Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Keeping your laptop cool during intense gaming sessions or long work hours can be challenging. The Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad offers a solution with its 5 quiet fans and adjustable height settings.

Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad, Laptop Cooler with 5 Quiet Fans for 12"-17" Computer PC Notebook Gaming Laptop Fan, Height Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand Laptop Accessories, Red
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy a noise-free and interference-free environment with super quiet fans, allowing you to focus on your work or entertainment without distractions.
  • Enhanced Cooling Performance: The laptop cooling pad features 5 built-in fans (big fan: 4.72-inch, small fans: 2.76-inch), all with red LEDs. 2 On/Off switches enable simultaneous control of all 5 fans and LEDs. Simply press the switch to select 1 fan working, 4 fans working, or all 5 working together.
  • Dual USB Hub: With a built-in dual USB hub, the laptop fan enables you to connect additional USB devices to your laptop, providing extra connectivity options for your peripherals. Warm tips: The packaged cable is a USB-to-USB connection. Type C connection devices require a Type C to USB adapter.

Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

This cooling pad not only improves ventilation but also serves as an ergonomic stand, providing comfort during extended use. Additionally, the dual USB hub adds extra connectivity options, making it a versatile accessory for any laptop.

Bottom Line

The Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad is a practical choice for keeping your laptop cool and comfortable during use. Its adjustable settings and quiet fans make it a convenient accessory for work or play.

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Overview of the Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

Enhanced cooling performance marks a key benefit of this cooling pad. With five built-in fans, it ensures your laptop remains cool during extended gaming or work sessions. The whisper-quiet operation of these fans makes it suitable for noise-sensitive environments, letting users focus without distractions.

The cooling pad doubles as an ergonomic stand with six adjustable height settings. This offers comfort during long hours of use. It also features a built-in dual USB hub, adding extra connectivity options for peripherals.

On the downside, users have noted that the red LED lights cannot be turned off without switching off the fans. Despite this, the sturdy build and compatibility with laptops from 12 to 17 inches make it a solid choice for many.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Noise is a common concern when using cooling pads. Fortunately, the Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad stands out with its whisper-quiet fans. Users appreciate that even when all five fans are running, the noise remains minimal, allowing for a distraction-free environment.

The quiet operation is particularly beneficial during intense gaming sessions or extended work periods. While the fans provide effective cooling, some users have noted a trade-off in fan power due to the quiet operation. This compromise ensures a balance between reducing noise and maintaining adequate cooling performance.

Despite the low noise level, the red LED lights cannot be turned off independently of the fans, which may be a minor inconvenience for some. The overall fan quality and whisper-quiet performance make this cooling pad a strong choice for those needing a quieter workspace.

Enhanced Cooling Performance

The Kootek cooling pad features five fans designed to maintain a cool laptop under heavy use. These fans operate quietly, making it suitable for both work and gaming environments without disturbing background noise. The metal construction aids in dissipating heat efficiently, complementing the fans’ performance.

The height-adjustable stand provides ergonomic benefits while ensuring optimal airflow. This adjustability can enhance user comfort during prolonged usage. While robust in keeping temperatures low, some users might find the adjustment mechanism a bit stiff initially.

Overall, the Kootek cooling pad delivers solid cooling capabilities for a range of laptop sizes from 12″ to 17″. Its quiet operation and sturdy design contribute to its appeal, making it a reliable choice for anyone needing enhanced laptop cooling.

Ergonomic Design

The Kootek cooling pad offers a versatile setup with six adjustable height settings. Users can customize the angle of their laptop for maximum comfort, making it suitable for gaming, movie watching, or prolonged work sessions.

The cooling pad acts as an ergonomic stand, helping to reduce strain on the neck and back. Additionally, the two front stoppers ensure laptops remain secure and steady, accommodating devices ranging from 12 to 17 inches.

Secure and Universal Compatibility

The Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad is designed to provide robust security for your device while ensuring it remains universally compatible with a range of laptops. It features a sturdy construction that holds devices securely, preventing slippage even during intensive usage. This cooling pad is compatible with laptops ranging from 12 to 17 inches, making it a versatile choice for multiple users.

The added height adjustability caters to different viewing angles, enhancing comfort. Its broad compatibility extends to various laptop brands, ensuring it fits numerous models seamlessly. This adaptability makes the cooling pad a practical accessory for individuals with multiple devices or those considering future upgrades. While secure, the structure remains lightweight, making it convenient for travel and easy to set up anywhere.

Pros and Cons


The Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad features whisper-quiet fans, ensuring a distraction-free work or gaming environment. Multiple adjustable height settings make it ergonomically friendly, allowing users to find their perfect angle. This cooling pad is compatible with a wide range of laptops, from 12 to 17 inches, giving it great versatility. The addition of a dual USB hub provides convenient extra ports for peripherals.


Some users have noted that the red LED lights cannot be turned off independently of the fans, which might be inconvenient for those preferring a darker work environment. The cooling capacity, while generally effective, may not meet the needs of laptops with higher thermal output under extreme conditions. Additionally, the unit may not appeal to users looking for a more subdued design due to its flashy LED lights.

Unique Selling Point: Dual USB Hub

The dual USB hub on the Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad provides extra versatility. Users can connect additional peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, or external hard drive without sacrificing existing ports on their laptops.

While it is an excellent feature for those needing additional connectivity, the requirement of a USB-to-USB connection might slightly disappoint Type C users needing an adapter.


  • Additional connectivity options.
  • Convenient for connecting multiple devices.


  • Type C users need an adapter.

This feature enhances the functionality of the cooling pad, making it not just a cooling solution but also a mini docking station for your laptop.

Customer Reviews

Users of the Kootek Cooling Pad have expressed positive and negative views. Many appreciate its sturdy build and efficient cooling. The adjustable height and multiple fan options are often highlighted.

Some users found the fans to be quiet, enhancing their experience without additional noise. There are mixed feelings towards the LED lights, with some wishing they could be turned off independently from the fans.

The product’s durability has been generally well-received, though a few noted issues with the fans’ power over extended use. Despite minor grievances, the overall sentiment leans favorably.

Positive feedback also includes the effective cooling performance, especially for high-end gaming laptops. On the flip side, some users mentioned that damaged products were replaced promptly, reflecting good customer service.


The Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad presents itself as a solid choice for those looking to keep their laptops cool during extended use. With its five quiet fans and height adjustability, it offers both performance and ergonomics. Users appreciate the effectiveness in reducing laptop temperatures, contributing to better performance and longevity.

The red LED lights add a touch of style, though the inability to turn them off independently may be a drawback for some. The cooling pad’s construction is sturdy and reliable, making it a worthwhile investment for both casual and gaming users.

If you seek an efficient cooling solution with adjustable features, this cooler has much to offer. While not without its minor flaws, its benefits make it a product worthy of consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective cooling pads for gaming laptops?

When searching for an effective cooling pad for your gaming laptop, critical factors include fan performance, noise level, and ergonomic design. The Kootek Cooling Pad excels in these areas. With five fans, users get strong cooling capabilities which help maintain optimal temperatures during extended gaming sessions. Whisper-quiet operation ensures no distractions, making it a strong contender in the market. Other brands might provide similar cooling but may fall short in ergonomics or noise levels.

How do cooling pads impact the performance of laptops?

Cooling pads help distribute additional airflow to reduce the laptop’s internal temperature. This helps prevent overheating, allowing the laptop’s CPU and GPU to operate efficiently. The Kootek pad supports better cooling which can result in improved performance during resource-intensive tasks like gaming or video editing. Users have reported significant temperature drops, thus enhancing the machine’s overall responsiveness and longevity of components.

Can you use a laptop cooling pad on your lap comfortably?

Laptop cooling pads like the Kootek model are generally designed for flat surfaces to ensure optimal stability and airflow. However, their ergonomic design may offer limited comfort when used on your lap. While the adjustable height setting is beneficial on a desk, it might not translate well to lap usage. Users should consider their usage scenario to determine if a cooling pad meets their personal comfort needs.

What are the top features to look for in a laptop cooling pad?

  • Cooling Performance: Look for multiple fans and customizable fan settings.
  • Noise Level: Choose models with quiet operation to avoid disturbances.
  • Ergonomic Design: Adjustable height settings can help reduce strain during long hours of use.
  • Compatibility: Ensure it supports the size of your laptop (12” – 17” for Kootek).
  • Extra Features: Dual USB hubs provide additional connectivity options.

These features ensure both functionality and user comfort.

Are there notable differences between various laptop cooling pad brands?

Yes, significant differences exist. Some brands might focus on powerful cooling with robust fan systems, like the Kootek model with its five-fan setup. Other brands may offer advanced ergonomic designs or enhanced USB connectivity options. Price and build quality also vary, with some brands using high-grade materials for durability, while others focus on cost-effectiveness. Customer reviews often highlight these differences, providing insights into specific strengths and weaknesses.

What are the benefits of using a cooling pad for a laptop?

  • Enhanced Cooling: Reduces overheating episodes which helps maintain optimal performance.
  • Extended Hardware Lifespan: Lower temperatures prevent hardware stress and potential damage, prolonging the laptop’s life.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic designs enhance comfort during prolonged use, reducing strain.
  • Stability: Some models provide additional stability, preventing laptops from slipping.
  • Additional Connectivity: Extra USB ports expand connectivity options for peripherals.

These benefits collectively contribute to a smoother, more productive user experience.

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