends well in both home and office settings. The overall experience is enhanced by the convenience of a flat plug and a five-foot extension cord that remains fixed to the station, ensuring easy access to outlets that are otherwise hard to reach. A thoughtful addition is the wall-mount capability, catering to those preferring a more permanent spot for their charging hub.

With regards to compatibility, it adeptly handles a range of devices from smartphones to laptops. Balancing between peak performance and practical design, the Anker Nano Charging Station proves to be a reliable power solution.

Multiple Charging Ports

Experiencing the convenience of the Anker Nano Charging Station firsthand, one appreciates the versatility offered by its multiple ports. It adorns any workspace, accommodating a variety of devices with two USB-A and two USB-C connectors. The presence of these ports means users can power up smartphones and laptops, including the latest iPhone models, simultaneously and efficiently.

However, the integration of ports also presents a limitation, as one must prioritize which devices to charge. Despite this, the real-world effectiveness of the station is clear when it effortlessly handles the needs of a family or the demands of an office environment. The charging indicators serve as helpful prompts, allowing users to monitor the charging status subtly.

The station does not allow for detachment of the extension cord, which speaks to its design being considerate of safety and reducing clutter. Its color, Black Stone, offers a sleek look that blends well with most decors. This product demonstrates Anker’s commitment to providing practical capacity without sacrificing form or function.

Eco-Friendly Initiative

This power strip stands out for its dedication to environmental sustainability. The use of 75% post-consumer recycled plastics reflects an earnest commitment to reducing waste and minimizing the ecological footprint. Users can power their devices with the comfort of knowing they are making a more environmentally conscious choice.

Although the product’s eco-friendly approach is commendable, it is important to consider the entire lifecycle of the product. While the use of recycled materials is a positive step, the permanence of the built-in power cord could limit repairability and potentially shorten the lifespan of the power strip, raising concerns about electronic waste.

Overall, the brand’s initiative to incorporate recycled materials is a proactive step towards sustainability. It’s a choice that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers who seek to balance tech needs with eco-responsibility. It provides a guilt-reducing element to purchasing decisions within the ever-growing market of electronic accessories.

Suitability for Home and Office Use

When considering a charging station that fits seamlessly into both home and office environments, the Anker Nano Charging Station presents itself as a robust solution. Its sleek black design and compact size are non-intrusive, easily blending in with various decors. The flat plug and lengthy, thin power cord cater to tight spaces, reducing clutter. An impressive feature is the unit’s ability to power multiple devices at once with six ports—two Type-A USBs, two Type-C USBs, and two AC outlets—making it a versatile hub for charging smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

However, the non-detachable power cord can be a limitation if a longer or replaceable cord is needed. Despite this, the environmentally friendly use of recycled plastics in its construction is commendable. In a busy office setting or a home where outlet space is at a premium, the device’s fast-charging capability scores high marks for efficiency.

While its price might be a consideration, the charging station’s performance and thoughtful design seem to justify the investment. This is particularly true for those who value the ability to charge their devices quickly and simultaneously, without the need for multiple plugs or outlets. The addition of an LED charging indicator further enhances convenience, providing visual confirmation of connected devices’ charging status.

Pros and Cons


The Anker Nano Charging Station boasts several notable strengths:

  • High-Speed Charging: The device offers a commendable capability to speedily charge a MacBook Pro 13″ in under two hours due to advanced PPS and PD technology.
  • Compact Design: Its slim construction, inclusive of a 0.35-inch flat plug and a 5 ft extension cord, ensures that it doesn’t demand much space, making it a suitable addition to cramped work or living spaces.
  • Multiple Ports: With 6 ports available, it can simultaneously charge a variety of devices including phones, tablets, and laptops, which makes it a versatile power solution.
  • Eco-Friendly Build: The conscious use of 75% post-consumer recycled plastics speaks to the environmental consideration in its design, appealing to eco-aware consumers.
  • Comprehensive Warranties: The product comes with a 24-month warranty and a lifetime connected equipment warranty, showcasing the brand’s confidence in its product and providing peace of mind.


On the flip side, this charging station has a few limitations to consider:

  • Undetachable Power Cord: The built-in power cord cannot be removed, which might limit flexibility for some users who prefer interchangeable cords.
  • Cost Concerns: Some reviewers have mentioned the product is on the pricier side, which might be a factor for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Wireless Charging Options: A handful of users might find the absence of wireless charging capability a drawback if they prefer that method.
  • Visually Elevated Plug Design: While the flat plug is designed for space-saving, it does protrude slightly, which might not be ideal for all settings.
  • Selective Port Types: Although there are multiple ports, having only two of each type could be a drawback for those who require more of one kind over another.

Candid Customer Reviews

Many have found the Anker Nano Charging Station to be a practical solution, especially for workspaces like cubicles due to its compact design. The product is commended for its durability, particularly its sturdy charging cords. For those on the move, its travel-friendly nature has justified the expense, despite initial hesitations due to cost.

Users appreciate the thin, flexible cord and the combination of USB and USB-C ports. It’s especially lauded for its fit in tight spaces with an aesthetic appeal that doesn’t clash with home décor. The charging station’s fast-charging capability for multiple devices, including phones, tablets, and gaming devices, earns high marks.

A key benefit highlighted by travelers is the compact size, which addresses the common issue of insufficient outlets in hotel rooms. Some customers mentioned specifically keeping the charger in their travel bag to ensure they’re always prepared.

While most feedback is positive, some customers feel the product is a bit pricey compared to other options on the market. Despite this, the general consensus is that the mix of convenience, portability, and functionality makes the Anker Nano Charging Station a worthy investment for a range of charging needs.


After spending time with the Anker Nano Charging Station, it’s evident that this product stands out for its compact design and efficient charging capabilities. The charging station is well-suited for travelers and office use, with its flat plug and easily managed extension cord that becomes invaluable in tight spaces. The combination of AC, USB A, and USB C ports provides a versatile solution for powering multiple devices simultaneously.

Customers appreciate the sleek black stone finish, and the charging speed receives high praise, catering to a fast-paced lifestyle where time is of the essence. Despite the higher price point mentioned by some users, the general consensus is the station offers good value, especially considering the convenience and reliability.

The unit’s build quality is robust, aligning with the brand’s reputation for durable products. However, for those with minimal charging needs, the variety of ports might be overkill. Overall, the Anker Nano Charging Station is recommended for anyone looking for a reliable, all-in-one charging solution that can keep up with demanding energy needs on the go or in a stationary setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the Anker Nano Charging Station, users often have questions about its capabilities, comparisons to other products, and specific features. Let’s tackle some of these queries to provide a better understanding of what this device offers.

What are the key features of the Anker Nano charging station?

The Anker Nano Charging Station is renowned for its full-speed 67W charging ability, which can power up a MacBook Pro 13″ in under two hours. With a slim design, it features a flat plug and a 5-foot-long extension cord that’s both thin and non-detachable, optimizing space usage. It is a 6-in-1 solution with 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-A, and 2 USB-C ports, capable of concurrent charging for diverse devices. In line with environmental concerns, it uses 75% post-consumer recycled plastics, enhancing its sustainability.

How does the Anker 6-in-1 Charging Station compare to other similar products?

The Anker 6-in-1 Charging Station stands out for its blend of speed and port variety. It comparably outshines many similar power strips with its 67W output and streamlined design. Users appreciate the balance between the number of ports and the overall size of the station, which doesn’t compromise on charging efficiency for portability. While some products may offer more ports, Anker’s focus on fast charging for high-capacity devices gives it a significant edge.

Can the Anker Nano Power Bank charge multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, the Anker Nano Power Bank is well-equipped to handle multiple devices at once. With two USB-C and two USB-A ports alongside its two AC outlets, the station can efficiently distribute power to a variety of devices, from smartphones to laptops. This is particularly useful for users who need to charge gadgets like an iPhone 15, tablets, or other compatible devices all at the same time.

What are the advantages of using an Anker 647 or 727 Charging Station for travel?

The compact size of the Anker 647 or 727 Charging Stations makes them exceptionally travel-friendly. Their small footprint means they’ll take up minimal space in luggage, and the 5-foot cord is a game-changer for those hotel rooms where outlets may not be conveniently placed next to the bed or work area. Their multi-port capabilities are ideal when needing to charge numerous devices in a single location while on the go.

How does the built-in USB-C cable of the Anker Nano Power Bank 30W benefit users?

The integrated USB-C cable on the Anker Nano Power Bank 30W ensures that users won’t have to remember to carry an additional cable for their USB-C compatible devices. The convenience of having a built-in cable means one less thing to pack or potentially forget at home. It also reduces the risk of using an incompatible or low-quality cable that could affect charging performance or device safety.

What improvements does the Anker Nano Pro offer over traditional Apple chargers?

The Anker Nano Pro offers several enhancements over a standard Apple charger. While Apple chargers are reliable, the Anker Nano Pro elevates the experience with faster charging capability and more ports to accommodate several devices, which Apple chargers generally do not offer. Additionally, the Anker Nano Pro’s use of recycled materials appeals to eco-conscious consumers, combining high-speed performance with environmental responsibility.

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