LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad Review: Best Cooling Solution?

Struggling to keep your laptop cool during intense gaming sessions or long work hours? The LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad could be the solution you need. It features 6 ultra-quiet fans that can work in unison or separately, all while providing adjustable wind speeds. Could this be the best notebook cooler?

LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad, Laptop Cooler with 6 Quiet Fans for 12-17 Inch Notebook Gaming Fan Stable Stand, 7 Height & Wind Speed Adjustable, 2 USB Port & Phone Holder (Black)
  • ✔【6 Ultra Quiet Fan & Adjust Fan Wind Speed】This special laptop cooler with 6 ultra quiet fans. Our laptop cooling pad 6 fans can work together, or 3 fans run separately, two separate switch control fan speed from 0 to max freely.
  • ✔【Unique 7 Height Adjustable & Phone Holder Design】 The cooling pad have 7 height for you select, free adjust suit different laptop. Unique phone holder stored on the left side of the laptop cooler base, can conveniently put your phone or tablet in cooling pad left or right to view information easily.
  • ✔【2 USB Port & Large Metal Mesh】 Our laptop cooling pad is quipped with 2 USB ports, one port to continuously power the cooling pad while using the other port to connect your mouse, keyboard or other device. The large metal mesh provides great heat dissipation performance. Four diamond-shaped groove design bring better heat dissipation space being built to accelerate heat dissipation.

LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad

This cooling pad also offers 7 adjustable height settings to ensure ergonomic comfort. Additionally, the product comes with a phone holder and multiple USB ports for added convenience. Offering good performance for its price, it’s an effective tool for keeping your laptop cool and stable.

Bottom Line

For those in need of a reliable cooling solution for their laptops, the LIANGSTAR Cooling Pad is a solid choice. We consider it to be one of the best notebook coolers. It combines quiet operation, adjustability, and practical features to enhance your laptop experience. Click here to purchase the LIANGSTAR Cooling Pad.

LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad Overview

The LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad offers a practical solution for cooling laptops ranging from 12 to 17 inches. Featuring six fans, it provides adjustable wind speeds to suit different cooling needs. The noise level is fairly low, ensuring a quiet operation that won’t disrupt work or gaming sessions.

With seven height options, users can adjust the stand to find the most comfortable viewing angle. The added phone holder is a convenient touch for those who multitask. Two USB ports allow for connectivity to additional devices, ensuring seamless integration with existing setups.

The cooling pad sports a sturdy metal mesh design, aiding in effective heat dissipation. It also comes with a non-slip baffle and anti-skid pads to keep laptops stable during use. While some users noted that the air output might not be very strong, the unit still offers decent cooling for most standard applications.

Ultra Quiet Fan Design

The cooling pad incorporates six ultra-quiet fans that maintain a low noise level, making it ideal for quiet work environments. Users appreciate the reduced noise compared to their laptop’s internal fans, which often operate at higher volumes. The product achieves effective cooling without the intrusive hum, ensuring a serene atmosphere.

Some users, though, noted that while the fans are quiet, they don’t generate a strong airflow. This could be due to the USB power constraints when running all six fans simultaneously. The balance between quiet operation and cooling efficiency is a point to consider based on individual needs.

Adjustable Height & Phone Holder

This laptop cooling pad offers flexibility with its seven height options. Users can easily adjust the pad to find the most comfortable angle for different activities, such as typing or gaming.

Adding to its convenience, there is a phone holder on the left side. It can be extended to either side, making it simple to keep a phone or tablet within view. This feature allows users to monitor calls, messages, or notifications while working on their laptop.


  • 7 height options: Customizable to individual preferences.
  • Phone holder: Keeps devices handy and accessible.


  • Phone holder position: Some users may find it less practical if left-handed.

Overall, these features enhance the usability and comfort of the device. It’s practical for various laptop models and user needs.

Connectivity & Build

The cooling pad features two USB ports, allowing users to connect additional devices while using it. This can be particularly useful for connecting peripherals without losing a USB slot on the laptop. The addition of a phone holder is a practical touch, keeping your device within easy reach.

Built from durable metal, the LIANGSTAR cooling pad feels solid and stable. The adjustable height settings ensure a comfortable typing experience and better ergonomics. Wind speed adjustments provide flexibility in cooling efficiency.


  • Durable metal build
  • Two USB ports
  • Phone holder included
  • Adjustable height and wind speed


  • Could benefit from more USB ports for additional connectivity options

Ergonomics & Portability

The cooling pad offers seven adjustable height settings, making it adaptable to different user preferences and laptop models. This flexibility can help in reducing neck and back strain during extended use. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort throughout the day.

The inclusion of a built-in phone holder is a notable convenience. It allows for easy access to a phone or tablet without additional clutter on the desk.

Portability is enhanced by the hidden stand, allowing it to remain compact when not in use. Anti-skid pads and a non-slip baffle contribute to a stable setup, ensuring that the laptop stays in place even on inclined surfaces.

Compatibility with Various Laptops

The cooling pad is designed to fit a wide range of laptops, accommodating sizes from 12 to 17 inches. This makes it versatile for users with different laptop models, whether for work or gaming. Its adjustable height and wind speed settings provide further customization for various laptop types and user preferences.

One potential drawback is its size, which might be less portable for users who travel frequently. The dual USB ports offer convenience, though it’s important to note that the pad may require an additional power source when used with laptops that have limited USB ports.

The metal construction adds durability, making it suitable for heavier laptops. However, some users might find its 2.14-pound weight a bit cumbersome for lightweight, ultra-thin laptops. The phone holder feature is a nice touch, adding extra usability for those who like to keep their devices close by.

Pros and Cons


The six quiet fans effectively maintain a cool temperature for the laptop, reducing the risk of overheating. The option to control the fan speed allows for customized cooling, which is quite useful for intensive tasks. Users find that the fan’s noise level is barely noticeable, making it less intrusive during use.

With seven adjustable height levels, the stand offers versatile positioning, enhancing ergonomic comfort. The built-in phone holder is a handy addition, allowing users to keep their phone in view without hassle.

The dual USB ports add to its utility, as one can power the cooling pad while the other connects to peripheral devices like a mouse or keyboard. The large metal mesh aids in optimal heat dissipation, improving cooling efficiency.

The stability features, including the non-slip baffle and anti-skid pads, ensure the laptop remains secure, even at an angle. This product supports a wide range of laptop sizes, from 12 to 17 inches, making it quite versatile.


Some users have noted that the fans might not generate as strong an airflow as expected, particularly when all six fans are running simultaneously on USB power. This could be less effective for laptops that get extremely hot.

Another point of contention is the materials. A few buyers were under the impression that the cooling pad would be made of metal but found it to be plastic upon receipt, which can affect the perceived durability.

Additionally, while the fans are generally quiet, there may be some variance in the noise level and cooling efficiency depending on the specific laptop and usage conditions.

Customer Reviews

Many users find the LIANGSTAR cooling pad effective for maintaining lower laptop temperatures. They appreciate the quiet operation, especially compared to their internal fans. Some users note the cooling power is adequate but not exceptional, potentially due to the reliance on USB power.

The adjustable height and angles are a plus, providing customizable comfort. There are mixed feelings about the build; some are pleased while others expected a metal construction.

Overall, a good number of positive reviews suggest it meets the needs of those looking for a quiet, functional laptop cooler.


The LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad offers a practical solution for those dealing with overheating laptops. Its adjustable height and wind speed features provide flexibility, while its quiet fans make it suitable for various environments. Some users noted that the cooling effect may not be as strong as expected given the six fans and that the materials used could be higher quality. Despite these minor issues, it performs its core function well—keeping laptops cooler and improving their performance. This product may be a good choice if you need a reliable and quiet cooling pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one use a laptop cooling pad effectively?

To maximize the effectiveness of a laptop cooling pad, place it on a flat surface and ensure the laptop sits securely on the pad. Adjust the height settings for comfortable use and optimal airflow. It’s also essential to keep the pad’s fans clean and free of dust for consistent performance.

What are the features that distinguish the best laptop cooling i.e. LIANGSTAR cooling pads?

Top-tier cooling pads often have multiple adjustable fans to control cooling intensity. The LIANGSTAR stands out with its six quiet fans, multiple height adjustments, and large metal mesh surface. These features enhance cooling efficiency and provide a stable, ergonomic workspace.

Are there any quiet cooling pad options that are recommended by users?

Many users recommend LIANGSTAR for its quiet operation. The six fans produce minimal noise, making it suitable for office environments or during online meetings. User feedback consistently highlights the low noise level as one of its strengths.

Can a cooling pad support a 17-inch laptop and improve its performance?

LIANGSTAR’s cooling pad supports notebooks up to 17.3 inches. Its sturdy design and effective cooling system can reduce thermal throttling in larger laptops, potentially enhancing performance. Proper size compatibility is crucial for effective cooling.

Do cooling pads for laptops provide any noticeable improvements in gaming experiences?

Gaming laptops generate significant heat, often leading to performance issues. A cooling pad like LIANGSTAR can help maintain lower temperatures, preventing thermal throttling and ensuring smoother gameplay. Enhanced cooling can lead to more consistent performance during extended gaming sessions.

What are the options for laptop cooling pads that operate without LED lights?

For those who prefer a more subtle cooling pad, options without LED lights are available. Some users prefer this as it reduces distractions and power consumption. LIANGSTAR’s cooling pad operates quietly and efficiently without the necessity for additional lighting features.

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